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  1. Dobie Gillis 87 years old; can't grasp it..... RIP Duane. Say hello to Maynard G. Krebs.....
  2. I can think of a lot of fine countries that don't have a space program. I've been to Mexico a few times, always to Mexico City or south, to Oaxaca and Chiapas. I've never been to the beach resorts, nor to northern Mexico, except Nogales. Mexico, certainly 'deep Mexico', is a really interesting and enjoyable place, with great people. I wouldn't live there, but then I wouldn't live anywhere but here anyway.
  3. To me, a nonnumismatist, a coin worth 25 times its face value is a collectors' item-- unless you want to spend it down at the corner store.
  4. It's your television. My wife reports the same thing on her 'kitchen' tv while the one in the other room doesn't do it. There must be a reason she can't figure out. You probably will not be surprised that broadcasts in Spanish are allowed. You need not be alarmed.
  5. T. R. Fehrenbach's "Comanches, the History of a People" is even better than Empire of the Summer moon, in my opinion. He also wrote the great "Lone Star", a history of Texas, which is a really good book not just about Texas, but about the history of the American West.
  6. Not so complicated. Respiratory virus that causes disease that is especially serious in the old and those with compromised health. Vaccines have worked well; in fact most serious cases are now overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated. There is no 'they'. On the other hand, they who believe in 'they' will never be persuaded otherwise. Besides, it keeps 'them' occupied.
  7. I now have many reports from friends and some family being positive on tests, with mild to moderate symptoms; all vaccinated. Omicron is really spreading, but between its milder effects and vaccinations, should be not bad. But positives are popping up all over the place suddenly.
  8. So, unsupported vague allegations of bad actors, no specifics, just laying it out there. "Just sayin'" Does this mean you don't claim it yourself, but want to be sure we know; you're off the hook? I'm no Mason and have no interest, but this is just sowing of discord.
  9. It's a good show and I watched a lot of it. Eventualy I got tired of Walt's impenetrable laconic personality, but still it was a fine show. Taylor was very fine as Walt Longmire. I never detected any Aussie accent at all.
  10. I tip 20%. I've never actually encountered really bad service, at least not for a long time. For years I tipped 15%, but when the time came I could afford it, I've done 20%. Everybody has to make a living. I tip more now and then under special circumstances.
  11. The linked article notes that the Serbian CZ company has no connection to the well-know Czech CZ.
  12. I'm amazed by the whole thing. Legal stores, tons of illegal, the stuff being produced by innumerable warehouse loads, yet a tiny amount of the current stuff is said to do the job; is everybody smoking this stuff? I'm not, but millions of people obviously are.
  13. Can't sugar coat it or get around it: the voters voted to legalize narcotics because that's what they want. They did it here, too. Not much research required.
  14. That one was too grim, but the others were good. "All Gold Canyon", based on a Jack London story of the same name, with Tom Waits as the prospector, was really excellent.
  15. Lot of great stuff in that thing. Many good things, some a little too grim. My favorite, though, was the one with Tom Waits as the old prospector; it's a Jack London story, exact almost to the last detail. Must admit I come back to youTube clips of Buster at the cantina and then with Surly Joe in town...... And yes, we've discussed it here a lot.
  16. For the possibility of stranding in a car in the snow: several blankets, fleeces, knit caps, etc. And a good supply of food and drink. In an automobile stranding situation, such as out on a shutdown highway or freeway, or spun into a snowbank, the main priority is warmth and food and water awaiting rescue or the situation clearing up. A lot of survival gear, like saws and cord and such, relate more to trouble in the woods, etc.
  17. I don't. I'd never heard of them. The great thing about the Saloon is I learned who they were and to hate them all at the same time!
  18. Anti-cowboy hat? Say it ain't so! That tears it. Off with her head!
  19. All that from not knowing how to pronounce McLeod..... Next thing you know, she'll be calling Beauchamp Bo-champ! Of with her head....
  20. That's a long time to cook bacon. Frying is a lot quicker....
  21. And the B-17 evolved, into the B-29. Must have been some reason for that.
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