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  1. I shoot a 73 and a pair of colt clones in 32-20. I shoot my 44-40 73 faster because the barrel is much lighter! Bigger hole less steel.
  2. We have a shooter who shoots BPCR with a 40-70. The brass is no where to be found. He had to have brass made by a company who makes custom brass for old calibers..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Some form it out of 405 Winchester??? but rim thickness is an issue.
  3. Doesn't an ordained minister have the same ability to marry people as any other title? I can only think marrying someone is the only "legal" law based thing the church does. The rest is all based on how they represent their religion. Which an ordained minister can also do.
  4. Its religion so wouldn't it be based on whatever criteria that version of the church puts in place. It's not a legal thing like attorney or doctor where you need education, testing and State licensure.
  5. As Okie posted, go to the internet, fill out a form, pay a fee. You are legally a reverend.
  6. I'd offer that if the guy with the pistol had shot and killed Kyle he would not be charged with murder. Why? Because it was self defense. Thats how messed up our justice system is.
  7. push the air compressor button and up it goes.
  8. It's been "bagged". The suspension has air bags all around. When the need to drive it the fill the bags and raise the car. It's a thing right now.
  9. Research has shown that California's population growth is neutral and or loosing people. The reality is as people with Cali frustration and businesses move out illegals move in. They keep raising taxes to offset the increase i the cost of the social programs. Tesla is moving to Texas!
  10. No one has brought any action towards the rioters.....why not? No one has brought a charge against the guy who pointed the pistol at Kyle They keep defending the destruction of property and violence as the action of "protestors". So lets bring charges against a citizen trying to defend his community, where are the cops? And Let's charge him with murder in a clear case of self defense. Our world is messed up.
  11. Here's where country music is at CMA new artist;
  12. It used to be Country & Western Music. Now it's over produced canned pop music. I no longer listen to it. Drag out the old, good, stuff.
  13. Is there a "used" sports equipment store in the area? For me its like buying a Shiloh Sharps with all the goodies for $4,000. Or a Pedersoli sharps for $1,800. They both have good barrels and will hit the target. The difference is in the shooter. New shooter vs. someone who's been loading and shooting for 8 years. Buy a used rifle.
  14. The only thing we sort of apply that too is, 'if you think it was a hit, it was a hit'. Safety penalties do not fall into the benefit category.
  15. Our club has many long range shooters and Frontiersmen. We shoot 3 or 4 matches a year that we call big bore optional. We have single shot big bore and lever action bore as categories. They shoot the same stage as the cowpeople. But they don't shoot pistol caliber rifle. They shoot big bore targets at 35 to 50 yards. We also break it down into smokeless and BP. Our annual match has the same set-up shooting big bore on 12 stages. It gets about 1/3 of the shooters enter into it. No confusion as to who's shooting what. Cowpersons and BB shooters are on the same posse's. We also shoot Josey Whales. Big bore rifle, 4 pistols, no shotgun. Josey didn't shoot a shotgun!
  16. Hornaday and Winchester produce this round. But, not many stores stock it.
  17. The only thing California doesn't put warning labels on are Democrats.
  18. Gun show prices are tourist net plus 10%. I think their business plan is to take advantage of the uniformed.
  19. They make fiber wads 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" thick ] https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Fiber-Cushion-Filler-Wad-1_2/productinfo/FC/
  20. You can buy 12ga. shotgun wads really cheap. Saves the hassle of making your own!
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