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  1. I see you beat me to it! I didn't see your post until now!
  2. Pretty sure Bob Feller would have come close if he hadn't missed 4 seasons to join in WW2. He was a fireballer too! Feller had 18 seasons so add 4 if he didn't go to war (he signed up) that would be 22 Nolan Ryan had 27
  3. A friend of mine is selling off some guns due to health and bills etc. Im buying a Norinco 97 , used for 3 bills. I’m trying to help him out and I may use it occasionally (I’m a SxS sg guy) my question is how good or bad and how about parts for this if needed down the road? Thanks in advance Rye
  4. I’d like to see it but I don’t have Netflix.
  5. I get it if the dog was menacing and possibly attacking her, I would have done the same thing. I would not however posted pictures and made a rug out of it! We only have her word that the dog was going to attack her. Hmmm
  6. Aaron Judge tied Roger Maris’ 61 AL home run record. Congratulations! No steroids involved!
  7. Nat King Cole had a great voice, excellent musician as well! I used to watch his tv show as a kid with my parents. I think he was the first black celebrity to get his own tv show.
  8. She’s a fool, that’s obviously a Husky! She should at least pay a hefty fine!
  9. Never have and never will. It's not worth the hassle! It's bad enough driving an hour and a half to the shoots around here. I've been to quite a few major state matches, Georgia, Kentucky, PA, West Virginia, South Carolina and even here in Ohio 4 hours away. At 75 I'm done traveling out of town, I have just as much fun at the local matches. I never even considered Canada!
  10. That answers my question guys! Thanks. Apparently a 560 foot asteroid is a killer!!
  11. Yea I get that but it still doesn’t answer my question, would it have burned up if it entered our atmosphere?
  12. This asteroid was 560 feet long I don’t know how deep or high it was but it seems to me that would have burned up upon entry in our atmosphere. I guess the idea is to do tests on the fairly smaller ones.??? The question I have was this big enough to do damage or would it have burned up?
  13. I heard her in concert here in Cleveland, she's great!
  14. I like this version as well!! Good musicians! Interesting that the drummer is playing brushes on this! Hmmm....I would have used sticks but it was cool!
  15. Good jazz is taking a good tune and and playing it correctly then each player takes a turn on a solo. That's good jazz. The stuff that some guys play like the out in left field stuff is not pleasing to the ear. This group does a nice job on this tune especially the solos! Guitar player is excellent!
  16. I have 2 pairs of Colts, one pair is 4 3/4" the other 5 1/2". I go back and forth on the pairs but YES I do like them to match and also feel the same.
  17. It’s not only Cabelas, it’s everywhere! No single actions anywhere except for one store here in Ohio, Fin Feather and Fur. They have a decent selection of Ubertis, Piettas and Rugers . Check em out!
  18. We have rain and thunderstorms today and it’s predicted also for Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s not all day rain so hopefully we’ll get the games in. The Rays players that live with their families down there should bring them up here. Lots of nice hotels just minutes from the ball park!
  19. Stay safe down there! Hope all is well. I like that you called them the Indians!! I’m trying to get used to the new name and it’s hard but I like the spirit these young guys have!!
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