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  • Birthday 02/27/1957

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    Oakwood Outlaws - Willow Hole Cowboys - Old Fort Parker Patriots

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    NW Houston, TX
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    The SASS family life, shootin,Family-n-Friends,SASS Shooting,Collectin

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About Me

SASS National Senior Champion 2020

Fire n Ice Senior Champion 2020

SASS World Champion Senior 2019

Texas State Rifle Association Overall Men's Champion 2019

SASS Texas State Senior Champion 2019

SASS SW Regional Senior Champion 2019

SASS National Champion Senior 2019

SASS National  Champion Forty-Niner 2017

Hell and Fire Overall Champion 2016

SASS National Champion Forty-Niner 2016

Fire and Ice Champion Forty-Niner 2016

Texas State Rifle Association West Regional Overall Champion 2016

Bordertown Arizona State Championships Forty-Niner Champion 2015

SouthWest Regional Forty-Niner Champion 2015

Defend Old Fort Parker Forty-Niner Champion 2015

Hell Fire Forty-Niner Champion 2015

Central Division Top Gunfigher Shootoff Champion 2015

Texas State Forty-Niner Champion 2015

SouthWest Regional Overall Champion 2014

The Whoopin Overall Champion 2014

Oakwood Outlaws Jailbreak Annual Overall Champion 2013



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