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  1. Wonder if Ruger will redesign the extractor on the 94? Or make a deal with RPP for their coil spring version? OLG
  2. Scoring 22 hits is a PITA because most steel is 'dead' to those hits. BTDT .22's are fun in this game. Back to 1 HG, NOPE! The only way to have SASS grow is marketing. Unit the component and ammo shortages stop, It's a moot point. OLG
  3. Dog jerky is fine, don't give human type. Way to much salt. OLG
  4. Remove the powder slide and test cycle. Silicone spray works well here. OLG
  5. SASS velocity requirements do not apply to side matches. OLG
  6. Both of those videos makes us 'reloaders' to feel like orphans. OLG
  7. Back in my 'ramp-rat' days for WAL/LAX. I would send the newbie 'rat' to 'load-control' for 50' of flight line. OLG
  8. At 300yds, +/- .1 is no concern. Your bullet weight will vary more than that. OLG
  9. Was any research done on this? I do feel it's a non-issue. In fact, it may well be an aid to reducing splash-back. Respectfully, OLG
  10. When I told'em that, they would cry like a child OLG
  11. 18 yo is an adult by law. Depends on the state. Most agencies call CPS first. OLG
  12. What bullet profile/shape are you loading? What's your load? OLG
  13. A drop of oil on ALL friction and pivot points on the PM linkage helps. OLG
  14. Tuesday and Wednesday will be good days to make more of'em OLG
  15. Pocket carry SUCS when sitting down in your car etc. Carry at least 1 full reload and a good flashlight. OLG
  16. Grease is NOT your guns friend in cold weather. Keep on using what you have been. OLG
  17. Telling'em I'm here, will scare'em away. Fantastic SASS clubs and love living in 'Merica. OLG
  18. Has the most fitting name for a powder. It's the first powder ever released for reloading. OLG
  19. Not one word on military and LEO contracts. No word on consumer powders either. Wonder how much is being shipped out of country? This is mostly 'fluff'....... OLG
  20. I have used the 124gn version in my 9s for many years. They are excellent and the company is a NATO supplier. OLG
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