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  1. My last year in college, 1975, Mr. Price gave a lecture on campus, talking about his years in show biz, etc. Absolutely the best class I attended my 4 years on campus. He was captivating.
  2. German shells would hit the Grant and shear off the bolt heads. The bolt bodies would then ricochet around the inside of the tank.
  3. Misguided attempt to look "cool." Totally worthless otherwise.
  4. When visiting Great Britain in the 80's, we stopped at a lot of regimental museums. When documenting their history, there was great detail about all the battles and operations the regiment served in, except during the American Revolution. There was usually just on line like "served in north America, 1775 to 1779." It was really funny.
  5. Makes me remember that classic book "1000 uses for a dead cat."
  6. I can remember running behind the battery as the XO, and almost getting drunk from the fumes coming off the members of the unit.
  7. Yeah, a couple of million years ago.
  8. And the Wichitas are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the US. Used to be one of the tallest as well, but that was before my time.
  9. The rest of us outside of California are waiting......
  10. The Ryobi fan using their 18+ system works really well.
  11. I hope we never forget the debt we owe them.
  12. Every pistol caliber rifle with a tube magazine has the same potential problem, yet I don't hear of very min any idiots blowing themselves up. Don't think it will be worse with a 9mm rifle.
  13. And lots of folks sell 9mm rnfp, to include bullet makers like Missouri Bullets.
  14. Beats me, but all their literature on the rifle and the rep said they, as in Taylor's, is making the rifle. https://www.taylorsfirearms.com/tc73-rifle-18-9mm-tuned.html
  15. Saw it at the NRA show today. Looks great and cycles very smoothly. MSRP is north of $2000.
  16. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should......
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