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  1. Hey TN. Do they make a device to capture all the 'Tall Tells' that will be posted on this thread..... ..........Widder
  2. Good call, IMIS. And ole Whiskey might want to put up some GoPro cameras to catch the action and make sure everything stays on the 'Up & Up', if ya know what I mean. Rumors have it that TN Williams is in the process of dressing up a Remington 1100 to look like a Winny 97, just to get in on the competition..... I was hoping to have a nice, quiet Christmas but now my phone is ringing in the middle of the night from the Odds Makers in Vegas and folks wanting to sponsor me with SG shells. Looks like it might be a good time for some of you to invest in
  3. Hey Snicker Man, instead of someone checking on me, someone out in Oklahoma oughta check on you and drive you to see your local Neurologist..... ..........Widder
  4. "So, in 2022 its gonna be me and you but and in 2023..... you'll still be chasing me". Here I am, minding meowndangbusiness, when the phone rings and the ole 'Snicker Man' (Red Knee) is calling me to make threats of pending doom & gloom in about 22 months. Its not that I need to heal but it will take that ole man 22 months to practice. There's an old Southern phrase that he will one day realize its true meaning..... 'I'll break him from sucking eggs'. He's been asking Santa to give a new and improved, faster 97. Ain't gonna
  5. By chance, was this a 10 shot target? Or were you wearing your Covid mask over your eyeballs. ..........Widder
  6. When its all said and done, WHO really cares if Santa comes down the chimney or thru the front door? ..........Widder
  7. Just my opinion, BUT, these gun stores that are jacking up their prices on ammo are hurting their business for future sales. A friend of mine and I visited BENTON's sporting goods/gun store a few years back during the first .22 ammo shortage. They wanted nearly $100 a brick of .22 ammo. He and I used to buy most of our guns from them but we immediately stopped going there because of their gouging attitude. I understand that A LOT of shooters stopped visiting their store also. ..........Widder
  8. "Uncle Jedidiah, I mean 'Your Honor', I have no earthly clue as to what this man speaks". ..........Widder
  9. CB, are you referring to a Henry having some failures to fire? If so, I can give you a couple good tips on checking out your firing pin, etc... ..........Widder
  10. If that happens, the price of Widder Soft Stroke Henry .22's will become premium..... I may have to come out of retirement for that. ..........Widder
  11. The 'rural' area in which I live in E.TN eats 'FRESH' chicken of the tree, iffin ya know what I mean..... ..........Widder
  12. Slim, For your information, Blackwater has one of the highest, more reputable reputations in Bucksnort, TN. Just ask his uncle, The Judge. ..........Widder
  13. Don't you feed your dog any ALPO? (sorri, I couldn't resist) ..........Widder
  14. Obviously, only the other Vaccine users will be able to interpret your future communications..... Its a good thing it wasn't created in Alabama. You'd be craving a football helmet and shoulder pads for Christmas. ..........Widder
  15. I was fishing on Norris Lake with Blackwater just a couple weeks back when our boat capsized. I had most of my pistols in the boat and now they are on the bottom of Norris Lake. Blackwater can testify. I think his boots are still wet. Blackwater lost a few of his pistols also. Kur-Plunk, right to the bottom of the lake. Insurance covered the boat loss but not the pistols. To bad..... So sad! Oh yea, the S&W 627 that I had borrowed from TN Williams was also with me and went to its watery grave with all the others. Luckily, Blackwater is fam
  16. If I remember correctly, Hutch carried the 6" Python (blue, of course). I think Starchy carried a S&W 9mm (maybe model 59) but also may have used another 9mm during the series. ..........Widder
  17. When 'Brims & Trims' were in business, they set me up with two 100x hats. They said that each hat took about 7 beavers to make (dang, them beavers were busy). ..........Widder
  18. O.K...... I will amend my original post to be more specific. Priority vaccines should go to college teams in the SEC..... and a few of their coaches. Along with college teams, Cowboy shooters will also be included if their dues are paid up. Now, thats better. ..........Widder
  19. I'm still shooting pistols a lot but mostly those that use large pistol primers like 10mm, 460 Rowland and .45 Colt/ .44 Mag stuff. I ain't shooting any shoulder guns like the SG until my heart doc says its safe. I also shoot a lot of .22 stuff both rifle and pistol. ..........Widder
  20. I think the first group eligible for the Vaccine should be College Football players and coaches. 2nd group should be all fans with season tickets. The only exceptions to this would be Ohio State and Notre Dame. ..........Widder
  21. Yea RYE. I love the .22 also. I'll probably take a couple out with me but my focus today will be with both of my .460 Rowlands, 2 Super Blackhawk Hunters in .45 Colt and sighting in my new FN 509. ..........Widder
  22. Those were 'Cowboy 1911 loads'. They're only required to make a ding and/or penetrate 1 piece of 80# paper. ..........Widder
  23. I've seen them. That style Extractor is a 1-piece. The new ones, like your .44 Extractor, are 2-piece, which is the Extractor body & spring. The older style is just a spring with a funny wide head on it. To answer your question..... yes, that spring style Extractor could be your problem, especially if it has A LOT of tension to it. In this particular rifle, you might be better served with the new style Extractor or get the Ranger Point Precision style Extractor. TEST: pop your .44 Extractor and put in it the .357 bolt. See if that h
  24. "I've killed a lot of time, and right now I'm killing more time standing around answering silly questions". Thats my answer. ..........Widder
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