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  1. I’ve always used Zildjian cymbals although I did have Paiste crash cymbal that I liked. They’re also a great cymbal company. https://www.paiste.com/en/products/series/signature
  2. I’ve been reloading for 20+ yrs and Federals have always been packaged like that !
  3. I had one , actually I had a couple of them. My first gun cart for cowboy shooting was my old Radio Flyer!!
  4. Looks like the 49ers snd Chiefs!!
  5. I almost gave up on this game! Looks like a nail biter.
  6. I hate the Ravens (they’re the old Browns) Kelce is from Cleveland Hts! Chiefs -Lions hopefully!
  7. Just put it on a few minutes ago. 14-7 Chiefs 2nd quarter.
  8. Didn’t they umbrellas back then?? He’s a terrible actor!
  9. Have you ever had eggplant Parmesan? Delicious, of course it’s breaded and smothered in melted Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce!
  10. Thanks Father Kit. I remember after Columbine he said on a BBC program that all guns should be outlawed or something like that!
  11. Can't read the article without signing up for their newsletter.
  12. Well there’s this……. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/god-s-army-protest-convoy-going-to-southern-border-for-rallies/ar-BB1hmIWw
  13. I haven’t done my own oil change in years! I bring it to the dealer and they use full synthetic for the last 3 cars I’ve had. That’s what the manufacturer calls for.
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