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  1. Weird thing happened, shot two rounds from my 73 rifle and all of a sudden it locked up like a safe! Took out the follower and emptied the remaining rounds. It was still locked up. My pard, who is a gunsmith took the rifle apart and discovered a primer fell out of the round and stuck itself under the lever inside. The primer was in two little pieces. The round was intact with no primer. He said he’s never seen that before and neither have I!
  2. Plus one to Sixgun and as Dennis Prager says, “The left ruins everything they touch”!
  3. He was also fighting a form of cancer as Trailrider said, I doubt it was Covid.
  4. It was $2.00 cheaper than the cheapest bacon at the store I go to and it wasn't on sale. I find it quite tasty myself but everyone's palate is different!
  5. He’s bisexual from what I read and it’s Superman’s son who is taking over duties on earth while Pops is on some other mission . The son apparently falls in love with a reporter, male of course. Truth justice an a better tomorrow!! Unbelievable!!!
  6. Well known but not on the net? Well known to whom?? Every legit vendor I know is easily accessible on the net or by phone.
  7. There was a restaurant chain called Royal Castle, not sure if it was nationwide or regional but they had Birch Beer which tasted like Root Beer but not as sweet.
  8. My SIRI girl is got an Australian accent, love it!!
  9. Let’s not forget Clint backed Bloomberg in this last POTUS election. He flip flops all the time!
  10. That’s a pretty good saying but that was a close game, SF didn’t really play that bad! The next pitch could have wound up in the bleachers !!
  11. Only 15 shooters but the weather turned out perfect! 60 and sunny, good stages and fun people. We may be shooting in November depending on the weather. We’ll keep ya posted!
  12. So Joe, did Wilmer Flores check his swing or did he go?? Bad call is what I think!
  13. I have to admit I saw it on TV, it was $2.99 at my local grocery, I figured at that price I’d try it. Bacon was up to $6.00!!
  14. You did the right thing not so much for the big mouth punk but for the biker. He could have been in a lot of trouble!
  15. I do especially in the summer but I almost always gave a handkerchief in my pocket .
  16. I haven’t bought Spam in quite a while but I agree if you cut it thin it’s cooks up nice and is pretty good. These sausage strips don’t taste anything like Spam, they’re actually a lot like bacon. I’m a fan!
  17. Best of luck and continued prayers for you! Hang in there!
  18. Don't knock it till you try it!! It's really pretty good. I cooks up just like bacon, crispy and tasty!
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