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  1. Not in MY pocket, it ain't. Not in MY pocket, it ain't. Not in MY pocket, it ain't. Not in MY pocket, it ain't.
  3. "Trinket's Daddy" is listed. If you dial it you get MY phone number. My daughter thought it was cute.
  4. I lived in an unmentionable state west of here for 37 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years at a Naval Weapons Station with the best beach on the west coast, Went to a few events while there. Left the Corps and moved inland a ways, but still only an hour from the beaches. The only times I went to the beach were when my SIL retired from the Corps and his ceremony was held at Palomar, and when my grand daughter -in-law got married at the same place. Both were three hours from our home.
  5. They were as stubborn, or more so. That's why we are here today...and why we are dinosaurs. Better to be a dinosaur than some fresh out of the egg with shell still stuck to to his feathers chick who doesn't know enough to survive without "modern technology" and who can't do anything but chirp and crap.
  6. Do you have the discs that go with it? Do you know where to get more?
  7. More "gee whiz" crap so some can say "Lookie what I got. Isn't it wonderful?"
  8. I grew up with sharp cheddar and apple pie. I don't order it in restaurants anymore because they want too much money for a small slice of mediocre sort of cheddar cheese or they melt it on top. One of the few things I have found fault with since moving to Arizona.
  9. Oooooookay, I must agree.....to a small degree.
  10. And your first clue was??????????????
  11. #11: I grew up in a Mormon family in a Mormon community where my grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, neighbors, cousins and every other female for a hundred miles made afghans, doilies, decorated kitchen towels, antimacassars, table runners and place mates, needlepoint wall hangings, scarves, mittens, boot socks, shopping bags, vests, bibs, and every other handicraft sort of thing you could think of. I even had some girlfriends who gave me stuff for Christmas and my birthday. When I got married I had a bigger trousseau than any girl in the entire county. A lot of the those thing have gone by the boards over the years, but I still have a baker's dozen Afghans, including two Mom made for my dogs, a bunch of hot pads, ten eight piece serving place mats with matching table cloths and runners, four or five winter scarves, the last of a whole lot of embroidered kitchen towels, some needle point framed pictures and a two place "wedding blanket" for snuggling on a couch. I believe I'll give that to my son and his wife, even though they live in Las Vegas and need a blanket about like i need a barb wire jock strap.
  12. #9: had one between the hall and living room that could be accessed from both sides. Phone book below, Western Electric black cradle phone above. Got the number in 1954: SKyline 2-2175, SK2-2174, 752-2175, and after Area Codes came in there was 801 and finally 435. Mom died in 1998 and the number stayed with hee to the end....through seven new addresses, all in the same town. Started out with "Number Please" and ended up with a push button system.
  13. Yeah. Around here the bad guy might have been shot. He posed a viable threat and a threat to life and limb and could be shot in self defense.
  14. Very interesting. Annoying, but nonetheless interesting
  15. The first and, one of only maybe three times I have had my name on a door. It read Thomas R. Taylor Commanding Officer It sits on a shelf above my desk right now. The second time was a few weeks later when a near duplicate sign showed up on my desk.
  16. This whole episode could have been avoided if the jackass ATF guy....who seems to think he doesn't have to obey ANY rules he doesn't like.... had simply complied in the first place. Over the years I've met many ATF agents and most are pretty good people. This guy ain't one of them.
  17. Weird? Don't call me weird! DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T!! The last time they called me weird iI was put in an upholstered room and gave me shots and medicines and an Ivy League smoking jacket with buckles up the back and wouldn't let me have my dog or my guns with and wouldn't let me drive the ambulance or turn on the siren and put bright lights in my eyes and kept talking to me very softly, would let me eat anything I like and tried to hypnotize me and couldn't so don't call me weird BECAUSE I WON'T GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AGAIN! I WON'T GO. NO! NO! WHAT'S IN THAT NEEDLE? OW! Oh lookie, butterflies. Heeheeheehee HAHAHAHA!
  18. I still use about 2/3 of those things...or something similar.
  19. But Sportsmans Warehouse tole me I had to leave my gun at the front counter. That was two years ago and I haven't been back. BTW, do you ever go to Zeke's on Thursday morning for breakfast....and if you do why don't I know you?
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