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  1. AR series is the best, but you really can't weld it. Just look for 1/2" thick hot-rolled flat stock and that should serve you well. Not for jacketed bullets at all........ OLG
  2. The guns that fit YOUR HANDS..... I shoot SD and use 5 1/2" bbl, OMV in .44. Don't BUY till you TRY... OLG
  3. That's the same thing Ima said....... OLG
  4. Scorning hits with a .22 on our steel targets is a PITA, and many times the timer doesn't 'read' the shot. BTDT OLG
  5. I'm missing 'Harvey Mushman' and 'IROT' Wish Sixgun Shorty the very best OLG
  6. Your '87 is GTG. But, you start out with 2 shells loaded. BTW, Some SASS clubs allow you to 'stoke' the SG. Cajon Cowboys is one. OLG
  7. GOOD Sure as heck needs one Along with a written apology to 'Lefty Longridge' who runs it OLG
  8. Oh-heck yes, W3G is alive and well and a 'blast'. Come out to Piru, CA. and give it a go Someone really should have done some research before printing nonsense like that. BTW-maybe that writer should have shot a match of W3G before running 'off' like that. Carry on, OLG
  9. Funny look'n maybe. But don't think it's 'illegal' for SASS. PWB will be along to provide the final answer. OLG
  10. Don't buy anydangthing, till you have had 'hands-on' live fire practice. OLG
  11. Ask Slick. If you shoot 'white'. Unique and WW231 are good choices for powder. Slug your barrel to confirm bullet dia. OLG
  12. I've shot LOTS of warthog level, BP loads in my 87's. Never saw the 'glowing' you speak of, even after and 8-10 shot string. OLG
  13. You should be fine-'Our' '87's are patterned after the 1901 10ga version for the longer shell. Try 2 3/4", that's all my wife and I run..... OLG
  14. Yup- Make sure you keep the 2 carrier pivot screws 'TITE' OLG
  15. Rolan-Your picture and text don't jive. When you load your '87. Have the muzzle dipped down some, and when you insert the 2 shells. Slide you hand forward as this will help to chamber the top shell. OLG
  16. Steve-The info I posted was from a tour and extensive display of Browning's and Marlin's tool room prototypes for these very rifles, at the Buffalo Bill Museum In Cody Wy. It was an impressive piece of history to see. Marlin didn't use his locking block till later. He had the patent in the mid-late 1880's for it, IIRC. One of JMB's prototypes showed a locking bolt kinda similar to Marlins. Respectfully, OLG
  17. No-Neither is that susceptible to spreading. The main reason JMB went with the 2 piece bolt lock was Marlin's patent. Same means to an 'end'. OLG
  18. Nate-Good points and thank you for the time to post that! One thing about the Marlin 94, is the size of the locking block's contact area. The block is the width of the receiver. The block itself has far more mass the the 2 blocks used by JMB. The deal is-They both will take any psi thrown at them. Respectfully, OLG
  19. Lots of good Marlin info here. http://www.marlinowners.com/forum/ OLG
  20. There are plenty of Marlin 94's in .45 Colt rifles out there. Look for the JM bbl stamp. Just gotta start look'n. OLG
  21. No facts to back up his claim. Both will far exceed SAAMI psi specs. I'll stick with my Marlin 94's Much easier to take down and repair along with cleaning. With nothing but highest respect to JMB. I swear, that man must have loved puzzles. If you ever take apart an '86, '92, or a '94. You'll see what I mean. OLG
  22. Where did you get that piece of misinformation? The Marlin uses a massive internal locking block, while the winny's are visible. JMB had to work around Marlin's patents, to design those rifles. Marlin 94 only has 4 moving main parts. Much easier to keep run'n than the Winny 92 style. Winny and Marlin are outstanding designs, and can take anything you throw at'em. Respectfully, OLG
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