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  1. Me. on several occasions. Kid, Meet Road. Road say HI to Kid!
  2. PAT: When you get called in for the EXIT interview, keep an eye on the floor.
  3. A thing that is really embarrassing me as a Canadian is the inaction of our current government and our Prime Minister, in it's failure to ensure the safety of the Afghans who worked with Canadian troops and are now in grave danger through Canadian government inaction.
  4. Some advice for the singles following this thread:
  5. At a Purchasing Agents meeting, the PA for our Museum of Natural History related the story of a whale that washed ashore and was offered to a natural scientist(?) at the museum. The naturalist said "Certainly! We Need a Whale Skelton! Ship it to us and we'll pay all the costs!" The carcass was loaded into a closed boxcar and spent considerable time travelling across Canada to Ottawa. By the time it reached the Ottawa train yards, on a Saturday, it was more than a little..............ripe. After some time and many 'phone calls, the Yard-Master was able to contact someone at the
  6. Please accept my sympathy. More prayers heading your way from the Northern side of the Medicine Line.
  7. AH the joys of retirement, when you have time to do things you've missed in the past!
  8. I didn't know you were in that attack. I'm glad you made it out, but sorry about the bad memories you have.
  9. There were so many strange things happening before the US entered the war. I recall my Father speaking about aircraft coming over the border, pulled by horses, since under the Neutrality Act, war planes could not legally fly across the Medicine Line. Much was made of these events, staged for the press and photo opps, as teams of horses and men pulled the aircraft over the border, all the while, most of the aircraft were flown onto bases in Canada by "Volunteers" Thank-you America.
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