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  1. Hey Willy Got a Ideal 55 that I'll let got for 90 bucks shipped
  2. I'm with Diamond Curly on this one as long as he capped it on the line, I think it would be cool to see. Never under estimate what a Frontiersman will show up with to shoot...
  3. Hey Lead Friend Go to Track of the Wolf and look under guns, cartridge guns, cartridge rifles, repeating and lever action they have 3 for small hole in different finishes, you would need to do the fix on them but they sure are pretty
  4. Rooster I shot Pietta 58's 44's for years, I ran 454 balls with lubed wads, after every stage I would pull the cylinders, wipe them and the pin down, use a loading stand, load the cylinders and grease up the pins with mink oil, that made em run smooth. The main problem I had was banging my middle finger with the trigger guard and catching caps in the palm of my hand, that will make a man out of you with a burning cap in your hand and still hitting the target...
  5. Have any of you wise old gentlemen ever have a problem with primers not going off after a couple of stages, I seem to be getting some fouling on the face where the firing pins are, like blow back and almost like the rim on the magtech shells is too thin, shooting a norinco hammered double which has no problem with plastic shells, any info would be helpful Thanks
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