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  1. MSRP on these is $1019 now, folks, if you can find one at all. $900, shipped, is not a bad price. I think everyone's still in shock and disbelief, still expecting to see six or seven hundred dollar price tags. Those days are gone - welcome to the Brave New World. $900, shipped, is at the low end of recent Gunbroker sales for a .45 New Vaquero - I wasted some time adding and averaging the two pages of completed auction listings for .45 New Vaqueros and came up with an average price of just under $1200, shipped, per gun, throwing out a few that were artificially inflated due to engraving, etc. The four .45 SASS Vaquero sets that sold averaged $2765, shipped.
  2. I had a pair of Uberti 1875 .44-40 Schofields and seldom shot them due to the difficulty in reaching the hammer. I sold them here about two years ago, then immediately came across a pair of Uberti #3 Russians in .44 Russian and bought them... the Russians make the Schofields seem downright ergonomic in comparison!
  3. Sage Creek Gus and his dad rebuilt an original about a dozen years back, making a few new parts and new fore end wood - just forward of the loading gate it's really thin and fragile.
  4. Good thing I'm built kinda like a pack horse - these things are quite a bit heavier than my 18" Uberti .45 Buntlines even. Just shy of 12 lbs with holsters, belt, shotshells, and ten rounds of .44 mag, and I haven't even added a knife yet! The guns & holsters alone are 9 lbs 6 oz - they're hanging free on the scale and not touching anything on either side. I had a couple of Hunter 10" Super Blackhawk shoulder holsters, and with a bit of stretching and making belt loops for them, they'll work fine.
  5. Pettifogger's article referenced above. https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/10eChron/10octchron.pdf
  6. Maybe looking for holes or bones sticking out that need urgent attention... or chunks of metal sticking in.
  7. Police had to have been on site for several minutes before the train came through, as evidenced by the yellow caution tape around the wreck site - maybe waiting for fire department/EMT's/ambulance?
  8. I walked into the LGS in 2013 and they had a .44-40 in, so I brought it home with me. I've seen several .45's for sale, but I think only one other .44-40. It's a bit stiff, a relatively long throw, and I've heard about the goofy arched firing pin bending or breaking, but mine's worked well so far - I've probably only shot it in half a dozen matches though, so...
  9. When the local clubs starting allowing .22's due to ammo/component shortages, I decided to go for the record. 18" Uberti .45 Buntline and a Freedom Arms .22 mini.
  10. How it actually reads is: A well regulated militia, being necefsary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Using the "f" in place of the first "s" in "necessary" is correct for the period. I have no idea why the "A" in "arms" was capitalized, or the necessity of a comma after it, but the big mistake was capitalizing the "S" in "state", which has been argued to mean the thirteen states, rather than a condition, i.e. a state of freedom.
  11. That was the story with the first two I bought several years ago, "We've had them for two years and can't get rid of them". They gave them to me for less than .357's and .45's were going for at the time. MSRP on Vaqueros right now is a whopping $1019, and I saw one of these go for $1649, shipped, a couple months ago, USED.
  12. $10 - $20, depending on the range and whether or not you're a member, all of them shoot six stages, turnout tends to be 10-15 for a monthly. None of them has a match booklet for each shoot, water and/or coffee is normally available, one range is a shared facility with a large membership, large newer heated clubhouse, refrigerator w/soft drinks on the honor system, flush toilets, shower, a small kitchen, and a handful of electric hookups for RV's. A number of electric hookups are available at one of the other ranges (maybe 20?), but no running water, just outhouses - it's a dedicated CAS range with very nice covered stage fronts and bays, some of them functional buildings actually, located on ~1000 acres of mixed use property with several other clubs/disciplines on the grounds. Even only fifteen years ago, 30-40 shooters wasn't uncommon for a monthly match, but not anymore.
  13. I've had people claim Pyrodex is no more corrosive than black powder. I discovered one of them was actually shooting APP and referring to it as Pyrodex, thinking "Pyrodex" was just a generic term for any substitute - kind of like every skid steer out there is a Bobcat, regardless of who made it. After that revelation, I didn't put too much stock in anybody who told me they shoot Pyrodex with no corrosion problems.
  14. VG to NEW/LIKE NEW, I've seen $3200 - $3500/pair. The .44 Special and .40 S&W/.38-40 Vaquero convertibles are regularly hitting the $1500 mark - I saw a used .44 Special New Vaquero on Gunbroker go for $1649, shipped, two months ago. Even the .44-40's are hitting $1100 - $1200, and I saw one set on Gunbroker, used, go for just under $2500, shipped, two months ago. (edit, 1-16) One just sold on Gunbroker for $1708, shipped, so $3416 for a pair - right on the money.
  15. I had ten, but sold a couple and have eight left - the three on the right w/SBH hammers I'm keeping for myself. Does yours have a lock under the grip? According to my notes, I have one with no lock, and the rest have locks. Tough to find - only 503 made in this configuration. Take your heart meds, and I'll PM you a price. PM me your s/n - who knows, I might have one consecutive to it.
  16. Can't see the pics - I was permanently banned from the S&W Forum probably 15+ years ago, and whatever it was, they're still mad.
  17. $2200.00 a year for only two packs... you've got those Aussie prices beat ten ways to Sunday! Learning Excel in an adult learning class twenty years ago, I did a spreadsheet on the cost of smoking, and the result was mind-boggling. I probably still have the project on a hard drive somewhere, but it involved simply putting that cigarette money into an interest bearing account instead, and in forty five years, there was enough to pay for a nice house. Smoke tobacco or own a house. The flaw in this is the money saved isn't likely to go into a savings account, you're just going to spend it on something else every week instead.
  18. Quite the wedding. "This is normally where I say something about the bride and groom, but I don't know who any of you people are". Jamie would have been a lot better off going the same way Garrett did. Damn, that woman is psychotic. Satan in a Skirt. Sometimes I think the only reason Beth is still alive is John is scared of her.
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