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  1. Search some and you'll see several outfits sell'em. Check Brownells. OLG
  2. I go by what the target shows me Many yrs ago I made a 'pusher' that uses a dial indicator. That removed all guesswork. OLG
  3. I mark the sight and bb/slide with a pencil so I have a reference. OLG
  4. Ok-miss read it as an '87 On a w97, the right side extractor can also be part of the issue. OLG
  5. When was the last time you flushed the 2 spring plunger slots out? OLG
  6. You want to see worst. A high school at end of daily classes. OLG
  7. Either one. Get'em in 10ga for a tighter fit. OLG
  8. Do NOT use NATO pressure loads in a PO8 Luger. The toggle was never built for that. Use STD 9mm loads only OLG
  9. Rnd chambered, ALWAYS. Those that don't carry that way are living in a dream world. OLG
  10. They are made from better steel than the Winny and were built for our game. The CB-97 is far more durable than the original 97 for our use That is from one who also has a cherry 1957, model 97 Winchester that I use for trap and 5-stand. OLG
  11. Look hard for a CB-97. Get in touch with Outlaw Gambler..... OLG
  12. Call Ruger and have the serial number ready. Bet the part is free.... OLG
  13. Seat and crimp in 2 separate operations. Best for all calibers. OLG
  14. Do the sights shoot to POA? Include a target from each gun(Ruger tests at 50')and ask Ruger to make the corrections for windage. Tell Ruger you want the gun to shoot low so you can file the sight down for your load. OLG
  15. Make sure those hammer springs are the same length. And the trigger return springs have the same arch. Takes 5 minutes to switch existing springs from one gun to the other. Rugers are easy to tear down and plenty of videos out there to guide you. Power Custom has a couple of good ones on their site. Really no reason to send'em back. OLG
  16. Switch the springs between both guns, and see if that changes the feel of the mushy one. OLG
  17. Ruger will want the serial number of each. Mushy trigger screams crud build up. Do the flush thing. You should think about the Power Custom hammer conversion. Been running mine for 15+ yrs with no issues. Run tired 19lb hammer and 32oz trigger return springs. OLG
  18. Don't fix, what ain't broke. If the cylinder Indexes when cocked you're GTG. Take the grips off and use brake cleaner to flush the insides out. Then try the action. OLG
  19. The coil springs used in the Ruger last forever, and the Ruger has much better metallurgy. The only weakness I see in the Ruger is the transfer-bar. Wifey and I have had a couple break over the yrs. A call to Ruger had replacements inroute and at no charge. OLG
  20. Go with Ruger. American made and are 'tanks' in durability. Ruger's customer service is the tops. Been running my .44 cal, OMV in SASS type events for 16+ yrs. The few times I needed parts. They were sent at N/C. Ruger even gave me some spare parts to have on hand. OLG
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