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  1. What calibers and models of rifle are allowed?
  2. Lots of pistol grips were made from gutta percha. I have a few in my collection. Some old time buttons were, too.
  3. Reincarnation IS REAL! Think of all the people you know who were part of a horse in some former life. You and me, f'rinstance
  4. 1 can Progresso Creamy chicken and mushroom with barley soup. 1 tbsp chopped Burmuda onion. 1 tbsp chopped green bell pepper. 1 1/2 tbsp. bacon bits (next time I'll try chopped beef jerky) Some niblets corn. (Didn't use it this time, but will next time.) A hearty dollop of original red Tabasco sauce Ground black pepper to taste. Salt to taste. Tortilla chips (flour of corn. Both work) on the side. Heat it. Eat it. You can't beat it. You'll repeat it. I washed it down with Sioux City Sarsaparilla. Getting rid of left-overs can sometimes add something new to your diet.
  5. Justin Olcrook Justin Thyme Justine Outlaw Justin Oldphart
  6. About half of all my clothes are blue. Didn't realize that until just now. Guess I'll just watch it and stop fretting over it.
  7. Now that I am a bachelor I'm learning new things and finding new things I need to know. Most are pretty easy to figure out but I have a puzzle I can't get a grip on. The drum of my clothes drier is while enamel (?) from the factory, but is becoming a very attractive shade of blue. I don't use fabric softeners of any kind except for some things about the size of a base ball that rattle around and are supposed to make the clothes softer without chemicals. The color doesn't seem to be transferring to the clothes and there are no other negative effects that can even think of, but this is making me crazy. (Crazier?) I tried to wash this color off without any success whatsoever. Any suggestions? Maybe I should just ignore it but it's unusual enough that it's hard to ignore. Thanks.
  8. As I entered my previous message I realizes that I spend an awful lot of time doing laundry (including some rare ironing), washing dishes, and grocery shopping. I have a house keeper come around once a month to do the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen because 1. I can't handle it myself and 2. I don't want to. As a have become a bachelor I've become a decent cook and have always a good baker, but I don't enjoy it much any more. Once in a while I'll ratchet it up (like Turkey tetrazzini, broiled asparagus shoots, a a baked potato with extra sharp block cheddar cheese, pickled beets from a jar, and a chocolate lemon pie last night) and put together a real meal, but usually it is easy, small portion, survival fare. My little dog loves it when I cook because she is my in house taste-tester ad left-over cleaner upper. How do other bachelors spend their time?
  9. Looking for two good copies of Mo Lasses' Cowboy Campfire Cookbook first published in 2008. I have a couple of friends whose wives are grand and glorious cooks and bakers. I'fdlike to give them each a copy and my copy is so battle worn and weary that I can't even imagine getting a decent copy form it. If you have one, or know of someone who does, please send me a message. Thanks, 4T BTW, I take three if I could get them.
  10. Worst trouble I ever got into with my wife was the first time she made macaroni and cheese. She asked how I liked it and a told her I didn't like it at all. She said "well you could have told me you did." I told her if I'd said I liked it she would have made it again. She never did. Next worst was when she tried to make biscuits from scratch. I told her that I was the only man I knew whose wife knew how to make Ritz crackers. That was in 1966 and I still wake up sometimes hearing that screech echoing around in my head.
  11. Y'know what tickles me? Back 60-65 years ago there was a lot of folks bettin' I'd never live to see 21. Most of 'em are dead now.
  12. I have Patton and I have no idea if I have any other, nor do I care.
  13. Well, it's about time. We've been waiting for you. Come on in a sit down. We're a mostly friendly bunch here. Bottles, I stand for a round for the house.
  14. Krystal Clear Jan Youary Adam Baum
  15. Don't short change pneumonia! It killed my wife seven years ago and damn near killed me last December. One thing I'll support getting the shot for and I'm paranoid enough to call the doctor whenever I get even one small symptom.
  16. Didn't miss them bit. Haven't watched them in close to 35 years and don't miss them even the least amount
  17. And I reckon that someone did a government funded study of that.
  18. Six out of seven dwarfs are not Happy. So there!
  19. What would lead to anyone even considering this subject?
  20. Cartoons don't do a thing for me. Social agendas don't do a thing for me. The British twenty second blurb told me nothing. Based on this I'd join the Chinese in a heart beat. The other three are simply a waste of time and money, and pretty much turn me off.
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