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  1. Me, too, plus French, German, and Swiss, Scots, Irish, English, Welch, and Waloon.....and my family has been on these shore since jusy nine years after the Mayflower landed. I AM a native American, as most people I know are. Not indigenous (although by definition I could probably lay claim to that, too), but by definition, a native. I don't recognize Cinco De Mayo, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cesar Chavez's Birthday, or any other made-up holiday to make a racial comment. Sorry, folks, I just calls 'em as a sees 'em.
  2. Large "Leeever"? The mare's legs always looked clumsy, overly huge, and never carried any more cartridges than a similarly chambered sixgun. I have never been enamored of them, but during that period of TVism, lots of action heros carried "novelty" guns.
  3. Sorry for your loss. My dad influenced me in so many ways I can'r begin to list them all, but he wasn't a gun enthusiast. He hunted, and hunted well, and was a good fisherman, but his primary force driving to do those things was to help feed his family. I spite of thqt he was very proficient with a long gun and better that average with a DA Colt .38a. How did I get the bug? I believe I was born with it because I don't recall not liking guns, and always had something gun-like from the time I first recall....but I was never much of a fisherman.
  4. I'll bet your wife hates that lithium grease.
  5. #4: There is NOTHING WRONG with my intolerance for idiots. It's perfect just way it is. (Idiot!) #12: I am acting my age and doing quite well considering I've never been this old before. (Idiot!)
  6. I'd like to add one, a Bede BD-5J single seat mini jet like James Bond flew in one of his movies. One flew into a small airport (can't remember the name, but they had a great little cafe there) in Upland, CA. It's just beautiful designed plane and cuter than a chihuahua puppy.
  7. There is (or was) one of those monsters, and dark red one, at Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. Biggest biplane I ever saw and they flew wit a time of two. It is absolutely spendabulous.
  8. Damn, I miss my fireplace! Just no practical way to put one in my house now, and I can't justify the expense to have one in Arizona for the two weeks a year when it's cold enough to use it.
  9. But.....but.....but it ain't got no zerks and I hate WD-40 on my guns.
  10. Beech D-17 Stagger Wing. Had a friend of a friend in California who owned one. Rode in it many times and love it. Just elegant and classy. Doesn't even have to fly because I'm too old to learn to fly it and can't afford the operating costs any more. I'd put it on a concrete pad in my back yard and just sit in it and grin a lot.
  11. I've lived on or near all three: Logan, Brigham City, and Layton, Utah. Seal Beach, Los Angeles, and Ontario, California. Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona. My son lives in Las Vegas and my daughter lived in Los Angeles and Oceanside, California. Guess we're all desert dwellers and the Great Basin is still home.
  12. Have you priced produce and canned products? He blew up about a week's worth of groceries based a single old fart living on a fixed income.
  13. Then I'd have to included him at the table. I've seen him eat and I'd rather buy his clothes than feed him. He's kinda like a biological Kirby vacuum cleaner.
  14. Loved his ads, though. He never aired (to my knowledge) the one where he got mauled by Spot.
  15. You do know, don't you, that the Fedora was named after the female star of an opera and wasn't worn by men for a a few years after in came out? BTW, mine are gray (my favorite) and navy blue.
  16. Look at Medtronic Micra. Battery is supposed to be good for almost 14 years. I hope I live long enough to see for sure. Got my mechanics checked today and got a 100% clear mark. Going in next month for the organic (ME) part of the check up. Hard to believe all that fits in a package about the size of a .22 LR cartridge with no external parts at all.... and it's already becoming obsolete.
  17. I'd like to see it go back to 1950's rules....but seeing as how I don't pay any attention to any sports but shooting anymore, I guess I don't really give a "darn".
  18. You're doing better than most people working government enclaves around this nation of ours. You have no need to apologize nor backdown from any conversation. Rave on, my friend.
  19. You're coming here? Crap, I coming to you. Maybe we can wave as we pass each other.
  20. She's learning well and early. If she finds the right guy when she's old enough, they should make a couple to have over for dinner.
  21. my Dad had two: "He (or she) is educated way beyond his (or her) intelligence." "He (or she) is so busy being a good (insert your choice of religions) that he (or she) has no time to be a good person." I came up with one on my own and was so pleased I stashed in my kit for future use: "You have to understand that you are NOT the most important person in the world. You're not even the most important person in this town. Hell, you aren'r even the most important person in this conversation!" It nearly started a fight, but I'm mighty proud of that one. SO THERE!!!
  22. I just finished a championship quality hamburger (half pound of the best ground sirloin I could find fried medium rare, a finely chopped and fried in butter Burmuda onion, baby Swiss cheese, Hormel Black Label bacon, homemade pureed tomato catsup, and a bit of good old fashioned French's yellow mustard), fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter, a cold bottle of sarsaparilla, and a pair of orange cranberry muffins with butter. My dog sat politely by my feet and are her supper of smoked duck, pepperoni, and beef jerky. I have a lattice top Dutch apple pie cooling to eat in about twenty minutes with aerosol whipped cream because I have never successfully been able to whip cream. Finally we are watching a favorite movie with the best bar fight ever filmed (The Great Race), a marvelous food fight, some swordmanship, and Natalie Wood...plus a fun flick to watch for the fiftieth time or so. Tomorrow I get my sixth six month (three years now) check up of my absolutely amazing implanted pacemaker, and then pick up my Dad's rebuild Stevens / Montgomery Ward Ranger 12 gauge shotgun that will be given to my son-in-law for his birthday. My gunsmith has made sure it's ready to shoot and restored it inside and out to near perfect condition. Life is good.
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