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  1. Crowd pleasers! I had a set in .357 a few years ago too, but they were dang heavy, and I sold them to Korrupt Karl. These are .45's, and they were also made in .44-40, but I've never seen one. As to shooting them in long-range side matches - some matches I've shot, two day annuals or state matches, have had a rule that you had to use your main match guns for the long range side match, so if winning the side match is a big thing for you, check beforehand. The camera adds 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 50 pounds, remember... time to hit the carrots & yogurt again.
  2. If you have a 3' bench, it'll stay clean. If you have 30' of bench, yer screwed.
  3. The term "Commonly available" is mentioned four times in the manual - once as "Adjustable sight revolver REAR sights may be replaced with commonly available sights of the same size and type.", twice as "Must be in a caliber commonly available in revolvers.", and once as a definition in the Glossary of Terms as "Commonly available - obtainable by anyone given ordinary circumstances with ordinary means.", which leaves the terms "ordinary circumstances" and "ordinary means" up for debate.
  4. Lead Dispencer has one - Lock, Stock, & Barrel. Oops, spoke too soon - it ended three days ago. 911227639
  5. Leopold M8 4x EER scope with Leupold base & rings. Forend also included. I'll shoot you a price via PM.
  6. Are you looking for a Super 14 or the shorter 10"er? There's a Super 14 .221 barrel on eBay right now, currently @ $356 with five days to go. Pretty sure I've got a ten inch octagon barrel somewhere.
  7. They went for $1075 and $1176, both from Lock, Stock, & Barrel. There are three 32 H&R/.32-20 Blackhawk convertibles and another Vaquero currently listed.
  8. The doc recently put me on metoprolol because my heartbeat would go crazy high for a few seconds every couple minutes.
  9. 914013484 910239700 914486570 914244499 A few others that are listed/described as "Rast-Gasser".
  10. @The Original Lumpy Gritz or anybody else - How is spring weight measured? Building a bench jig with a stress gauge, guide rod, bolt, nuts, washers, etc., would be a rather simple thing, but how is the weight calculated? Completely relaxed spring to full compression? Relaxed and compressed 1" or whatever? Installed spring at rest to full cock?
  11. I recently traded for a pair of NM Vaqueros with "competition spring kits" installed. The other party assured me he'd tried them with all brands of primers and they fired every time "even with CCI's". I THINK these kits come with 15# main springs. I stepped outside, and put six in each gun. One went bang three times, and the other went *click* six times. Fortunately, he had included the stock springs in the boxes. I don't think I've ever had 100% reliability with all makes of primers with anything less than 18 or 19# springs in a Ruger.
  12. Several on Gunbroker, which you probably already know.
  13. The Buckeye Sports .32 Blackhawk convertibles are more common than the Vaquero convertibles, and turn up several times a year on Gunbroker. There's a .32 Vaquero convertible listed right now, currently at $901 + $30 S&H and four days to go.
  14. Closest thing I've got is an RG63 in .32 S&W Long, BUT they were double action. Made in .22, .32, and .38 spl - you don't see the .32 very often.
  15. I have at least two New Vaqueros with the tab on the transfer bars. Birdshead .45 acp's, purchased brand new in 2012 with consecutive serial numbers. A third one, also a Birdshead .45 acp, purchased from an acquaintance who bought it new in 2017 doesn't have the tab. Seems I read somewhere transfer bars aren't interchangeable between original models and New Models...?
  16. What's the date code on the Jager? (C&R eligibility)
  17. Well, yeah. It's certainly possible he killed her, but it's also possible he didn't. It's possible a third party killed them both. It's possible he killed her, and his death was a vigilante revenge killing.
  18. The union was quick to point out the prop master was not an IATSE union member... there's a big red flag for ya. Unions often do nasty things to non-union workers and those who hire them.
  19. When my daughter was living here at home and shooting with me, she shot a 20g. She moved out, got married, gave me a granddaughter, and one day I discovered I had a 5 gallon bucket full of 20g shells still, so I bought a single trigger 20g Baikal Bounty Hunter II, timed the cocking levers, honed the chambers, etc., and have shot it almost exclusively for the past two years. Earlier this year, I cut down a 20g Stoeger Uplander I bought three years ago, NIB, for $225, because, dang, gotta have a backup, doncha know.
  20. My daughter fancies herself quite the amateur criminologist, and says she's sure Laundrie "unalived himself". I said, "Unalived himself"? She told me "suicide" is a flagged word on a lot of sites, so users/members substitute other words/phrases.
  21. About five years ago, when I worked for the state, I got five $1 silver certificates from a customer. Working for Sportsman's Warehouse before that, when reconciling the day's take after closing, I'd see silver quarters regularly, silver certificates occasionally, and star bills occasionally.
  22. I forgot about Pinnacle - I've still got 3+ cases of that around somewhere too - Powderinc was discounting it heavily when it was disco'd, so I stocked up.
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