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  1. I spoke with Naildriver at EOT and he told me that THSS was able to deconflict the dates for the TX State Championship. I have not been able to verify that from the THSS club but I'm looking forward to Columbus again!
  2. Come on folks, if you shot where the target "was" please do not expect the downed target to get hit. If I hit a SG target high and it goes down, that same exact shot may not touch the downed target at all. I shot where it "was" not "is".... 6 shots fired, 6 targets down, done!
  3. Who are you and what have you done with the real Phantom?
  4. Very true and extremely close big targets may not be faster than those same targets a bit further out. Think muzzle movement to clear a target and engage the next one. Less muzzle movement from target to target, there is a happy medium in there somewhere whether it's having fun or simply having delusions of grandeur!
  5. Too many out of state Shooters clamoring to get in for the only reason to be State Championship status.
  6. Everyone challenges themselves in different ways. Some prefer small and far others close and fast. The single fastest filling match in SASS is a HUGE and CLOSE style and they are full within2-3 days of opening registration with a 300 shooter cap so there is something to be said about one versus the other.
  7. Not exactly true, Bordertown, home of the biggest and closest targets you will encounter will only have about 1/3 of their shooters shoot clean. No target too big to miss.
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with "OKC crew has the Nationals, great, now are they going to ignore others and just say we are more important than you so just deal with it". They are having their match at the same time they have always had it. So I guess they should now take into consideration their 5 state matches, Nationals, World, the awards venue, the 4 state matches for your region, the 4 corners, then all the other regionals also so that they don't get offended. There is a reason this match draws 400 hundred shooters annually and often have to close it. If you are slighted because they
  9. Rude and thoughtless, really? They have both been at the same time period. The OKC crew has to try and find the best time to have the match with regards to 5 other state matches, the National Championship and the World Championship. The October 2020 match was an anomaly based on CV19. Throwing out comments like yours is actually rude and VERY thoughtless with regards to a fine club. I guess I can counter claim that hosting the Four Corners on the same weekend as the SWR is rude and thoughtless, would not be a true statement but I guess that doesn't really matter though does it? Flat Top Okie,
  10. Do you still have the SKB for sale........Saw it on the wire back in Feb.....  Thanks  RT

    1. Spittin Lead, SASS 51230

      Spittin Lead, SASS 51230

      I just saw your post on Lemon Squeezer.  Let me know if your still interested.


      Thank you.



    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin


      Forgot about that inquiry  Do you still have; what model, how much, pictures  


    3. Spittin Lead, SASS 51230
  11. Prayers up for my friend. Saw him a couple of times at WR after he moved. Good guy.
  12. Saw one today at Sportman's Finest for $800.00. I'm a 38 guy so no interest but I know others like them so passing on the info. No affiliation with them. Big Iron Patnode
  13. I use the cylinder too and my Bond barrels in 45 acp for my 1911 ammo.
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