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  1. This is what I did when I acquired a pack howitzer for my ROTC unit.
  2. I don't want to start a firestorm, but it's West Point vs the Naval Academy, not Army /Navy. West Point never represented me during my 20 years on active duty, they represent other West Point and Naval Academy graduates. They are college football players who will be in the Army when they graduate, just like all the ROTC folks.
  3. Rangers. The ONLY soldiers who wish they were Marines.
  4. Graf - one foot in mud, one foot in snow and dirt blowing in your face. My favorite Graf story was talking with my German landlord about it. He was in Rommel's command and trained at Graf in the 1930s. Same stories we told, separated by 40 years.
  5. And my driver at Graf said "Don't worry, Major. This thing can't get stuck, sir".....
  6. Capt Allyn Capron is a founding member of the Shortgrass Rangers and still shooting at 87. So far, only 152 clean club matches.
  7. That is spot on! "What do you mean you're not on TDY when you go to the field?"
  8. Don't know about the Navy, but the Army "hooah" has been around as long as the Marines cry. I can remember it from about 40 years ago, just never thought much of it.
  9. When I was in Pershing missiles, Santa would always come into the kaserne riding on the back of a PII missile. Nothing days Merry Christmas like a nuclear ballistic missile..
  10. Fort Leavenworth has the graves of the German POWs who were executed during the war.
  11. Uh does it say something about me that I still have many of those.........
  12. Never seen a peg break before unless it was after the bike was laid down at speed. And if I use this technique, the bike is on the center stand.
  13. My V1K is just as tall and when I get lazy swinging the leg over the saddlebags, I stand up up on the left peg and swing the leg. It's not tall then. Now stay away from the cruiser....
  14. Want to see it done right, watch the half section out of Fort Sill.
  15. Also the fact the the south didn't have the cannon making capacity of the north so they had to use whatever they could did up.
  16. Oklahoma doesn't use salt. In no way do the cars in Oklahoma look like the rust buckets in Michigan. Even if they did, it wouldn't be as bad as up north since the winters aren't as long.
  17. I do believe they aren't firing full charges as they would have back in the day. Reading about artillery in the Civil War, etc., those 10 and 12 pound cannons would jump back 4 to 6 feet and not really all that slow. There isn't any recoil system, just the weight of the cannon.
  18. I never could get a response from the company when checking on backorder times so we purchased PACT.
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