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  1. There's a PA at the hospital here in Helena named Elvis Aaron Presley. Another local is named Laser X. Ray. The plant nurse where I worked married a man with the last name Payne.
  2. Forgot gun cart once Forgot belt & holsters once Forgot hat once - not required, but it was HOT out, so I stopped at a farm supply on the way & bought a cheap straw hat. Brought mismatched ammo/guns twice - .44-40 ammo/.38-40 rifle - .45 ammo/.38 rifle & pistols.
  3. Also today in history, 1989 - - 550 pounds of powder ignited in the open breech of the center gun of turret 2 on the USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors.
  4. Occasionally a pair of 6 1/2" unconverted 3 screw .357's. Purchased used in July and August of '07 for $250 each.
  5. "Actually is a useless word" is a complete sentence and makes sense. "Is a useless word" is sentence fragment with no subject, and doesn't make sense. Thank you, thank you very much. I'm here every evening and do two shows on Saturday.
  6. Brasser Deagle Mangle 'em, when referring to magnum And my personal favorite - Sir, I'd like you to recite the alphabet backwards for me.
  7. What's wrong with it? What's wrong with it?
  8. I bought a used '97 vintage .44-40 Cowboy LTD in August of 2015 for $699.99 with a Lyman tang sight. BUT, the butt stock and fore end had been replaced with vintage uncheckered wood with a crescent butt plate. Nice wood, but an odd thing to do.
  9. ... actually, even sub-30 is getting pretty rare!
  10. From MHP Website this morning: TROOPER PALMER UPDATE: Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer continues to receive medical treatment at University Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. While he is showing indications that he recognizes certain people and things, all of his interactions remain non-verbal; he continues to interact with hand gestures and facial expressions. The extent of how much he understands remains unknown at this time. Nearly every day, Palmer undergoes physical therapy for continued strengthening of his left arm and leg. Limited movement has been detected on his right side. He is scheduled to have the wiring and screws from his reconstructive jaw surgery removed this week. “The tasks that you or I take for granted have become much more significant for Wade,” said Colonel Tom Butler, chief of the Montana Highway Patrol. “His brain is becoming more aware of the sensory input and is relearning how to connect the dots, so to speak.” ******************************************************* It sounds like there is significant neurological or brain damage. They've changed/upgraded his status from "serious/stable" to just "stable".
  11. DING, DING, DING - WE HAVE A WINNER! SPF to our own "Ever-ready Freddie" - Double Drop Fred over Billings way. :-)
  12. But... but... MacGyver once took the strands of wire from steel belts on his captor's car tires, strung 'em together, tied 'em to an array of Zip-loc bags filled with farts to send 'em aloft, and was able to send a message to 007 in London using the RFID tag in his underwear as a transmitter, and his Zippo as a Morse Code key.
  13. Nope, not legal with adjustable sights. I took 1st last year at the Montana State shoot with this 6 shot H&R "Automatic Ejecting" .32 S&W long. I have 9, all told, but this is the one I shoot for the Pocket Pistol side match. In all fairness, two of mine are in more or less "relic" condition, and another one is a 4" 1849 Uberti percussion gun. Three S&W's, three Iver Johnsons, two H&R's, and the 1849. Two of the S&W's are .38 S&W, six of the others are .32's, and the 1849.
  14. Even after reading about it a bit, I'm unclear as to what it was supposed to do...?
  15. Full size 5 1/2" Uberti Cattleman .32-20 or a 4 5/8" stainless Ruger/Lipsey's .44 spl Vaquero.
  16. I bought 2 pair of Wiley-X a few years ago with pink or rose colored lenses. I was working at Sportsman's Warehouse and we were closing them out at half price because nobody wanted that color. Still using 'em.
  17. There are probably well over 20 powders that will work just fine for Cowboy Action loads. Bullseye W231 Red Dot Promo Clays Clay Dot 700X Titegroup American Select Solo 1000 IMR-Red Trail Boss WST Unique Titewad IMR Green Green Dot International Clays HP38 Herco Power Pistol AA#2 AA#5 VV Tin Star
  18. 4.5 grains Trail Boss, 165 grain RNFP from Badman Bullets.
  19. The gun is broken, worn out, and completely non-functional, fit for nothing more than a display piece in a shadow box on the wall. I was going to send it to the guy for basically the price of shipping. Paying an FFL on his end for the transfer makes it impractical. I recently transferred a Ruger LC9s from a California dealer to a client here, an estate inheritance I believe, and the receipt showed the California FFL holder dinged him $55 to transfer it into his bound book, then ANOTHER $55 to transfer it back out to me. With my $20 fee, the poor guy paid $130, plus shipping & insurance, for a free gun. The gun is available for under $300, NIB, and the new EC9s is available on Gunbroker for $225 BIN & $20 shipping. I guess if it was something he actually wanted, $130 was a pretty good deal.
  20. I've made tens of thousands of dollars over the years... for the gun stores and mercantiles that sold me all that stuff.
  21. Probably... I'm pretty sure Buffalo Arms and maybe Ten-X would have black powder .38 S&W. (edit) Buffalo Arms lists it, but currently out of stock. https://www.buffaloarms.com/38-s-w-black-powder-ammo-358-150-grain-rn-hollow-base-bullet-this-is-not-38-special-box-of-50-amobp38sw
  22. .38 S&W, Cambria. Yeah, I think that "for which ammunition is no longer manufactured in the United States and is not readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade" puts the kabosh on it.
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