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  1. Prosciutto and mellon. Wrap the mellon with prosciutto and hold with a toothpick. Amazing!!
  2. There is a boot maker in Riverside, CA that will do that. He put a knife pocket in a pair custom made boots for me. They were not just a "penny" though. Toke
  3. Captqueeze,, the membership is only $75 a year and that gives you all the privileges. The renewal is $65, it seems to me that this is what you want. Toke
  4. No just a bit skiddish about airplanes. Must have had a touch of airsickness..... Toke
  5. When I was still flying sailplanes we had a cat crawl out the tail opening from about 1500 AGL. It landed in the desert in 29 Palms but was at the airport office the next morning looking for breakfast. The area is pretty sandy in places so it might have been a "soft" landing. Toke
  6. Peeve predators include, at least here in California, bull osies and finestungs. They are trying to remove all the peeves they can and make it hard to import them.
  7. I have a Glock 36 with three mags. It has about 200 rounds shot through it. It is to large for my hands so I have to part with it. Need a different gun for carry. I also have 1 G19 mag and 7 G41/21 mags. Glock 36 $ 450 plus shipping. G19 mag $15 plus shipping G41/21 mags $15 plus shipping If you have any question please let me know. Thanks for Looking
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