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  1. I would say, "That depends". No one seems to know for sure if the barrels are .355" or .357". If they're .355", I would expect the manufacturer would make some sort of modification to prevent a .38/357 cylinder from being installed. I have an email in to Taylors about it. (EDIT) Well, that wasn't any help, but I guess he answered my question 100% accurately, as asked.
  2. ln 1979, two F-106's from the Montana Air National Guard were authorized to perform a fly-over of the Dillon Labor Day parade. For whatever reason, they flew way lower, and slower, than authorized and one of them flew through the top of the town's grain elevator. The plane and pilot, Captain Joel Rude, were both lost.
  3. Leupold M8 2x EER on the shorty and an M8 4x EER on the longer one.
  4. The homeless citizens are already eligible to vote. The criminal trespassers are being conditioned to vote for the right party eventually. I mean the Left party.
  5. *Memory jog* I'VE got a $50 gift certificate... somewhere... from the Montana state shoot in July... (edit) BINGO! Thanks for the reminder!
  6. PM me your name, address, login credentials, and credit card info, and I'll see if I can make it work from my computer.
  7. The "over 45 club" has a different meaning in the gun world. Not a JRH, but Magnum Research actually beat S&W to market with a .500 S&W mag revolver, as they already had a suitable platform for it in their BFR, and S&W was still developing the X-Frame. In addition to these two .500's, I've also got a .50 AE Desert Eagle, a Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express/.50 AE convertible, a custom .475 Linebaugh built by Ben Forkin, a SBH .480 Ruger, and a BFR .45-70/.450 Marlin convertible. I don't know if anyone makes .500 Wyoming Express brass anymore - the last price I can find is $4.45 each. I had a shooter who kept pestering me about the .500 WE revolver a year back and so I finally quoted him a price. He thought about it and said, "Toss in the new brass & dies, and you've got a deal"... yeah... 500 new cases times $4.45 ea = $2225.00... I don't think so.
  8. I have two with electronic keypads and three with dials. I've had the keypad locks for 25 years anyway, and never a hitch, nor do I personally know anyone who's ever had one fail - it's always the guy down the street, or the neighbor's tax preparer's uncle's former wife's new husband's step kid's best friend's father or somesuch.
  9. Buy something on Gunbroker, then find an FFL in MA to do the transfer for you. https://www.gunbroker.com/ffl/index Stoeger's Website shows 7 Stoeger dealers within 90 miles of you. https://stoegerindustries.com/find-a-stoeger-dealer?zip=01451 There was someone on a Facebook SASS page yesterday looking for "brass shotshells" - I explained how to search for them, but said I wasn't going to do it for him, and they about crucified me for being "rude", so I hope you can excuse me not calling all these places and checking inventory for you.
  10. Geez, did S&W quit making these things? I've got a "contact me" list four people deep.
  11. Coyote Cap's drop two "Top Gun" mod didn't affect using the mag tube, but it requires a little finesse to not push the rounds down past the stop when the pressure's on. On Lassiter's conversion, there is a positive stop so you can't push the shells down past that, but you lose the use of the magazine.
  12. I've got six fixed sight 7 1/2"ers, 3 blue & 3 stainless, and if they'll bring $3K a pair, they just became available!
  13. An X-Frame in .44 magnum? I thought they only came in .500 mag, .460 mag, and .350 Legend...?
  14. I've got one, and can't really imagine ever shooting it again - that phase of my life is over. I'll send you a PM.
  15. "Bear" or a "Smokey Bear" is slang for a cop, and donuts attract cops. Bear sign.
  16. I just checked my database and was a little surprised to find .38-40's, rifle & pistol, outnumber any other single chambering in my CAS guns - .44-40 is fourth. Uberti rifles are a little short throated, and many bullets will hit the rifling before the round is fully chambered. Also, as mentioned above, most sizer dies won't push the shoulder back quite far enough on .38-40's, but it's an easy thing to take a few thousandths off the bottom of the die in a lathe or even some careful grinding with a Dremel tool. One universal thing about the dash calibers is the thin necks, and a small bump on the mouth of the sizer die going in is going to crumple a .38-40 or .44-40, whereas a .45 Colt will just wince a little and say, "THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER". Due to the thin necks, it's also very easy to over-crimp and bulge the case sufficiently that it won't chamber. Like Warden Callaway, I went to .428" bullets in .44-40 too, because .429's drag a little when chambering in some guns. I use 165's from Badman Bullets in .44-40, or 160's cast from a cut down Lee 200 grain mold, and a 160 grainer from an Accurate Molds mold in .38-40.
  17. My smallest powder measure - the head of a .22 rimfire case, that measures out about 9/10ths of a grain of Bullseye for smokeless loads in those diminutive .32 S&W rounds.
  18. I've only been screwed one time on here, about three years ago when I bought a stainless New Vaquero with some major cosmetic damage carefully hidden in the pictures and not disclosed in the description. On the flip side, I've sold two rifles here that had problems I wasn't aware of. I offered to pay for repairs or a refund, but neither took me up on it.
  19. Is the friction stud present in your lever? If so, can you depress it and feel spring pressure behind it? If you can, then that ain't it, cuz it's there. Next, there is a carrier stop detent pinned into the left side of the lifter with a spring behind it that indexes in two detents in the frame, up and down. Is the retaining pin there, visible in the top of the carrier? Looking into the top of the action, is the carrier stop there (red arrow)? Does the carrier stop have spring pressure behind it so it positively indexes in the detents in the up and down positions as you work the lever? If both of these springs are there, then it didn't come out of your rifle.
  20. I had one, tricked out by Coyote Cap and Lassiter both, for several years, but seldom shot it. I felt obligated to take it out a couple times a year just because it was there. I solved that problem earlier this year by selling it to a dedicated '87 shooter who wanted a backup.
  21. Carrier stop spring, I think. If not, it's the friction stud spring, as you posted.
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