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  1. The original 1860, 1866, and 1873 calibers were rifle calibers until pistols were made for them, Then they were pistol calibers.
  2. That rifle must not have seen many matches. Darn good shape for as old as it must be.
  3. Even so, the point becomes moot since there is no SASS-legal revolver with a cylinder long enough to accept it.
  4. Thanks Pat. For the 4 powders I have that Hodgdon lists for 45 Colt, their minimum loads for each with 160gr bullet are a little over 900 fps. Same load in a Schofield would be a little higher pressure so faster. 160gr info for 44 Spcl use less powder and are mid-800's in velocity.
  5. My smokeless 45 Colt round for pistol is a 200gr bullet with 4.6gr of Clays (Hodgdon's minimum). I have been very happy with this load, easy on the wrists and brass doesn't get very sooty. But at the Battle of Plum Creek yesterday I won 500 Bear Creek 165gr .45 bullets. Too small for the 45 Colt I'm thinking. No, I'm not going to go buy 45 Cowboy Specials, but I do load Schofields so thought I'd try those. But I can find no load data for the 165gr bullet. Black Hills makes (or made) 180gr Schofield ammo as well as 230gr, but the only loading data I can find is for 200gr and up. Anybody used 165gr in Schofield?
  6. Wasn't there a white picket fence on a previously shown photo of this place?
  7. I'm thinking that by the rules, it would be the pistol but not the caliber that would make that one illegal.
  8. Making a 5 shot might solve some problems. Would there be enough space between the cylinder hole and the ratchet? And the barrel would have to be bored bigger and is there enough meat there?
  9. That call was made long ago. Manufacturers don't make a lot of them, but they make them. Now, say, a 5-shot 56-50 Spencer conversion custom made for a Colt Walker, would not be legal.
  10. That would be my best guess. It would be the lower tooth of the hand that needed shortening. . Although weak bolt spring could be involved as well. Good luck.
  11. That's a good plan. If I casted I'd do that but I'm just using my standard .38 match load, seated slightly deeper for the Kirst.
  12. Yeah. Universal fit across different generations of Ubertis, plus and the new cylinder will work with an older conversion ring as well. It is a 5-shot (for .45 anyway, not sure about .38) with notches between cylinders for the firing pin. Are you planning on lining the barrel? I have a Kirst in a '61 Navy with an unlined barrel, and at least at CAS distances I haven't missed any in the 5 or 6 matches I shot it.
  13. Does it do it when you cock fast or slow or both? Makes a difference.
  14. Kirst says yes, right at the top of the Remington page: "The Kirst “Equalizer” conversion cylinder will work in all Uberti or Pietta percussion revolvers, regardless of when they were manufactured." https://kirstkonverter.com/1858-remington.html
  15. Also Magtech, Black Hills, Fiochi, HSM, maybe others. But as said, hard to find lots of ammo at the moment. The manufacturers seem to be concentrating on the big sellers right now like 9mm, .223, etc.
  16. Heck, that would have been a good price even in the pre-shortage days!
  17. He's really got a great big smile, but the whiskers are hiding it.
  18. You are right, the MWNN "conversion" is an Opentop except for the barrel assembly. The reason it was made that way is because the original gun in the movie was like that. That's why the movie gun has no rear sight, and the first run of MWNN from Uberti also had no rear sight.
  19. What about partial serial numbers? Uberti gripframes have the last four digits of the s/n on the triggerguard, on the side near the bottom. Not visible with grip installed. Nothing on the backstrap. (Except some military, such as Cavalry Model P, which have full s/n on outside). Replacement gripframes, such as from VTI, have no s/n.
  20. There may be some minor fitting with a new barrel. Either scenario would work. It might be that one will be available before the other. And once the gun is available, will the shorter barrel be available from VTI? If you buy a shorter barreled gun and need to change the grip frame, it is pretty easy to find someone to trade Army for Navy. Then again, you could also have a longer barrel cut shorter and new front sight put on. That really wouldn't cost much and you can ship just a barrel inexpensively.
  21. I agree it looks like flaking. As for the bushing, a '77 made Colt will not have a removable bushing. But that really shouldn't be a problem - I've run lots of BP through my 44 Spcl Colts (1978, no bushings) with no problems.
  22. So Hoss, this happened at the same range where Catorce had his magazine detonation a few months ago? And the day before Halloween? The range is haunted, I tell ya! But I'm glad it was minor.
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