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  1. I shot C&B for 20 years. 1858's and 1851'. I always loaded after each stage. Either at my gun cart or the while manned the unloading table. Had my guns tuned to wear I could shoot 6 stages and no maintenance. Never ever shot caps on an empty cylinder before shooting the guns.
  2. My thought, 'what officer did he upset to get that job'?
  3. BPCR the only sport that guarantees you won't shoot a clean match. In it's 50+ year history only 1 shooter has ever shot it clean!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bodie California, un-touched by shops and restaurants.
  5. Never did he say "all" millennials. He's a well educated individual who does happen to do research to "back up" his commentary. As a Boomer who had to manage millennials he is spot on. They were raised with never being told no, or experiencing failure. Even if their team lost they got trophies and were told they were good players. They can't grasp being to work on time or why they can't just come in and leave when they want. My profession requires confidence and social skills to meet with clients and present/discuss projects. They leave college with zero ability to do this.The plague caused us to send everyone home and work from home. We lost efficiency and output. Now they don't understand why they have to come back to work. They don't get the concept that in order to get a raise or be promoted they have to excell and work hard.
  6. I tried sporting clays with BP. I loaded 65 grains of 2f Goex as my regular SASS loads. I found that the velocity wasn't anywhere near smokeless clay shotgun ammo. You had to really lead the bird. I loaded the same amount with 3f triple 7 and it gave me the velocity to match smokeless loads. I also asked the range if I could. I let he shooters in my group know. BP loads are a lot louder.
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=paper+roll+caps+fpr+toy+cap+guns&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS694US694&oq=paper+roll+caps+fpr+toy+cap+guns&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOTIJCAEQIRgKGKABMgkIAhAhGAoYqwIyCQgDECEYChirAjIHCAQQIRiPAjIHCAUQIRiPAtIBCDc5MDdqMGo3qAIAsAIA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#vhid=15156683081255857611-16-2911960641141091784--0-0&vssid=uvpv-713
  8. I always find it interesting the discussions on if a certain caliber will work for long range. If you want to shoot 1MOA then pistol caliber rifles aren't the ticket. I hvae shot my 66 44-40 out to 300 yards on a 36" target. Hit 10 out of 10 on a non-windy day. We shoot 22 caliber silhouette out to 200 yards, the ram being about 9" wide and 7" tall. I had a 73 in 30" 44-40 for long range. I only shoot black powder. I found the barrel fouled out real quick. Using a blow tube didn't work well.
  9. Bison is super, super lean. No fat to add flavor like beef.
  10. 2lb's. for $25 that would be a hard pass.
  11. I moved to Nevada in 97. It was a very red State. Now we are bluer than blue. California migration brought the liberalism with them.
  12. Lost my spring, found an old ball point pen, cut the spring down and wa la. Lost the ball, used some #7 steel shot.
  13. As our aging progresses I believe the worst possible result is Dementia or Alzheimers. There is no prevention, no cure, and it effects everyone differently. Imagine being awake and not knowing who you are, or who the people around you are?
  14. She couldn't carry it in California. Not a 10 round mag and no mag lock set-up.
  15. Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsey when he goes to restaurants to find out why they aren't doing well. Some of the kitchens are just plain nasty. Rule of life; never go into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. It won't be a favorite after that.
  16. You missed the part where was German born. He brought his accent with him!
  17. The entire membership of CAS is aging, already old. Most would look at laying down and running 50 yards as a big "nope won't do it". His history of how SASS started is completely wrong. 3 minute stages and having to tape cardboard targets is not how shooters want to spend their day. He focused on 357/38 what about all the other calibers bigger than that? We shoot Josey Wales, big bore optional, we eliminate rifle or shotgun from scenarios, we move down range, 10 yards, and we use a lot of flyers. His assumption that ll stages look like the 10/10/4 he showed is total BS. You want to kill SASS/CAS this format will do it.
  18. I get that. There were other comments about not being able to photo/video a private property and needing permission from an individual. Thats what I was counter offering. Facts.
  19. That fly's in the face of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendment. Anyone can say anything they want as long as it doesn't invoke violence, or cause panic, fire, fire when there isn't one. Anyone can photograph/video anything if they do it from a public place. Private property, nuclear plants, military facilities etc. There is no expectation of privacy in public. You don't need anyones permission to photograph/video them. Public officials can be photographed or video'd in the course of their duties. Public employees, cops, etc. You can photograph the exterior or interior of any public building. Interior means "public" spaces. You can be within 10' of any police activity and photograph/video it. All of this has been ruled on by SCOTUS. People may be offended or think their rights are being violated but "feelings" aren't law.
  20. The wiretapping laws cover audio only. The courts have ruled videos with sound are excluded.
  21. SCOTUS ruled that anyone can photograph or video anything they can see with the naked eye as long as the person does it from a public place/space. So someone standing on a public sidewalk can photograph private property including interior space. Ton's of videos on the internet with vidiographers doing this very thing. Cops come and they get sent away.
  22. I have a Navy Rolling Block Carbine. It is chambered in 50-45. I use 50-70 cases cut down. I use .512 bullets.
  23. A club member has a rifle with this bore. It is very accurate........
  24. Spending that much on art, classic car, or property makes sense, sort of. You can get your money back.....maybe! In the end you have an empty bottle. Restaurant in Japan paid $1,000,000 US for a blue fin tuna. The gold stanard for sushi. He had a celebration and invited long term favorite customers for free!
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