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    Hey all, I read the guidelines and since these videos fall under educational materials and entertainment, it seems to be OK. Before the new format a lot of you watched them, so maybe I'm back!
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    This is a men's Large WahMaker Vest. It is used and needs a bit of attention/repair. It would be great for a new shooter. First person to shoot me an I'll take it in messaging will get it. I'll cover shipping to any US address. Gone t Fence Cutter.
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    Or maybe a tie died Henley with the sleeves chopped off???
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    Almost level with the ground!!
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    With a pair of brogands and a faded red union suit. The overalls need to have a busted gallus too!
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    I'm thinking the Hillbilly category is starting to look good. Dang whipper-snappers!
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    I have heard rumor that we will have two new Outlaws teaching lessons at BG this year. Maybe I need to start Senior Outlaw.
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    Santee Thank you, I found your channel family oriented, funny and respectful of the historical events. czhen FL.
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