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  1. Look at a 1911 hammer spring. Call Wolff Gunsprings and tell'em what you need. OLG
  2. You left out personal heli-port and helicopter for transport. They wouldn't last 72 hrs in the real world OLG
  3. Well, you didn't live this long 'cause your pretty...... Lucky, may-be....... OLG
  4. Call Nick at Knights Leather. He's in SAN. He does custom work and is a 5th generation leatherman. Fast turn around time too. OLG
  5. There's been plenty of FTF issues with that FP safety on this forum. I have saw 2 last month with the issue. Buyer beware..... OLG
  6. Mine was on a GFI outlet as the entire house was GFI. Including the washer and dryer. Never had a problem. OLG
  7. Same load I use in my .45acp ammo. OLG
  8. Rifle--Knights Armament SR-25 in .308. Not much it can't do. SG--H&K Benelli m4. SD and 'pest' removal and hunting. HG--1911 .45ACP. Close range SD. OLG
  9. It's time to get a new one then. Are your kitchen outlets GFI? If NO, then get'em redone so they are. 90%+ house fires are started in the kitchen. Do you have at least 1, 5lb ABC fire extinguisher in the kitchen? OLG
  10. Those do not stop the virus You need at minimum a N-95 mask for that. PLZ do some research..... OLG
  11. Just remember, that the lab pressure tests were done inside. Anytime you load at the bottom of the chart, you're ask'n for issues. Try to stay .2-.3 gn above the lightest charge weight. In this gun game you want a FIRM roll crimp and good neck tension. OLG
  12. The one thing about Gatorade you need to watch out for, is the amount of salt in it. Especially so if you are on BP meds. That's why I drink Propell instead. OLG
  13. Wide brush with that statement. All powders have some temperature sensitively. Some way more than others, like Bullseye. 'Standard loading' is what's in the loading manuals. You deviate from 'the book', then you're on your own. OLG
  14. The cutter wheel was special made by the 'smith, and had been in use for many yrs before it happened. He never used it again on Colt bushings. I apprenticed under him for over 5 yrs. While I was working FT for the city. He knew what he was doing..... OLG
  15. COPS do all the time. That 'she' sure looks more like a 'he', to me. OLG
  16. ES shims are a pita. Peening is easier to do, and you have more control. I have seen one Colt cyl bushing crack when the tube cutter was tried. The gunsmith had to make a new one up on his lathe. OLG
  17. I do point shoot this game 95% of the time. OLG
  18. "CA shooters" . Why single them out? Fast shooters in any gun game point when targets are rarely past 25 yds. OLG
  19. That's a level 3 retention holster. You don't just yank that roscoe out. Yup, to bad she didn't try...... OLG
  20. You'll find that with the '87 you will want the LOP shorter than you think. When you shoot the '87. 'Drive it like you stole it'. Always ck the 2 carrier pivot screws before each match. OLG
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