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  1. Whenever I had to rebuild/replace/repair anything on my Ski-Doo trailer, I always used the largest, longest bar I had with a socket of the right size and just turned until I snapped the calcium/road salt rusted bolt right off. Then installed a new bolt.
  2. My Father was a member of the Number 19 City of Hamilton Bomber Squadron (Auxiliary Air Force) until 1936. He said he saw war coming and wanted to be trained and up to speed when it happened and joined the Regular RCAF, retiring in 1966. The group picture shows he and the aircrew of the B-25 Mitchell when he was doing the mapping photos of Canada. After his Air Force retirement, he became the manager (Canada) of the ERTS satellite program for a number of years.
  3. Well, from what I have read about the Chicago Mayor and based on the people who elected her, nothing would surprise me. Remind me not to venture into that city.
  4. I imagine it was a hold-over from earlier, darker times, when the thinking was; "Well, he can stop a bullet from hitting someone else!" and "The Army needs bodies!"
  5. Remembrance Day here in Canada as well. I've been wearing a Poppy all week and I'll lower my flag to half staff until sundown, in memory of family members who served and those lost in the 1914/1918; 1939/45 conflicts.
  6. 639798612_GARYProprtestVID-20210520-WA0010.mp4
  7. Now, I know a couple of politicians who are the exceptions to that rule. One in particular is a friend of mine, a retired Member of Parliament/former Cabinet Minister as well as being a Cowboy Action Shooter, the other a bureaucrat in the former Prime Minister's office. In fact, it was he who got me interested in CAS. So, they're not ALL bad. Just too many of them.
  8. ALPO: In my bachelor level cooking class, I was taught; "When It's Black - It's Done!"
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