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  1. BTT for a good pard and a really nice Colt!
  2. I bought this at a local gunshop for $50.00 + tax NO SHIPPING I don't know anyone at a trap skeet club and besides the closest one in 45 minutes away. This gun shop is 15 minute drive. I supported a local business too! The topic here is not how much I paid, it's the difference between magnum and lead!
  3. I just picked up 25# for $50.00 on sale. According to the article I posted Magnum shot is a little harder since there’s 5-6% antimony as opposed to 2-3% in chilled shot. The place I bought it at only had magnum. First time I ever bought this.
  4. A friend of mine who is a retired Cleveland policeman was a detective for awhile in a not so safe district. He said they had more calls for kitchen knife stabbings than guns!
  5. I think Mike Beliveau is caught up in this with his Duelist Den.
  6. I bought some magnum lead shot #7 1/2 Not much difference in this and chilled https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Magnum-Chilled-Lead-Shot/products/68/
  7. My mom always made meatloaf with brown gravy and mashed potatoes and peas or green beans.
  8. We had a drive inn burger joint here years ago, car hops on roller skates and their signature burger was a Peanut Burger! Yep peanut butter on a burger! It’s pretty good! i have no problem with people saying what condiments they put on what, in fact it’s pretty interesting but to say this or that doesn’t belong on whatever is a little arrogant. I know it’s in jest but it’s ridiculous really! Y’all have a Happy New Year!
  9. This topic is really starting to bore me with all you that want to tell others what’s right to put on what! How ridiculous you all sound! No one is going to listen so stuff it! Excuse me I have a hot dog to put ketchup on and a burger too while I put my uncut spaghetti in the pot!
  10. To each his own ! To each his own!
  11. My family in Scranton,Pa have a little bit of an Irish accent, just a tinge, I guess it comes from the town being settled by mostly Irish way back when so if you're a Scrantonian you have a touch of an Irish accent no matter what nationality you are. My folks had a tinge of it in some words despite moving here to Cleveland in 1937. They never lost that.
  12. They were some of these scumbags complaining about the free food they were receiving. I think it was sandwhiches and soup maybe. Talk about chutzpah! https://nypost.com/2023/01/10/tons-of-food-gets-tossed-by-nyc-hotel-because-migrants-wont-eat-it/
  13. Use a spoon on the pastina the others shouldn’t be a problem duh !
  14. Well if y’all can’t twirl your spaghetti why not just have rigatoni or penne pasta or shells or pastina?
  15. I’m 4 hours north of Cincinnati so I don’t get it much only if I go to a shoot near there but I did like it! We have it up here but in plastic containers and it’s not so good. None of the restaurants up here have it.
  16. Question about the EV batteries. If you charged up your EV to 100% and then you don’t drive it for 3 days does the battery lose charge kinda like your phone does??
  17. I’m sorry but apparently you didn’t learn the right way to twirl. Maybe you don’t have enough Sicilian in you cause you is definitely way off base on this! I’m 100% Italian so there!
  18. Love Cincinnati chili!! It’s an Ohio tradition!
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