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  1. Or loading and unloading the dishwasher I specialize in laundry OLG
  2. If you ship it yourownself, you MUST take it to hub and not a store front at the local mall etc. OLG
  3. The SG's were made under the corporate name and could still be imported. Norinco, as a importer was banned from all imports into the USA for a time. OLG
  4. None of the Winny 87s in 12ga are proofed for smokeless, and they have short chambers that will not feed 2 3/4" shells from the magazine. The only Winchester 1887 lever SG proofed for smokeless was the last run they made in 1901, they were made in 10ga only. I for one have had no issues the couple of times I needed parts. Got'em from Coyote Cap. His son now runs things as Cap has retired with health issues. OLG
  5. Save the fuss and get the Brownells super set of screwdriver bits. You also want the large handle. OLG
  6. There was a cake big enough to hold'em all? OLG
  7. What size grips are on the guns. How big are your hands. I have medium size hands and use 'gunfighter checkered grips. OLG
  8. Does he have to get a fire permit for all of those candles? OLG
  9. Norinco was just the importer is all. Not the maker. OLG
  10. OP, please post a picture of this bent sight. OLG
  11. Set your COAL at 1.155 for FMJ, and you'll be fine. OLG
  12. They don't, that's why I use BD. My 9mm load is 7.5 gn Blue Dot w/125gn FMJ. Equals the NATO load. DO NOT USE IN PO-8 LUGER! My load has worked well in every gun I have tried it in, including several select-fire full auto guns. OLG
  13. AARP is not your friend in any shape or form. They a big supporters of the Democratic party. Rethink this Tom.......... OLG
  14. You can't. You need a licensed exporter for this. OLG
  15. Check the powder maker's load data. I for one like Blue Dot for 9mm & 40 S&W. OLG
  16. That CA fire is only a few miles from were I lived in Palmdale. When we had the Crown Fire, the ash fell on us for a week. OLG
  17. Mom received her pilot's license on here 16th birthday. She didn't get a driver's license till she was 26. Flying was a passion/obsession to her. OLG
  18. Is this the one with the pull-cord for startup? OLG
  19. You hard wire GND a press to remove static cling in the hopper. This will reduce powder throw variations a good bit. When I lived in the Mojave Desert, it really made a difference. Not so much here in Missouri. OLG
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