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  1. Surely somebody must have a good used set of Hombre 1873's for $700 or less. There's a new one on Gunbroker right now for $379, BIN, and $30 shipping. DLD 2's Marlin is a pretty dang good deal, and it'll hold its value. Deals are out there, but ya gotta keep your eyes open - I picked up a pair of NIB Talo/Ruger Birdshead .45 acp sheriff's models on Gunbroker just today for $805.
  2. And the AMT Lightning had the s/n on the lower frame. I've heard rumors it was such a close copy of the Ruger, that the non-serial numbered AMT barrel assembly would fit, or was easily fitted to, the non-serial numbered Ruger grip frame assembly. I've never owned one, so never had an opportunity to try it.
  3. I've seen real estate, houses, cars, trucks, RV's, ATV'S, books, bottles, coins, antiques, and assorted knick-knacks for sale here, as well as plenty of non CAS oriented guns, holsters, belts & assorted other non-cowboy items as far back as I can remember. I have a couple non-cowboy rifles for sale here right now. Property taxes are due in another six weeks.
  4. OK, how 'bout this - I sent this off to Remington when I bought it and had a .500 S&W barrel factory fitted to it, AND I called The Stock Guy (local who brings THOUSANDS of stocks, grips, sights, barrels, rails, etc. to the gun shows), and he's got a brand new OEM replacement Buffalo Classic/Target Classic butt stock for $100. The whole package - rifle, extra .500 S&W barrel, and replacement stock for $850, insured & shipped. I was going to keep the barrel, but I haven't shot that barrel in years, and probably won't ever again.
  5. Yes, it comes with the bolt - I forgot to put it in for the pic. These are high-quality rifles, but just weren't big sellers for TC, so they dropped them and came out with the lower priced, synthetic stocked Compass and Venture.
  6. Yep, twofer @ $690, insured & shipped. Tentatively SOLD to Springfield Slim.
  7. Unfired, new-in-box TC Icon with 3 piece laminated walnut stock, .308 Winchester, 24" barrel. $600/offer, insured & shipped to your FFL. Original price at Sportsman's Warehouse was $969.99. I bought a LOT of stuff when I was Gun Room Manager at Sportsman's Warehouse a dozen years ago, and most of it has never had a round chambered, let alone fired. I've owned this rifle for ten years, and this is the first time it's been out of the box since the day I bought it. Also for sale locally in the nickel paper starting on the 16th.
  8. Unfired, synthetic stocked Stevens Model 200 .25-06, 22" barrel, Team Primos/Nikon Monarch 3x9x40 scope with bullet drop reticle, Weaver bases & rings, new Redding reloading dies, and 4 bags (200) new Winchester brass. $600, insured & shipped/offer. Also for sale locally in the nickel paper starting on the 16th. I bought a LOT of stuff when I was Gun Room Manager at Sportsman's Warehouse a dozen years ago, and much of it never had a round through it.
  9. 7 1/2", .44-40 - I sold the last two for $690, insured & shipped, so I'll do the same for these two. Typical of the post style front sights, these tend to shoot about 6" - 8" high, so use a 6 o'clock Bullseye hold for CAS, keeping the target up where you can see it, and you'll never miss.
  10. Very good condition, low round count - 200 or so. 28" barrel. $500.00/offer, insured & shipped to your FFL. I bought a Sharps or three shortly after I bought & set this up in '07, and haven't shot it for years.
  11. I shoot a double most often by a long shot, but a '97, '87, or even a single shot occasionally too. Even when shooting a double, I have several "sub-category" oddballs like a Darne, a Fox Patent Side Swing, a Davenport Central Hung Double, etc. There are a lot of odd old shotgun designs.
  12. Whatever you do, DON'T buy a Chaparral. I bought one in the spring of '07, because it was considerably less than a Uberti... ... the first one wouldn't keep 'em all on a 8' x 8' target backing at 50 yards. That's EIGHT FEET, not eight inches. I backed off to 25 yards, then 15, and the bullets were tumbling and hitting completely sideways even at that range. It had a slew of other problems too - ill fitting side plates, extraction problems, sear problems, etc. I sent it back, they "fixed" it, and... there was a small improvement... back again, and they replaced it, then went out of business. The third one had fairly well fit parts & wood, and I was able to make it functionally acceptable, but 15" groups at 100 yards were about as good as it got. Every now and then, I'd get it out and try something else - different powders, both black & smokeless, different bullets (from 265 - 405 grains), both jacketed and cast, etc. Eventually, a year or so back, I decided to go waaay out of the envelope and try a cast 500 grain round nose seated deep enough to cycle... and it worked! With a case of Alliant Black MZ, it will shoot as good as I can hold it - two inches or so at 100 yards, maybe three on a bad day. I haven't tried smokeless with that big ol' pill yet, but I don't want to shoot smokeless anyway, so... Oh, it's a .45-75.
  13. I can only find the Crossfire carbine listed in .45-60 and .45-75...? The action isn't long enough for the .45-70.
  14. Yer choices are .40-60, .45-60, .45-75, and .50-95. The .40-60 and .45-60 can be easily made by cutting down .45-70 cases and running them through the respective reloading dies.
  15. Used to - sold 'em six years ago to someone here.
  16. They both have a .060" rim, so headspace is unaffected.
  17. A "unique-horn" mulie wandering around Phillipsburg, MT. (West central MT)
  18. Up north of Great Falls, yes. It was brutal, and a fair amount of it is still there. It's already dropped 20ยบ here, and another ten in the Great Falls area with light snow already falling there.
  19. The temperature is supposed to drop by 55 degrees by tomorrow night, and up to a foot of snow. I've got barely half my winter's wood in.
  20. I've read a lot of those videos are varmint hunters blowing up a gopher or somesuch with a .22-250 or whatever and passing it off as a "sniper video". I suppose it would depend a lot on the bullet - ball or armor piercing probably makes a half-inch hole and kills 'em dead, while a hollow point match bullet, like Hornady's A-MAX probably makes a much larger hole and kills 'em dead. The only flesh & blood target I've ever shot with my AR50 was a coyote at around 150 yards with "remanufactured" 680 grain ball ammo from MiWall. It made a hole and the coyote was DRT. It didn't "blow it up" or "cut it in half" or anything spectacular like that. There are videos on Youtube and elsewhere showing big game taken with a .50 BMG.
  21. A 38-55 that kicks like a mule? Hmmm...
  22. Load to where the base of the bullet will be. A little compression is OK, but not necessary or generally beneficial. Use bullets with no lube.
  23. According to their Web site, it is available in .223, 243, .308, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .30-30 and .45-70. The .45 Colt cannot be safely fired in any of those. I'll start submitting a request for it in their SUGGESTION BOX, along with an 1860 in .44 Russian.
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