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  1. I have an older Dillon, maybe thirty years old, it had a lifetime warranty. Motor went bad and they would not replace it, wanted refurbish it for almost the same money as a new one. I took the motor off, tore it down and replaced the bushings and it is still going now about 15 years or so.
  2. I did this LOOOONG before cowboy spl came about. I didn't want to throw away split cases. So I 1st cut them back to .45 schofield length and then decided to cut them back to .45 acp length so I could just use my .45 ACP dies. I made a jig to cut 10 at a time, and used a small band saw. I don't shoot .45's at this time but have around 1000 to 1200 loaded rounds plus empties. I have never used cowboy special cases.
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