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  1. I'd add that if you are, as seems obvious, a .44 Special aficionado, then the Bulldog needs to be in the collection. The quality is good, but it's not a Smith or a Colt, though it will last as long as one, I figure. Sharper edges.... Not really a plinker, maybe, because it's light and kicks. I will shoot about 10 rounds just to keep in practice as a carry gun. .44 Special ammo is hard to find. I lucked into beaucoup boxes about 5 years ago, so I have quit a bit. I keep my eyes open, but almost never see it. I saw a single box of .44 spl cowboy loads at Bass a few weeks ago, for about 69 bucks....didn't buy it.
  2. You hear this. But for some reason, you never hear about criminals who used .38 spls back then. Probably orders of magnitude more of them. I suppose because it was and still is a somewhat rare, or at least unusual, gun. In fact, I think it's the only one in its class: lightweight snub nosed .44 spl-only revolver. Over the years, I've found that if I tell gun guys I have such a gun, and ask them if they know who made it, they always say Charter Arms.
  3. I've had one for about 5 years and I like it a lot. The great thing about the Bulldog .44 spl is that it is light; 19.5 oz. I'm pretty sure there's no .44 spl or other 'big bore' revolver out there that is that light. So it makes a great big bore carry gun. I use it pocket carry in the woods. Being light, it doesn't need a holster, which would interfere with the backpack belt. I shoot a couple of cylinders most times I go to the range to keep in shape with it. It kicks a bit as a lightweight, but I find it quite accurate.
  4. It's a fantasy, but there are those who like fantasies. Not that there aren't worries. But as I tell my kids, in the 1960s our president, his brother who may have become president, and MLK were murdered, and several of our cities not only had riots-- they burned. Those were bad years. But we seem to have made it through.
  5. Congrats! It'll be fun. We now have 4 great grands with two on the way. It sinks in when you realize that it means your child or children are grandparents....
  6. You'll have to give her credit knowing how to irritate a buncha old guys....
  7. What ruin is that a photo of? Not Edinburgh castle, for sure.
  8. Everybody 'has access to state and federal laws'. They are all published and all available on the internet, one way or another. As a lawyer for 51 years, if I had a nickel for every non-lawyer who thought he 'knew the law' because he looked it up then I'd have several more bucks than I do, which can always come in handy. Apart from that, I'm staying out of the argument, except to repeat that 'qualified immunity' is far from the end all and be all of potential police civil accountability and liability. Federal civil rights liability is only one element of potential liability for police misconduct. It's main advantage to a plaintiff is that you can get attorney fees if you win.
  9. At 76 I grew with all of the Ovaltine adds but we never had the stuff and to this day I've never tasted it. Any good?
  10. A few more favorites (a subject I never get tired of): Hondo The Naked Spur The Tall T Comanche Station Winchester '73 Man of the West
  11. The thing that really turned me off on Red River is not so much Wayne as pretty much a psychopath, as the fact that it all builds up to a fistfight and happy handshakes and reconciliation all 'round. Just plain weird...bizarre.
  12. 1. Hombre 2. Ride the High Country 3. Seven Men From Now 4. True Grit (Coen Bros) 5. The Man From Laramie 6. The Big Country A few of my favorites.....
  13. Qualified immunity is limited and is not the scourge being made out lately by those critical of the police. It's a doctrine that specifically relates to claims of violations of Federal constitutional rights. It does not bar actions against the police based upon any number of other claims or factors, including State law. It simply provides that police are only guilty of the violation of Federal constitutional rights by their actions if the rights in question were 'clearly established' at the time of the action. This prevents claims for such violations being based on novel or previously undefined criteria.
  14. Interesting Wiki article on 'shotgun' starters: Coffman engine starter - Wikipedia Evidently used on a variety of engine types.
  15. I could be wrong, but I’m not aware that cartridges were ever used in radial engines as in that movie. Good flick. Big dramatic scene near the end as Jimmy Stewart uses one cartridge after another without success, over the wild protests of the German model airplane designer (played by Hardy Kruger, who died only recently). Radial engine. (I know nothing personal of the subject). How are cartriges typically used?
  16. Until I first watched the original Flight of the Phoenix (a great flick with an incredible cast) I never knew airplane engines were started with cartridges.....
  17. Barbara Rush died yesterday at age 97. She was the last surviving cast member of what is my personal favorite Western movie, "Hombre". She played the wife of the crooked Indian agent played by Frederic March. Besides being a great movie, it had a great cast. But then, that's part of why it is a great movie.....
  18. I watched the first one. I don't like the supersaturated HD color.
  19. We have lots of larches; the Western larch is a native. Beautiful in the fall-- one of the few deciduous conifers, they turn a beautiful yellow. We have a fair number of palms planted as ornamentals around here. The species is a Chinese palm; I've read that it is the only palm that grows in temperate climates.
  20. When we'd go out on Saturday nights, we'd leave the five kids with Banquet TV dinners of various types, mostly chicken. 99 cents per back then. The kids loved 'em and remember them well decades later.
  21. Heard it again just yesterday, when a newslady said of a miscreant that he had repeatedly flaunted the law.
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