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  1. I did a lot of design work at San Diego Naval Base. 3 of the buildings were were modernizing were training for on board repair and maintenance. Machine shop, laundry, HVAC, electrical. etc. Everything that was needed to keep the ship going was in a training building there. Some of the equipment was older than dirt. But it got the point across. The fire fighting school was a real challenge.
  2. So then Calif., New York, New Jersey, or red states wouldn't ??????????
  3. Wonder whats going on with TS. He's now on TV hawking "reverse mortgages. He makes a ton of$$$$ from Blue Bloods!
  4. I've told our 3 kids they aren't getting anything. Two are leeches, and the other OK. Grandkids will get money by trust based on how they propose to use it. Otherwise local pet shelters. Biggest family fights are after parent(s) die and the kids fight over stuff. Had one daughter come into the house and started pointing at furniture and claiming it as hers. I'd rather send it to the dump that now give it to her. Already selling off all the guns.
  5. One of the hardest things to learn when first married. There is no such thing as women's work or men's work. Stuff just needs to get done.
  6. I have a pair in 44-40 that were re-worked to eliminate the trigger issue. I shoot dualist and it made them very similar to shoot as a colt or ruger. The smith retired and I think he ws the only one who did the conversion.
  7. Not a cop but as soon as he lied about his name and then bullet holes found, cuffs go on.
  8. Bodie is a must see for ghost towns.bodie bw copy.pdf bodie.tif
  9. It's physics. If velocity remains the same then the energy at the impact point will vary. Or, bullet drop. Is it 1 MOA or 3? same bullet shape so wind and air density should have an equal affect. Also, the greater distance to the target the greater the variation.
  10. I shot a Pedersoli for 12 years. They shoot with the big name brands. For half the cost. And no 2 years waiting. There are a lot of them for sale. In my club we just had 3 go up for sale and sold. And finally get 45-70. Brass is everywhere and your shoulder will thank you.
  11. I elected radiation instead of surgery. 45 treatments. It makes you tired and causes some issues with the lower digestive removal system. I was also given female hormones. I quit this month. The side effects from that was worse than the radiation. Gained 30 pounds, hot and cold, emotions are like a roller coaster, and it has caused my muscles to atrophy. All recoverable. PSA is .06 and no cancer. I guess the other benefit is I can now shoot on the women's categories!
  12. Ahhh, but he said what I said, go talk to an expert, not a tech!
  13. I'm always amused when pepple ask for opinions on here that require expertise. None of the people responding are Doctors, radiologists, oncologists etc. Get with the your doctor and press the issue. If your Doc. suspects you have prostate cancer 2 months is a long time. If you do and it spreads out side the prostate you have much bigger issues. Speaking as a prostate cancer survivor!
  14. $250 for a plastic thing that holds 2 glasses and a bottle you have to fill. Deal of the month.
  15. We spent around 8 years with our daughter playing softball. The ball being bigger gets some huge movement out of it. The catcher has a job. Whats fun is have some male stand there and brag about how anyone can hit a softball. Have them bat and then laugh at them when they can't even get close. 74 mph is equivalent to 90+mph at hardball distances. Reaction time is nill. Face masks because aluminum bats and 43 feet has had a number of pitchers hit in the face.
  16. My understanding is, in order to qualify to race the rider has to go through a mental health evaluation. Why? To prove he's Bat Sxxt Crazy!
  17. We rode our ATV's over to the site once. Of course some ass hat had to ride his bike over them so they had fenced them off. Rightfully so. It was how they used rocks and then turned them over to the side that wasn't in the sun for 1,000's of years to create a contrast
  18. The interview with the lady who's car was hit by the tire was great. They showed her kissing the finish line and she was OK with what happened.
  19. The original Ontario Motor speedway winners circle was paved with Indy bricks. someone had the foresight to save them when they tore down the track. The City of Ontario stored them form years until I suggested we use them as the paving around the fountain. The fountain is a story for another day.
  20. I always enjoy the race. Yeah it's not the innovative 60's but have you looked closely at one of these cars? Its all about the aero! For me the end of the race was like NASCAR has become. Lets all run around for 180 laps and then lets get serious. The result is crash after crash. Whine list Both the Black lady singing God Bless America and Jewel went way beyond trying to make the song "theirs"! Just sing it and lets us make it our own. And I just wish the networks would stop thinking that we really want to hear from looser Danica, and Mr. popular, who never won a championship, Earnhardt. Every time Danica try's to make a comment on some technical or race issue she sounds more moronic than ever.
  21. A bit of who cares. I have on my desk one of the bricks from the original track. When they worked on the track they saved the bricks. When they built Ontario Motor speedway they used bricks for the winners circle. Tore it down and the bricks went to the City of Ontario. When I designed the Ontario Convention Center we re-used the bricks for a fountain. They gave me one.
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