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  1. Apparently you didn’t see the laughing emoji! Yes of course I jest!
  2. But yet they’re touting her as a victim and a warning that this can happen to anyone! Yes, anyone STUPID enough to leave their purse with all ids and credit cards in the car and go somewhere else. I’m so sick of these stupid people!
  3. Glad I live in the free sate of Ohio!! No gun restrictions here.
  4. I like the half hour or hour Gunsmokes where it's Christmas, or other old westerns that have a Christmas theme.
  5. She leaves her purse in her car with all her credit cards, Id, passport!!! Unbelievable! https://fox8.com/news/i-team/i-team-traveling-thieves-break-into-judges-car/#:~:text=WESTLAKE%2C Ohio (WJW) —,Relations Judge Colleen Ann Reali.&text=“It just goes to show,a victim of a crime.
  6. I’ve got a IPhone the latest version but the low end model, it was $399. I’m on a plan with my son and his mom (my ex) with ATT. I have no complaints whatsoever!
  7. None of them actually! I try to avoid them even though The Christmas Story is okay but I’ve seen it a half a dozen times. They all bore me to be truthful !
  8. That’s great but I’m talking about Americans!
  9. Yea but today 12/22 we gained a half a second of daylight!
  10. I think this widening of the first and third baselines are going to cause more arguments, at least for the first year!
  11. My God someone buy this already! I'm semi retired and I shoot .38's but this is so tempting!!!
  12. Everything is okay for Christmas eve! https://www.norad.mil/NORAD-Tracks-Santa/?ref=content.faithful-presence.org
  13. A few changes coming in 2024 https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/mlb-rules-changes-for-2024/ar-AA1lS5ZG
  14. Forgot about IGA, Walmart and a bunch of Dollar general and Dollar Tree stores.
  15. Here we have Giant Eagle, Marc’s, Dave’s, ALDIs, Heinens, Whole Foods and a couple small independents.
  16. Love that movie!! Tyrone Power and Susan Hayword
  17. Great story!!! Thanks for that! Interesting that he loved accounting so much!
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