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  1. Hey dog, the reason I didn't jump on your gun was all I have is $1100. I don't want to offend so I'm continuing to look for one at that price point.  I enjoyed shooting with you at Fall Roundup. Maybe our trails will cross again. I'll be in Branson next week and Tennessee for their regional in Nov and Winter Range in Feb. Best of luck  Regards......Rootin Tootin



    1. Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329

      Good Afternoon:

      I enjoyed meeting you & shooting with the folks at Fall Round-Up as well.

      Good shooting in your travels & thanks!


  2. Evil.......send me pics and ifo via pm. I haven't bought one yet........thanks  RT

  3. My info is:   Paul Reinartz,                    aka  Rootin Tootin

                         6502 Woodland Court

                          Davenport, IA   52807


    email is    prlucky299@aol.com

  4. I sent info to the Facebook page as well.  My SASS #21707, live in Iowa, Midwest Region. Been a SASS member since 1998 and have been shooting Duelist since 1998. I would like to be a Pistolero. How do I qualify and sign up.  My good friend Ima Olcowhand told about this group and I sure would like to join.....



  5. I'm thinking of making a 7 1/2 Ruger Vaquero. I have a barrel from a new model Blackhawk that will fit an Old Model Vaquero but want a blade front site since it needs to be a Vaquero with a 7 1/2 barrel to be legal for SASS.

    Duece shoots 7 inchers that he built and thought I'd try and build one to see if there is any benefit over my 5 1/2's 

    That's  why the question. 



  6. Hey Mohawk... Good to see you are still around.  I'll be going to Winter Range this Feb.  Any chance you and the misses will be traveling this way any time soon..... I'm shooting Wisc & Branson in Oct and Tenn in November as well. Any chance you are going to be around for those this year or next........... Regards....RT

    1. Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Painted Mohawk SASS 77785

      Howdy RT..Going to New Zealand in February for the trans tasman duel..pretty sure we will shoot '019 EOT..really hopeful down the track we can make it to Florida for a couple of big shoots they have in March..time will tell & $$  !!

      Hope all is well your end..best wishes to you both.

       Regards Mohawk & McGinty

  7. do you still have the short stroke?

  8. Sir, I don't have a lot of money currently but I can scrape together $900 if you need the cash. I'm not a low baller just short of funds. No insult intended. Just trying to help.......Regards

    1. Heck Know 32821

      Heck Know 32821

      Sir I of all earth people can understand being short of funds. I just can not let it go for that price, What if I was to pay for shipping would this help . You would not be sorry to be the owner of this fine shooting iron, you would be envied by all your posse  members . What could be better than that.


    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Understood. Can't do that currently but if things change I'll get back to you.. Sorry

  9. Got 2 that changed out for SS.  Some holster wear and rounded off tips by Jimmy Spurs.....40$ delivered.  RT

  10. Slick, If I wanted to re-barrel a couple of blued/cc 357's with bras sights and octagon  what is the cost blued vs ss with brass sites

    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Blue $550 each 

      stainless $475 each

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Thanks....Whats turn around time??


    3. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      4-6 weeks on ss

      6-8 on blue

  11. I have a set of Dark Brown holsters with silver studs for $110 if you want them. I can send pics if you send me your email. Not good at posting pics here.......  RT


    My email is  prlucky299@aol.com

    1. Shakey O'fart

      Shakey O'fart

      Please send pictures to kenm2000_2001@yahoo.com  Thanks

    2. Rootin Tootin
    3. Shakey O'fart

      Shakey O'fart

      Found a local club member who had one for sale. Thanks for responding.

  12. Do you still have the SKB for sale........Saw it on the wire back in Feb.....  Thanks  RT

    1. Spittin Lead, SASS 51230

      Spittin Lead, SASS 51230

      I just saw your post on Lemon Squeezer.  Let me know if your still interested.


      Thank you.



    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin


      Forgot about that inquiry  Do you still have; what model, how much, pictures  


    3. Spittin Lead, SASS 51230
  13. Cody, just a quick FYI (no disrespect) a 12 stage main match with a 4 stage mini match and speed rifle side match will exceed 200 rounds easy if you play a lot with the side matches........Just  saying.......RT

    1. CodyMaverick


      I thought you might mention that.  Since I usually clean all my guns thoroughly before a big match I like to shoot my main match guns for just one stage of the mini match or a couple of rounds of the speed side matches and then use my back up guns for the rest of it.

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Good idea about side matches and mini matches, regarding backup rifle.  If there is no fix then I'll just tear down and clean as required.  Thanks for the idea...........RT

    3. CodyMaverick


      Having given it some additional thought.  If your new rifle has a slightly larger chamber than your old one. You could experiment a bit with your load recipe using the new rifle and try to get a little more pressure to expand the case more.  Perhaps a little more powder or a different powder and/or the next heavier bullet in your caliber.


      I noticed one suggestion was to measure and compare the fired cases from each rifle.  Good idea, but if my guess is correct you'll find the diameters to be the same.


      I found out the hard way that my '92 has a much larger chamber than my '73 when I tried a suggestion of just neck sizing my brass.  The neck sized brass from my '92 was very hard to chamber in the '73, they would go in but took a lot more force.  Now I use a Redding Dual Sizing die and it works great.  Since I insist on shooting .45s, blowback and regular gun cleaning are just a way of life.  Good luck

  14. Mr Two Feathers......... I still have the $1100 I offered a couple weeks ago. Sorry it can't be more but med expenses took the rest.......Not ment to be an insult, just an option if you still want to sell........Thanks  RT

  15. Charlie, do you still have the 73.........RT

  16. Believe in GOD, Protect your FAMILY, and Respect your FELLOW MAN

  17. Sure I can wait.....Any idea what the price point will be??  Thanks  RT

    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Somewhere around $75

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Let me know when they are in and ready for sale..........Thanks  RT

    3. Slick McClade
  18. Trying to relate to the people I'm related to

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