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  1. Plenty of WWII era soldier with beards....
  2. For the first time in 115 years, they have spotted an active bald eagle nest on Cape Cod. I'll be looking this summer.' https://www.ibtimes.com/first-bald-eagle-nest-found-massachusetts-after-115-years-2986202 LL
  3. Noah: Items 1, 2, & 5 are yours. Details follow tomorrow. LL
  4. They're yours, Nitehawk. Details will follow tomorrow. LL
  5. Cleaning out the closet: 1. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Brassada Black Bib-front Shirt – Brand new, unworn – XXL – can be worn with bib up, partially down or off; metal badge-style buttons; cotton twill fabric; underside of bib is red; bib can be reversed. Made in USA. New was $80.00; yours for $40.00. 2. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Scully pleated front puff sleeve shirt – XXL – 100% cotton, off-white in color; tight narrow band of pleats adjacent to buttons; worn twice; professionally dry cleaned. $25.00 3. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Wahmaker Frontier full pleated front shirt – XXXL – full length button front; 100% cotton; collar stud included; brand new, tags still in place; off-white. Made in USA. $35.00 4. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Wahmaker Black twill cotton vest – XXXL – fully lined, metal buttons, back belted, 4 pockets, worn lightly, excellent condition. Made in USA. $25.00 5. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Wahmaker Black Canvas vest – XXL – Fully lined; metal buttons; 4 pockets; lightly worn; excellent condition; belted back. Made in USA; $25.00 6. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Wahmaker Black Brushed Cotton trousers – Sz 52; Brand new with tags; unworn; button front; belted back; hip pockets; Made in USA; $30.00 7. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Brassada Classic Brown Canvas trousers – Size 46; Brand new, unworn; button fly, brace buttons; Made in USA - $25.00 8. Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans; 46 x 30; Brand new, tags still on. $18.00 First "I'll take it" posted here gets it. Prices do not include shipping, which will be via USPS flat rate box or mailing envelope - whichever is cheaper. Successful bidders should private message me on the Wire with mailing address; I will reply with shipping cost and total. LL
  6. I can prophecy that your grandchildren in America will live under socialism -- Our firm conviction is that sooner or later Capitalism will give way to Socialism. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you. LL
  7. Indeed it is, and has been for some time. We've been preaching to kids for years that social media is forever; that they should expect colleges and prospective employers to run a search on their postings; and that just because that naked photo was taken while they were in high school, it will still be reviewed and held against their record. Never post anything you wouldn't want your Momma to see. LL
  8. One of the things that ticked me off and led me to post the "Bizarro World" topic was the release from custody in NY of two lawyers who firebombed an NYPD vehicle outside a police station, followed by their release on bail posted by a former Obama administration lawyer. Well, the wheel has turned, and a Federal Appeals Court has ordered them returned to custody. There may be some justice left in this universe; we'll see after the trial. https://www.foxnews.com/us/molotov-cocktail-attack-on-nypd-court-orders-defendants-taken-back-into-custody LL
  9. Dad was on a converted minelayer, sweeping for mines off the beach and taking fire from shore. Nineteen years old and in the fight of his life. They were special young men. LL
  10. Well, that depends upon individual preferences....... LL
  11. Remember that cube copy of Earth from the Superman comics, Bizarro World, where everyone is a twisted copy of the actual Superman characters? I feel like I'm there right now. Cops, charged to protect the public and enforce the law, doing neither. Police officers, again with highly visible authority, choosing to kneel at a time when we need their strength and undivided devotion to the rule of law. Lawyers, educated in elite schools and employed in white shoe firms, spouting Socialist or anarchist hatred for America (after taking an oath to abide by the Constitution) and tossing Molotov cocktails at a police van; others, who formerly held high positions in the Federal government, bailing the bombers out of jail (and the Court granting bail to an obvious high threat criminal). Thousands committing assaults, batteries, massive property damage, arson, burglary, attempted murders, and more assorted felonies than you can count by claiming they were driven to it by the death of a man they never met, never knew and never cared about in life, and totally diluting any claim of justified anger at racism by cops by descending into an orgy of lawlessness, even after the alleged wrongdoers have been arrested and charged with major crimes. Politicians, doing nothing meaningful, or trying to look sympathetic to certain voting blocks by expressing fake concern, anger or regret. Politicians, using these events to justify "the remaking of America". Politicians, using these events to justify another round of campaigning on a "Law and Order" platform. The media, again totally abrogating their responsibility to accurately report facts. Bizarro World - the place where everything and everyone is the opposite of what it and they should be. Let me out of here. LL
  12. Black-owned pot shop in Boston was targeted in organized heist; over $100K in product stolen; thieves appeared to have knowledge of layout of store and how to access locked storage room. Shop was located in area that did not experience looting or rioting; owners suspect that this was a planned theft, not a spontaneous act. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/black-owned-pot-shops-us-robbed-boston-71033095 LL
  13. In the era of the horse-drawn pumper, Dalmations were used as a kind of siren to alert pedestrians to the approaching apparatus. The breed is well -adapted to extended running alongside of a fire wagon, having been bred by the nobility to run with coaches and on hunts. Reportedly, the dogs were also used to guard the firemen's belongings at the fire scenes. Most of these dogs are now gone from the fire service, except for those kept as mascots, or specially trained for search and rescue. LL
  14. I knew that I recognized that handsome fella in the straw hat......
  15. BG: When the Antifa guys start showing up in Emergency Rooms with BB-sized ankle wounds, we'll know who's responsible! LL
  16. Chantry: Is that an outright ban on ownership, or a ban on sales, or something else? LL
  17. Or maybe not..... https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2015/01/26/wicked-big-stawm-sign-isnt-real/ LL
  18. Out of context selected statistics don't mean much. We've had over 5000 deaths in this state. According to the medical folks, the RATE of spread is the issue. So they are looking for four straight days with declining rates, not just a day or two of lower numbers, before they think about re-opening anything. I understand that a lot of folks do not have the ability to work from home; that for some, not being able to go to work means no income; and that some folks are stir crazy. But I don't see the basis for fearing a vast government conspiracy to "take away your rights" for some undisclosed wrongful purpose. When you have no medicine to fight this plague, what else can you do but try to slow and maybe break the chain of transmission? And pray. I'm still in my cave, and I intend to stay here until there are real signs that the risk has fallen. That may be tomorrow, or it might be December. LL
  19. 1165 new cases in MA today; 174 new deaths. Probably not the right time to reopen, yet. LL
  20. Unfortunately, James Garner is deceased. LL
  21. Robert Taylor (the elder) was born Spangler Arlington Brugh; if anyone ever needed a SASS alias, it was him. Great actor of the 40's, 50's and 60's; once played Billy the Kid, and starred in many other Westerns. Died in 1969. Robert Taylor the younger is an Australian who stars in the current Longmire series. LL
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