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  1. I reamed my OMV .44 throats to .4305 and went to 11* forcing cone. Made a big difference in accuracy. What weight bullet are you using? I run 240gn LRNFP moly-coat from Bear Creek. Ruger's like heavier bullets. OLG
  2. Buy the reamer, use it, then list for sale in the SASS Classifieds. How hard is it to push a jacketed bullet through the cylinder throats? OLG
  3. Just bought this at Walmart for the same price as just the bottle itself. OLG
  4. How many Sq ft? What's the heater voltage. How old? Any change of converting to NG or LPG? Electric heat is the most expensive. OLG
  5. None of my competition guns have trigger creep. Most of my plink'n guns don't either. OLG
  6. It's the lower step on the pawl that sets the cyl in place. OLG
  7. Don't try to fix, what ain't broke Your variation is nut'n to worry about and it's common. OLG
  8. Like was said, will the bolt fully fit into the cylinder notch? OLG
  9. See how hard it is to push your lead bullet through them OLG
  10. Leave it as is! Practice much with it! OLG
  11. I have a first gen cart bought in 2010. Done a number of mods to it over the years. Like longer wheelbase and replaced the steering wheel bushings with real shoulder bearings. When I ordered the rear wheel upgrade. It fit just fine on the orginal axle shaft. Call your order in so they can be sure to send the correct setup. OLG
  12. That's the whole point about wimpy springs. Especially these dayz.... OLG
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