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  1. If you absolutely have to have the proper head stamp, there's some on Gunbroker, but in the end, it'll probably run you $3.50 ea, shipped. If not, you can make it by necking down .32-20... but you missed the window at Starline by four or five days.
  2. I get a lot of rejects when using a bottom pour furnace with a 535 grain Postell single cavity Lyman iron mold. The sprue cools and hardens before the bullet does, so the bullet "sucks in" on one side - temperature doesn't seem to matter. A dipper works much better, and that big Postell is the only bullet I use this method with. I don't have the "suck in" problem with two other heavy bullets - a single cavity Lyman 500 gr RNGC 45-70 iron mold or a single cavity aluminum Mountain Molds 700 grain .500 S&W mold, go figure.
  3. The only time I anneal is when forming brass from some other cartridge, like .32-20 > .25-20 or .348 Winchester > .45-75 or 8mm Lebel > .56-.50 - don't have to do that one anymore because Starline makes .56-.50 brass now.
  4. I don't know just when the lock was discontinued, but I have two identical 511 prefix NV's only eleven numbers apart, one with the lock and one without. Both made in 2010 according to Ruger's site.
  5. That sounded ridiculously heavy, so I weighed one and it looks like a hair under 4 1/2 pounds. Uberti's site says the 1847 is 4.46 pounds.
  6. I had a pair for awhile, but dang, are they awful things to carry around all day. If you shoot full 60 grain loads, you're going to eventually notice frame deformation start developing just behind the wedge. Without a top strap, the wedge on open top C&B designs bears the full force of the ball slamming into the rifling along with all that pressure behind it.
  7. Everything pictured for $1800, shipped? Well, obviously not the background stuff on/under the bench, but both revolvers, both conversion cylinders, both original cylinders, two holsters, both sets of original grips, balls, wads, cylinder loader, SliX Hand, two powder flasks, and a thousand caps?
  8. Yes and no. I've never seen one marked .357, but I've seen a few (three/four maybe) with .357 chambers. Maybe they ran short of barrels and used '73 barrels instead, who knows.
  9. Gives me a great idea for a new alias - Lucky Round Nose.
  10. Victor's version of the Quik Set trap, one inside/outside cat, and two outside cats that roam the place.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. We shot a lot of RN .30-30, .32 Winchester Special, .35 Remington, etc., for decades with no problems. Ya, I know, rifle primers vs pistol primers. I still don't worry about it. I've shot a lot of Lyman 358311's in tubular mags (158 grain RN).
  12. There's almost always some on Gunbroker - at $5.00 to $7.75 each, shipped, it's a little pricy maybe, but I've also seen the stuff sell in the past couple years for $10 each, or more. How do you put a price on something that isn't available anymore? Well, except for RMC, @ $207 per 20, shipped. 1034434533 1034567709
  13. How 'bout pre-plastic cardboard trays with little strips of wood for dividers?
  14. $1.49 for small rifle bench rest primers. Probably purchased 1980ish. (edit) As per the link above, the lot code MA 1307 would put the date of manufacture toward the end of 1981... I guess...?
  15. Legal, but not popular. Virtually every member of SASS who uses it regularly has posted above. I have three full-size Cattlemen .32-20's and a Marlin CCLTD rifle, and probably haven't shot any of them in five years anyway.
  16. In 2014, I found a NIB Rossi .44 mag on the closeout page of Chestnut Ridge Outfitters, I believe it was called, for $397, shipped. I've shot it a few times, but it's still essentially in new condition.
  17. Well, I've slept on it... I sold mine only two or three months ago, but I still have a few hundred pieces of brass, dies, and ammo... I'LL TAKE IT!
  18. I had a couple 4" Diamondback .38's, as well as a .22. I sold one of the .38 Diamondbacks on here about six years back in a rather unconventional way... I still have the other two. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/273704-gun-for-sale/#comment-3567257 By the way, folks, that is a very good price on a P-32.
  19. Someone had "skeletonized" the stock of this Rossi .44-40, so I cut a slab of juniper to fill the hole. The butt plate had also been removed and a piece of leather tacked on. I hammered out and fitted a replacement from a piece of flat steel. I had four of these, all pre-safety, two with saddle rings and two without, and sold the other three on here over the past four or five years. The two without the saddle rings were marked "Model 65 SRC", go figure... must be a Brazilian thing.
  20. They're in stock at Starline for 19 cents each in a 1000 count lot, so that would be $30.40, shipped, for 160. Fired multiple times, maybe 12 cents each, which would be $19.20, shipped. Someone who doesn't want to buy a thousand to get the volume discount price might pay a little more, maybe $25, shipped.
  21. New, they're 19 cents each, shipped. What's "a few"? Fifty? About seven or eight bucks, shipped.
  22. 18" + 18" = 3'. I actually had .357's before I bought my .45's. I made the switch because the .45's were noticeably lighter. Fun guns, but you won't be shooting any 25 second stages.
  23. Jessie Whales? ---> Josey Wales. I use only two per match, no extra cylinders, and I have never snapped a cap on a nipple/empty chamber to clear it. Nipples are removed from the cylinder and cleaned as part of the cleaning process after every match. No need to torque those things down really tight when reinstalling either - just snug 'em up, they aren't coming loose during a match.
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