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  1. He never said whether it's now a 3 click or four, or did I miss something?
  2. Wow! A single stage is 100x better and doesn’t take up any more room.
  3. That includes the current POTUS who I think should be in jail or at least removed from office!
  4. The only problem with going to a match or two first is you may wind up more confused than before. Everyone thinks what they shoot is the best. You already have all the guns so just go and shoot!
  5. How rude! You’re in the host’s house and he asked you to stop…..then stop! What a jerk! Stop it or get out, no first amendment applies to a private home.
  6. I read a lot of articles, a couple books included some of the Warren report and I have no clue. There are so many theories and people that are maybe involved that I can’t really believe anyone. As some said, I doubt we’ll ever know!
  7. I have one Uberti Cattleman that has the hammer safety, it's a backup gun but I do have around 500 rounds through it with no problem. I have 4 Colts that I shoot regularly.
  8. If Gunfighter is what you want to shoot then by all means shoot Gunfighter. You can dress Classic Cowboy and use a hammer double if you want but most gunfighters are using either a 97, 87 or hammerless double. You can shoot Classic Cowboy and shoot it double duelist.
  9. One of those is a team signed baseball from 1955 by The Cleveland Indians, I got it when I was a kid and it's pretty much all faded. The others are 1995 Indians, 2001 Indians and a Nolan Ryan 5.000th stirkeout 1989 and 300th win 1990
  10. They had a story about this on the local news channel weird but it seems true!
  11. I have found that in my older years, I'm 76, I actually enjoy CAS MORE if I go less! I know that may seem weird, but going every week is becoming a chore. I look forward to 2 shoots a month, maybe 3 and I'm done with the 3 day shoots. I have 5 different shoots that I can choose from every month within 1-2 hours. Oh yea and then there's the weather also, too cold, too hot, raining NO THANK YOU! I don't see any sweeps that are hard to do, some make you think a bit but that's okay. It's good to use your brain was you age!
  12. That's true but nothing was like seeing it LIVE on TV. Me and mom were watching it and we both freaked out! So weird!
  13. I don’t think any decline in membership has anything to do with the stage writing. I think old age. and the economy are the culprits! Lack of ammo and reloading components at reasonable prices aren’t helping!
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