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  1. Mother's Irish side, tenuously, to around 1060, documented 1500's around Coolen and Killkenny.
  2. Up here, it's a tradition to drive the Gatineau Parkway to look at the leaf change on the Gatineau Hills. Magnificent!
  3. I actually felt sorry for my King, when he was forced to marry a woman he did not love, because of outdated, perceived Royal requirements for a Queen in Waiting. (I understand there was even a physical exam to ensue the potential Queen was a virgin! ) I think think the Royal family and it's advisors came to regret the manner in which they forced(?) Prince Charles into his first marriage to an eligible consort, to produce heirs, forgetting the days of Edward the VIII and Wallis Simpson, (Horrors - A Divorcee!) were long over and the world had moved on!
  4. As far as a curtsey, it needs to be practice if it's not to look awkward. SWMBO and her GFs practiced together before they were presented at a Vice-regal function.
  5. Hopefully some of the soldiers will want to defect and can go on video to tell others in their units to come in.
  6. Well, I knew it was there, but with the new thread and al.............
  7. Nice Jabez. Now get to spoiling him! (THEN hand him back to Mom & Dad!)
  8. I do. The general level of these minimum wage employees tells me the will never rise above the level of mediocracy to earn the salaries and positions they would like. And they'll wonder why?
  9. If it's really this bad, I want armed guards at the school my children/grandchildren are going to and the lace panty brigade can manger de la merde et mourir!
  10. In other news, I shot a clean match on Saturday's "Old Henry" match with the Square Circle Wranglers. 30+ shooters (We needn't talk about my times OK?)
  11. When it's cold, wet, raining or snowing and going on dark, that place looks like a palace! (Hope it had a stove!)
  12. I live across the road from the South Nation Wetlands Preserve. All natural. I gave up trying to keep a lawn after three re-soddings in 11 years and seeded heavily with white clover. Choked out and killed out most of the weeds. And it's green.
  13. With apologies to Utah Bob. No, It's not Earl. He was a pet.
  14. Before we brought in a wood stove, we tried to "heat" with the Coleman lanterns and the Coleman 3 burner propane gas stove. Not satisfactory. In addition to the concerns about air quality and safety, everything was damp and never seemed to dry out. Once we went to the wood stove, those problems went away. Each year, we cut, split and stacked to dry, enough wood for use the next year.
  15. Our moose camp was a bit more primitive but oh so nice when you came in at dark, kicked the snow off your boots and fired up the woodstove. It started as a portable garage that got extended over the years and was hidden/stashed in the bush after each hunt for many years. We had double bunks in a U shape that remained in place along with the frame that got covered with tarps. A good wood stove is a real asset and anyone on P parade at night throws a log in if it's needed. We took a lot of moose out of the area.
  16. The Duchess of Cornwall has become Queen Consort. She will not become "Queen".
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