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  1. My neighbor made two AR's. Perfectly legal as long as he doesn't sell them. If he does though, he has to put a serial number on it and him and the buyer go to a FFL and the buyer does a 4473. That's what he was told.
  2. It’s not possible or legal to shut off the water without a shut off notice at least here where I live. I know a few people that got shut off notices for different reasons and I’ve never heard of anyone getting their water or any utilities shut off without a notice. I do believe it’s illegal!
  3. You would get a shut off notice and have time to pay it. I wouldn’t do anything right now.
  4. Well you save a stamp and a trip to the post office!
  5. I have the push ones for my SW 617 but I don’t know of any for other revolvers.
  6. Actually the only one I pay by check is my property taxes twice a year. It’s too hard to sign up for paperless on their website. All others are paperless! I choose the pay date and amounts, it’s so easy!
  7. There’s been uglier cars than the SSR like the Gremlin, Yugo and the current Tesla truck! Actually I think the SSR is kinda cool and I agree with Blackwater and Seamus!
  8. I vote for the top dog, whomever is VP will not change my vote.
  9. I have all revolvers loaded around the house. No semi's just good old revolvers!
  10. All you have to do is proofread your comment before you post and fix it! Don't let OTTO take over your life!
  11. That's funny, I was never interested in the weather until a few years ago now it's the first thing I look for in the morning! I guess I'm a weather nerd too! We already have a "nerd club", it's right here in the SALOON!!
  12. Well I guess I’m a nerd along with Joe!
  13. Click back a few comments and Joe has the new signs listed!
  14. Thanks for the review and you didn’t give away the plot! Good job!!
  15. Awesome.let us know what ya think. I won't be able to see it until sometime next week!
  16. Actually the explanation NASA gives about 13 constellations and a 12 month calendar makes perfect sense! Astrology was invented 3000 yrs ago! Didn’t they think the earth was flat then?
  17. It's a western so I have to see it on the big screen! Best time to go is during the week at bargain prices and hardly no one there!
  18. Oh no the horror of it, I’m not an Aries anymore I’m a Pisces!!! What will I do now??
  19. I bet they would like more security too!
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