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  1. Thanks for the replies. I didn't bite, just hung up. Lots of folks my age (77) respond to stuff like that but so far I have not. Frazee
  2. Howdy: I just got a recorded message from someone supposedly from Microsoft advising that my IP address is going to be compromised within 30 some odd hours. They advised me to make a select "1" to receive a preventive measure. Sounds a bit fishy to me. Has anyone else received a similar call? Thanks for the help. Frazee
  3. Thanks to all who replied. Lots of good information so it looks like I'll be able to find something to help. I appreciate the help. Frazee
  4. I went shooting with my son a couple of weeks ago and apparently didn't use proper protection. I seem to have damaged my ears further. Looks like I should be wearing ear muffs. Besides shooting I am in my woodworking shop every day so I should be protecting myself there also. Would you be willing to share information with me about what you use and how well it works? I really would appreciate the info. Thanks, Frazee Ridge
  5. My job was phased out so I was able to retire in 1997 at the age of 53. Had a few part time jobs but fully retired now for the past few years. Couldn't have done it without my wife. She always said that she was the best retirement plan I could of had. She was right. But then, she always is. Frazee
  6. I do love cinnamon rolls and those look fantastic. Good work to you and your daughter.
  7. Like most of you, we let our dog in bed also. 65 lb. American Bulldog.
  8. Got a crock pot full of chili for dinner, been snowing for two days, looks like it will snow all night. Our son is over snow blowing the driveway for us, the Lions won. Life is Good. Frazee
  9. Gunner: Same here, I hope to get to GR one of these weekends.

    Take care,


  10. Hey Frazee Ridge ~ Thansk for the PM...hope to see ya at a shoot sometime! Keep yer powder dry...


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