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  1. Greetings would love to know what the cost is to soft stroke my Henry. Will you be at EOT?  I could drop it off

    1. Widder, SASS #59054

      Widder, SASS #59054



      I won't be at EOT.   But here is some info for you.


      Cost is $65 PLUS shipping for my work.

      Slater charges $30 for his trigger work and trigger stop.


      Turn around time is usually only a couple days.


      If you can, email me because I check my emails more than I do the SASS Wire.

      email:  widder1894@icloud.com

      phone:   865 / 336-2339


      I also ask that NO payment be sent with the rifle but rather you wait till you get it back and check it out.  If it isn't what you expected, than NO payment is needed.  Its that simple.


      Holler back if you have other questions and thanks for your interest.




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