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  1. Thanks for posting Dan. Here's another video showing a wide range of OAL ammo on the table being put into a WIddermajik, PLUS, a nice .38 Widdermatic which belongs to a good friend in Michigan. ..........Widder
  2. Could it be....... naw, it couldn't be...... A 22-250 Improved or a 220 Swift Improved? ..........Widder
  3. I would probably give St.Judes some of it. And I would give the Shriners hospital some. And some would go to the local Childrens hospital. No doubt I would try to help relatives with unexpected medical bills and NEEDS. But I doubt I would start buying trucks and homes for everyone. I would move out to a more secluded place with some good land, to shoot on of course. Quite frankly, I'm happy with what I have. No doubt I would buy a couple new 'toys', but I think one of my priorities would be to hire a maid to help my wife with house chores, etc. And of course, I wo
  4. Hope you are doing well, Chance. That's nice of the Chronicle to do. ..........Widder
  5. J BAR, I use #9 and Power Pistol in my .357 SIG. Both powders give high velocity performance and good accuracy in my SIG P320. ..........Widder
  6. No. But it would convince folks you are a nutty Baptist who believes in dancing..... ..........Widder
  7. That new GP100 in .44 SPL is a great looking pistol. ..........Widder
  8. Thanks Lumpy and Duffield. I'll have to check out the BLUE DOT data. ..........Widder
  9. WOWIE x 2. Beautiful rifle Warden. I'm glad you got it and glad you posted the pix. Congrats to you (and Mary, of course). ..........Widder
  10. Do any of you have a 'pet' load you prefer in your 10mm. I plan to get a SIG P220 in 10mm. There is plenty data in the manuals but I'm wondering if any Wire Pards might have a good PET load to share. If my PM box is full, feel free to email me at: widder1894@icloud.com Much thanks, ..........Widder
  11. Good Post, J Bar. I was wondering why the OP had ruled out a Marlin. Its not like they can't run 10 shots in under 2 seconds, with proper mods and tuning. And its not like the Marlin can't run thousands of rounds and still be tough as an anvil. I like the 73's and 92's. But if a person is looking for a rifle, ya owe it to yeself to also check out a couple Marlins. ..........Widder
  12. If I remember correctly: 2 years ago, Ohio State lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship Last year, Alabama lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship. This year, Clemson lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship. Vegas will probably post odds on this happening, or not happening, again. ..........Widder
  13. So far, 2017 hasn't been a good year if you're a Liberal from Alabama..... It might be a good time to buy a Lottery ticket because your luck has got to get better..... ..........WIdder
  14. If I were a Liberal from Alabama, I think I would buy a Lottery ticket. Sooner or later, your luck has gotta get better..... ..........Widder
  15. Congrats to Clemson and all their fans, supporters, etc... Bama played a good game but they seem kinda 'lack luster'. I'm not any kinda football wizard, but I felt like their offence was missing Kiffin (and I'm not a Kiffin fan). ..........Widder
  16. Have bottles serve the Clemson fan a Shirley Temple. The Alabama fan can have a shot of Jack black. ..........Widder
  17. SIG P220 Dark Elite in 10mm Hi Standard Victor .22 S&W Model 41 .22 Varmint rifle in 6mm BR Box car of ammo New Truck ..........Widder
  18. Thanks EVERYONE. I checked out the website info and although it appears that their specialty is 'engraving and checkering', I will probably contact them about 'stippling'. Thanks again. ..........Widder
  19. FIREBALL, YES, my SBH 'Hunter' has the standard plow handle grip frame. The grip panels are the real pretty greenish/black laminate. Mine is in .45 Colt and it was factory at 7.5". BUT, I had Mag Na Port cut it to roughly 5.5" to be even with the ejector shroud. Its a slobbernocker to shoot, especially with some the hot stuff. ..........Widder
  20. Sincerest Condolences to Montana PD and family. She obviously was a blessing to know and be around. God Bless. ..........Widder
  21. Was your feud over something worthwhile like a pig? ..........Widder
  22. Howdy Wyatt. I couldn't think of a better description although stippling does have a specific 'design'. Anyhow, there is a difference between stippling and checkering. ..........Widder
  23. Family feuding is the reason I stay out of Massachusetts......Bunker Hill was my uncle..... ..........Widder
  24. If John Podesta sees this, he will probably reply very fast. ..........Widder
  25. That was interesting. I wonder how many of them had serious back problems later in life..... plus I wonder how old some of them lived. That kind of work would probably kill me before lunch time..... ..........Widder
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