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  1. Here is the text of the email from Alliant. Believe what you want. RE: Alliant Powder - Ask the Expert Form Trash x Alliant Reloading <Alliant.Reloading@vistaoutdoor.com> Tue, Nov 5, 11:58 AM (2 days ago) to me Karl, It is true. We discontinued the Black MZ over a year ago. Thanks, Duane V. /Technical Service Representative 2299 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501 Alliant/Blazer/CCI/Speer (800)379-1732
  2. I exchanged emails with Alliant on Monday. Black MZ was discontinued last year. The supplies are rapidly dwindling. I looked at Sportsman's Warehouse and out of stock.
  3. Take Yul Lose up on his offer but know that Brownells and Boyds also have one . Less fancy and a little cheaper.
  4. I'm at 34 grains by weight BlackMZ, CB1100-12 wad and 1 oz shot. Works great.
  5. Colorado Jackson: You buy it and I'll provide loving care and storage for it.
  6. I'll take it. Sent you a message. PD
  7. Is there something in the shell plate (sliver of lead) that is not allowing the case to be fully up against the inside edge? Is the plastic tab (assuming that is what the blue thing is) raising the pin and allowing to cartridge to migrate away from the shell plate somehow? I've encountered the first and have suspected the second.
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