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  1. I'll take it. Sent you a message. PD
  2. Is there something in the shell plate (sliver of lead) that is not allowing the case to be fully up against the inside edge? Is the plastic tab (assuming that is what the blue thing is) raising the pin and allowing to cartridge to migrate away from the shell plate somehow? I've encountered the first and have suspected the second.
  3. Thank you for that advice. I'll give it a try.
  4. It is a hard stop and you are correct that the spring should absorb most of the beating. And also correct that it shouldn't fail. From personal observation, I blame it on the spot welds (and likely softer steel) failing. I've personally held in my hands at least 4 Chinese 97s that suffered from this same damage. I currently own 8 solid frame Winchesters and have owned at least that many more at one time or another. I have not seen this issue on a Winchester.
  5. I've Never played with take downs much but on a solid frame there is a stop in the form of a ring, that keeps the action arm from pulling out of the hook. On Winchesters it is a press fit (or so it appears) and I've not seen one fail. On the Chinese versions it is a ring of metal, spot welded to the tube. I've seen those fail. Unfortunately what 3FJ says doesn't apply to this discussion because that is on a take down. I've never seen a Chinese takedown. Note that in the photo the LH tube is the IAC in question. You can see the ring is beat to snot and even see where the spot weld is breaking. The RH is a Winchester that is about 100 years older. I like those so much better.
  6. The tube needs to be replaced because the action arm (whatever it is called) stop has broken loose from the tube. 3 spot welds (I think) hold it on. This is the 4th one I've seen with this problem. This one is too beat up to fix. Thanks for the lead.
  7. Does anyone know where to find a reasonably priced magazine tube for a IAC 97. It is in the "CB" serial number sequence. Thanks in advance! PD
  8. Your answer depends on many things including what is the market like where you are. There is an online retailer the regularly sells used/reconditioned for $389 without a caliber conversion. I have a used 500, in great shape, that I am selling locally for $400 including a caliber conversion in 38/357 or 45 colt. It will sell when the right person sees the ad. I don't like to ship them due to weight and packaging. I sold one locally last spring for $425. $400 with a caliber conversion would be the "going" price as far as i'm concerned.
  9. Good point Phantom. I am looking for the "competitive" end of the spectrum. I've got a nice load for 45CS in my vaqueros so the 73 is what I'm trying to feed now. PD
  10. I want to shoot 45 colt BP subs and am looking for a load recommendation. I have Triple 7 and black MZ available. Any suggestions with a 200 gr bullet? Thanks, PD
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