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  1. “Although we will continue to mine and mill lead, zinc, and copper from our underground mines, the ability to produce primary lead metal and their alloys domestically will vanish,” Hughes stated. 2013 press release from Doe Run. I would be interested to know the name of the Ohio smeltery. The Doe Run Company Provides Update on Closure of Last Primary Lead Smelter in US - The Doe Run Company
  2. Manufacturers learned their lesson after the 2008 spike. They added capacity, some companies even purchased Eastern European plants. Only to see the great ammo glut of 2010. Then, the Sandy Hook spike wiped out that supply, but in due time, the ammunition and components returned to the shelves. (Due time would be 3-6 months, depending on specifics, with some ammunition, like shot shells, staying relatively available). This pandemic/riot/election/post election spike has been particularly enduring; and that has created a supply problem of its own. Virtually everyone will buy ammo whe
  3. I truly believe that the homesteads should be taxed at purchase price, unless the home is improved or sold. It is a shame to watch people taxed out of their central Texas homes by rising values.
  4. The 1890 housings are different, I have never seen them. Great set of wheelguns. I have a pair myself and I would not sell them for this price. Great deal!
  5. Allie Mo, Are y'all retiring? Need medical care on a regular basis? These are the two issues that might compete in establishing your Texas home. Waxahachie Kid has done a great job of putting some of the awesome places that are available in the great state of Texas.. truly the best place to live in all of the world. West of Austin is beautiful and expensive. It will put you where there are very good, established CAS clubs. East of Dallas does the same, with less expense, and a different beauty. Keep asking questions and the good folks will help you find the pe
  6. I also think that with the pards who are stepping away or passing away, there are a few guns to be had at the local matches.. just need to attend, visit and let folks know that a new shooter needs budget gear. I also think it is important to find someone who sees the game the same way. Speed? Costuming? History? Cool factors? All worth the time of investment.
  7. Time is the most precious item we all possess and must decide how to spend it wisely. The social aspect is what will make folks want to spend time and money to be involved. It is a complicated issue for sure.. clubs are living, evolving and in many cases, shrinking.. the leadership is a small, dedicated group. There are plenty of loaner guns.. have new shooters bring ammo and they can play for a while. and yes, that is a hard trick right now..
  8. You must be a better gunsmith than I.. I can do a little bit to the 10/22, etc.. but 73s need a magic touch
  9. I love the 10/22.. I do not think that anyone can own too many! I would suggest that you take the trigger group out and soak it in a good solvent, scrub and then use a compressor to blow it clean. Then use a good light lube and reinstall. The rifle will work dirty as can be, but it will help to clean it. Second suggestion is to polish the bolt. The bolt's movement is improved by this and follow up shots are better.. The BX trigger is worth the money, but be aware that it is a gateway drug.. you could be adding barrels, stocks, scopes and all the really cool add ons available
  10. I was lucky dealing with Big Ed.. I got a lot of custom leather from him, always got what I ordered and in good time. After a while, it became clear that the fella couldn't keep up and would never catch up again, so I quit ordering from him... I did send him a little thank you money cause I think/thought he was a good guy, just not a very good business man. I did sell one rig I regret when I needed the money.. may have to see if it exists out there in CAS land.. it was one of a kind. Moderating the old SASS Wire was not for the faint at heart.
  11. Surprise, surprise.. I have an opinion and some suggestions. First thought is that national advertisements or recruiting will struggle because each club is unique, there is no standard SASS/CAS experience. The variety is part of what is wonderful about each club.. close and fast, smaller and tighter.. Props, buildings and leadership all create a fun, varied experience. The friendliness seems to be a constant, though I can see that some clubs, especially smaller groups, have a lot to do and not too many hands. It has been a few years, but when I was match director, pres
  12. I don't know what behind the scenes magic happened, but I had to re-register, but I guess someone connected my old profile, with that picture, which was the same as you just posted. I don't have many good pictures of my ugly mug.
  13. I haven't seen hide nor hair of Halfhitch in 10-12 years.. I hope he is well. If anyone has a line on him, let me know.
  14. Looks like it was August of 2018.. Time does fly. Three Legged Dog, me, Long Drink, Kettleman, Circuit Judge and Bronco Birnbaum.. good time for sure.
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