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  1. Here are a couple from our Christmas Match at the Palmetto Posse.The first is shotgun and the second is rifle. Always a something a little different for this match. JxF9hgKZSzabTSSo%eFGmQ.MOV BI%ys4rrQIa5vFFIUDqwTg.MOV
  2. I would like info on 45 cal squib rods for 1866 carbine and 7.5 inch pistols and info on screw knife.

      My email is: ptbmd0022@aol.com

    Thanks. Jess Knotwright

  3. Soloman, I have them for .38 cal to .45 cal. Scarlett , Kid Ray and others use these. Tucker T
  4. Alias: Tucker T Fudpucker SASS # 70884 Where I'm from: Aiken, SC How long in SASS: 9 years Me and Miss T
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