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  1. I had one in .300 Savage and have kicked myself over and over again for selling it.
  2. The V-100 Commando (and I suppose the V-150, too) was the immediate fore-runner to the XM706 series armored cars. Both were used in 'Nam, mostly by the Air Force and Army for security and convoy escort service. I saw them armed with .30 cal., .50 cal., and 7.62mm ( and two with a .50 ca, and 7.62mm side be side) guns in the cupolas, two to a car. Saw one with a Mk 17 grenade launcher on an pintle mount on the top of the cupola, and every one had firing ports for the 10 passengers to shoot from. There was one convoy car at Cam Rahn with a "home spun" mount for M-60s on each side hatch, similar to the side mounts on B-17 bombers....not very practical because it pretty much blocked both sides from anyone getting in or out. The XM706E1 version was an open top rig with folding hatches on the top and pintles for machine guns on the roof. I'm told they were also fitted with mortars, but I never saw one with a mortar and very few of the open top cars of any kind. Got many miles in a E2 model as passenger, driver, and instructor. I'd like to have one for everyday driving and camping. I could "Winnebago-ize" it into real impressive utility-camper rig and off-road hill climber....and because it was amphibious as well, a fishing boat.
  3. A LOT of people could wear that moniker.
  4. The great grand daddy of the M-706E3 Light Armored Assault Vehicles we had in Vietnam (Army) and later as security vehicles at Seal Beach, CA (USMC)....and ours are now several generations gone.
  5. Incidentally, it is and will continue to be, a long road, but if you are a lucky as I have been it will one hell of a great adventure.
  6. My daughter went to to college clear across the continent and never came back to live in out home. She did very well in her field, being third in her class, came back to California and eventually started her own business which retired from and sold it for seven figures. She is now married and lives in South Carolina, and her mother and I moved to Arizona. I miss her, but she stays in touch with me on a weekly basis and comes to visit a couple of times a year. I'm very proud of my kids and their spice (That's the plural of spouse) and love them all. You'll learn to do the same over time.
  7. Yeah! That's about 25% of the entire population of the country. Total loss of every man woman and child of the USA gone in four days....and NO ONE in the news media has the guts to call them on it, or maybe the media is in on the whole mess for some reason. Another disaster is that a loy of this unmitigated BS is being taught in out public schools and many of our colleges and way too many parents are accepting this as "normal".
  8. I'm referring to every socialist / communist puke or fool in any of our governments who make the most outrageous untrue and ridiculous statements and the mentally and / or morally deficient idiots who believe and repeat these statements and swear that they are true.
  9. I've seen trews worn, but I never had them but in my life I've only worm my kilt six or seven times. All I have left is a skien dubh.
  10. You know what is REALLY SAD? The number of idiots who listen to or read this crap and accept it without even trying to question what is so obviously blatantly pure BS. The figures alone should clue the stupidest moron to the impossibility of it all.
  11. Never saw it before. No reason, no excuse, just never did. Checked it our of the library and watched it this morning. Eh! It was alright, lot of excellent special effects, some patently impossible things happening, a couple of Gatling guns (One had a magazine that I don't think was used until after the war but I can't find either of my reference books), and a lot of it was simply boring. Of course this is just my opinion but I'm usually right.
  12. And usually in the same places time after time...as if there weren't a real live engineer in the entire state. I watched it for 37+ years and was constantly amazed at the stupidity of it all.
  13. Thanks, Shadow. That's it for certain and for sure.
  14. The story has been told (and put to music) of Scot who was on the way home from a fest and passed out form too much drink alongside the road. As he lay there a pair of fair young lassies came along and sneaked over to look for themselves. One decided ti take ribbon from her hair and tie it around Scottie's "manhood". When he finally woke up he went to relieve himself, and seeing the ribbon exclaimed, "well now Laddie, I know not where you've been but I'm proud to see you won first prize."
  15. Looks like someone went nuts painting a Barbie doll.
  16. I use to love Hallowe'en. Not so much any more.
  17. Saw one of those with A-4 fighter. It gets the attention!
  18. While I am proud of my families Scottish ancestors I have to admit that the Taylor tartan is one of the ugliest I've ever seen. I suppose I could wear the Cameron colors or the Stewarts (except for the Royal Stewart as the Taylor clan was sept to both, but I'd still wear our own......if I could ever afford it again. Talk about sticker shock, just price a full Scottish dress outfit.
  19. I wouldn't have that monstrosity as a gift. Too much money just to take it out of the driveway.
  20. We seriously considered moving to Meridian before we moved here. My parents had a lot of friends in the greater Boise area from when dad was a lumberjack in tha vicinity. We visited a lot of them when I was a kid and I remembered all the tress (Boise) and hundreds of squirrels there. We decided it was too metropolitan for us, but it came close. So did Logan, Utah, my childhood home (terrible winters there killed that one), Saint George area of Utah, (didn't sit well with us, just felt wrong), and Yakima, Washington, actually Toppenish, another childhood home (with lousy state politics). That's why they make so many flavors of ice cream: everyone has their own tastes. I found my heaven in centra Arizona and all of you have to find your own.
  21. How much more will you tolerate before bailing and moving over here?
  22. Find that driver and I'll buy him a drink.
  23. As long as you look good and have great guns most people will never question how well you shoot....and a lot of them (none that are CAS shooters, though) will be afraid to find out.
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