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  1. My best friend and a fellow co-worked at City Hall and I bought an old camp/cottage in Quebec. It was made of huge cedar logs, not laid horizontally, but vertically, palisade style and had a large natural stone fireplace with a lot of holes, nooks and crannies. Our wives went to bed early, (no electricity, just a propane light system, and Bill and I sat up with a bottle of good Irish, to plan what we were going to tackle first in our renovation scheme. Being a little chilly that spring, and the wood stove was going out, we decided to try the fireplace, which unfortunately had those nooks and crannies I mentioned, that were the residences of a horde of mice that took exception to a fire in the fireplace and decided to vacate. An exciting time was had by all and our wives, while understanding, were not too happy about the manner in which they were awoken!
  2. I've lived in our place, directly across from the South Nation Wetland Reserve bushland for 13 years. I put the Sonic Pest Chasers in the garage when I first moved in and have never had a mouse or any other critter. The neighbour, beside me and farther away had trouble until I told him about the devices. Our old hunt camp, (no electricity) had a mouse problem and we used the garbage pail, dowel and anti-freeze method, mentioned by Eyesa Horg, as well, but man, what a lot of mice!!
  3. Well, they are still toys. Just for bigger boys.
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