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    Re: Hollywood and military accuracy, I recall when Top Gun came out, I was one of the Army guys going through the Naval War College at the time and naturally among a number of Navy pilots. To the man, they complained about the inaccuracy of this and that. They finally got a chance to talk with the Captain, a Top Gun Graduate himself and the technical advisor for the movie. Well, he listened to all their complaints and had to agree that there were many inaccuracies but his final response was one for the books, "Men, I had a hard time keeping them from making it into a musical!!!" I thought that was great!
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    Just finished watching "Spitfire, the plane that saved the World" on Netflix. It's also been on Amazon. Wonderful film. Lumpy, there's a great tribute to the women who served as your mom did ferrying these planes. At the end of the film, a Women's Auxiliary pilot is reunited with a plane she delivered in 1944. She was 100 years old at the time of the film.
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    With Looney Clooney? I'll pass.
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    The actual assault began early in the morning while it was still dark. Yes, ladders were used. When assaulting with ladders, men are assigned to give covering fire to clear the tops of the walls. Colonel Travis was shot early on in the assault by covering fire. Grenades are not generally used when assaulting walls due to close proximity of friendly troops (not all grenades make it over the wall). Hard to pull up a ladder up when someone is on the first rung or just holding the ladder.
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    What you are showing is .38-40 brass that has no bottleneck after firing! Did those cases lose part of the ends? If not, there is something wrong with the chamber, oversized at the front of the chamber. Are those cases reloaded after firing once? If so, the brass may have become workharded. If this is the first time the brass was fired, then the brass may not have been annealed sufficiently at the forward part of the case, at the factory. I haven't used Pyrodex in years, as I shoot mostly smokeless powder in cartridges, including .44-40, but when I did shoot Pyrodex, when it first came out, I never had problems with corrosion. Maybe they changed the formula after Dan Pawlek was killed in the explosion.
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    It only looks like Damascus steel
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    Mislabeled. That is from the first debate among climate scientists arguing the fine points and deciding whether the data supports Anthropogenic Global Cooling or Anthropogenic Global warming. This, of course, is the rebuttal to the suggestion that mankind has no influence, or a statistically insignificant influence, on climate.
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    Well, now I figure there are about 20 reasons not to go, including that the actor playing Nimitz is a vegan anarchist, but I think I'll go anyway. It sounds like the movie has some virtues to it, although Hollywood forgot to buy hundreds of WWII airplanes to use in movies 75 years later. They never get it right! I do get the senior citizen discount. I asked the gal last time why they gave the discount, and she said the theater chains never lost money on it, because most seniors already decided they wouldn't like the movie anyway and so didn't go in the first place.
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    Holy Cow, I had forgot about those! My great aunt had them mounted on both sides of her car, pointed straight out to the side, front and rear. Her driveway was extremely narrow to get to her garage which was behind her house, especially since she liked really big wide cars. She had them feelers sticking straight out so she could tell if she was too close to the house or the fence! Miss her and my great uncle a bunch, she was from "backwoods barefoot Kentucky" and had stories to tell. She married up to my great uncle who was from the better side of town. Back in the '20's when he was a little kid, he got a job with the local gangsters. They would dress him nice and put him in the backseat of a real nice car that was full of moonshine and drive him around like he was a rich kid. Then they paid him a bunch. He couldn't take the money home so he and all his friends would spend the day at the movies eating as much candy and drinking as much cola as they could to use up the money. When he got old enough to hit the pedals in the cars, he started driving for the moonshiners. My first gen Colt was his, handed down thru my dad to me. Oops, got off the subject a bit...
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    Hey all, I read the guidelines and since these videos fall under educational materials and entertainment, it seems to be OK. Before the new format a lot of you watched them, so maybe I'm back!
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    Howdy, I vote for two eagles on the 20 dollar bill. Best CR
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    Actually, I can only comment on the movie but if this particular 'maneuver' is correct, then I figured it was the wrong one. When the Mexicans breached the walls of the Alamo, they did it with ladders. When the Texans (and others) shot the Mexican off the ladder, they then pushed the ladder off the wall. Bad maneuver. They should have grabbed those ladders and pulled them up away from any future usage by the Mexicans. Of course, if they had done that, there probably wouldn't be a movie about it..... ..........Widder
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    Battle of San Jacinto. As most all Texans know, the Battle of San Jacinto secured Texas Independence from Mexico. True Story: When living in Alabama, one Sunday in late April, we had a guest preacher dressed in very fine western wear preach a Sunday morning sermon at our church. The guest preacher claimed to be a Texan and was moving his Western Clothing business from Texas to Alabama. After the guest preacher's sermon that included references to the Alamo, I went up to him, knowing he would appreciate my question, and I asked, "Did you have a good San Jacinto Day?" He answered, "I'm not familiar with a San Jacinto Day. I lived in the southeastern part of Texas." I replied, "Sir, you are NOT a Texan!!" The guest preacher got very upset with my comment and complained to our pastor. The guest preacher wanted our pastor to invite him back to preach a one-week Revival. Our pastor did not extend an invitation.
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    More accurately the statement should have been “The plane that helped save Britain” But I’ve seen the Garand touted as “The Gun that Won WW2”. That’s not entirely accurate either. Indeed, the successful outcome of the late unpleasantness was a team effort. Admittedly not always a smoothly functioning team. Kinda like an NBA team with a bunch of different personalities and egos. Who said there’s no I in team?
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    I used to work with a guy who was transferred to New Mexico from here in California ostensibly for his expertise in certain O&G production methods, but really because he farted so often and it stunk so badly no one could stand to go past his office, much less go in there! :-O Cat Brules
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    Colonel, great pictures!
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    I emailed Alliant just yesterday, and they confirmed it has been discontinued for over a year, and it won't be coming back. It's still on the shelf at Sportsman's Warehouse. About a year or so back, I contacted them and the answer was production had been stopped, due to a large warehouse inventory, but the product itself wasn't discontinued. It appears that has changed.
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    Strange, I'll see if my box is full. you can email me at bkost@columbus.rr.com\ Cleaned out my old messages so should work now I think.
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    I am an Idaho native. I assure you, it is MUCH colder than here. Boise is just Sacramento, but without the glitter. Bad air quality (same as ours), horrid traffic, expensive housing, bums, drugs, crime, and the longest running Democrat mayor in Boise history. I left at age 17, been back a few times to marvel at how AWFUL it got, and would never live in Boise again. They Californicated the town. There are wonderful places away from Boise, but it DOES get cold. McCall is one of the cleanest air zones in the country... and 10+ feet of snow every year. Winter comes early, stays late. We have looked at over 100 properties in NV and AZ so far. We cannot find anything under $600k, most have HOA, CC&R and the nazis that run them. Forty Rod found a great place in Prescott Valley, but we have never turned up anything close. Consider being 70+ years old and starting a new mortgage. Consider the huge increase in property taxes you will pay. New doctors, new businesses, new haunts, new friends, new bank, etc etc. Consider how many years you have left to live.
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    You show up at our club, you will have lots of people offering to help. Also a lot of folks have room to share their cart.
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    Only about an hour away. Guess I'll have to drive down and have a look. Thanks, Joe.
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    I wonder if they will work on my colostomy pouch as the gas I get is 100% worse than normal farts1 LOL
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    Please pass my thanks to Drake Robey for returning my SASS badge. I wasnt even aware that it was gone till it showed up in the mail. One question....how many clones of Branchwater Jack did you have operating that weekend. Every time you turned around, either he or one of his clones were making sure things were running smoothly (and well watered). Thanks to Buck, TDK and the whole NAR crew for a great shoot.
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    Buck got one thing right, that part where he said, "You're not going to believe this". Otherwise, I doubt every word that Buck D. Law says! I reckon when I invite Buck over, I'll just put his welcome mat way out there by the outhouse.
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    Next year is my 60th class reunion. I've never been to one but I have an urge to go this time just to see who I have outlived. I'm not afraid of dying, but I'm not in any hurry, either.
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    Google how to repair and strengthen the tab with JB weld.
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    A Christmas Carol- the only Dickens I've ever been able to read. And it's pretty good.
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    I went for 15 years with a pair of saddlebags over my shoulder while carrying my guns. In fact, I used those saddlebags at the last monthly. A cart works but you can get by without one for as long as you want.
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    You MUST HAVE a cart of some kind to haul gun, ammo, gear, supplies, lies, food and drink. Figure out the easiest, quickest way to do that for now, then figure out a better, long term cart. As stated, a 2-wheeler shop cart with boxes/buckets can be a basis OR.... a used, kiddee stroller cart....either one can be converted to a temporary gun/gear cart until you get going and you’re ready to buy or build a proper gun cart. Keep your loads very light in these temp carts. — TIP: Don’t ever loan any of your carts to anyone, ever! — TIP: If if you build a cart, use carpenter’s glue in the joints you nail/screw together. Otherwise, it will loosen up and come apart.....guaranteed! If if you decide to build, PLAGIARIZE PROLIFICALLY! Ask a lot of questions, and take up-close, detailed pictures. Then, either use an existing, printed design or create your own. Cat Brules
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    You can get by without one for a little while, but it's a pain. Very likely a loaner cart at the range. Usually someone willing to share as well(a lot of us have room for 4-6 long guns). Lots of guys convert Jogging Strollers into one. @Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life sells plans for wood ones. @Cheyenne Culpepper 32827 makes them out of golf pull carts. All kinds of pictures on the net. Just search SASS gun cart.
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    Didn't like the book. Didn't like the first movie. Don't see a reason to give the remake a try.
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    Wasn’t complaining about the movie, just about the reviewer. The reviews seem to be quite mixed so far. It can’t be as bad as the lame Pearl Harbor I hope. Haven’t been to the movies in years. Nearest theater is 40 miles away and it’s not a good one. And they like to turn the sound system up to 11. I’ll wait for the video and watch it at home with my 3 Bs: Bedroom slippers Bourbon Babe
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    Then the old blues song: " Dead Presidents" becomes obsolete.
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    Suddenly, big money in politics is a good thing, says the gun-control left. Back in the early 2000s money in politics wasn’t even supposed to be protected speech, according to the left. It took a U.S. Supreme Court decision—Citizens United v. FEC (2010)—to prohibit the government from stopping corporations, associations and more from utilizing their First Amendment rights to support or oppose politicians near elections. Now, after state elections handed Virginia’s legislature to Democrats on Nov. 5, the mainstream media is applauding Michael Bloomberg’s massive money dump—reportedly $2.5 million just on a select number of Virginia races—to sway voters in the state’s local elections. “A gun-control lobbying group funded largely by billionaire Michael Bloomberg just helped Democrats take over the state government in Virginia—right in the National Rifle Association’s backyard,” boasted CNBC. “‘The NRA is weaker than they’ve ever been,’” said a headline in The Washington Post. “Everytown officials—who provided CNN with details of their Virginia strategy—say their approach to the off-year election demonstrates the potency of the gun-safety message one year before the nation heads to the polls to decide control of Congress and the White House,” said CNN. As a telling aside, it’s worth noting here that by boasting that “Everytown officials … provided CNN with details of their Virginia strategy,” CNN actually showcased their lack of journalistic credibility. Everytown, you see, doesn’t even respond to journalists who won’t print their propaganda with few questions asked. I know this firsthand after numerous attempts to interview Everytown officials—and have been told this by other journalists, people who write for conservative-leaning publications, who have tried to reach Everytown for comment. Next, it must be said that the narrative that Bloomberg’s money is overwhelming gun-rights proponents, though convenient to those who want to disarm law-abiding Americans, is also too simplistic. Nationally, a lot of factors are affecting voter turnout and more; meanwhile, locally, specific issues, personalities and more are also influencing races. Still, this media narrative highlights the fact that many in the mainstream media have morphed into nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party. To them, money in politics is a good thing when it supports their candidates, but a bad thing when it doesn’t—in others words, they are so obviously pushing narratives they think are helpful to the party they back that they can’t smell their own hypocrisy. Money in politics, of course, is neither good nor bad. Money can be used, just as speech can, to deceive, such as the propaganda Bloomberg dishes out, or to tell the truth. The media misdirection in this case is a foreshadowing of what they want to happen in the 2020 elections. Bloomberg’s group Everytown, and the many mainstream media outlets that print its press-releases almost verbatim, want voters to believe that more control over you, via new gun-control laws, bans and restrictions, are popular with voters and therefore will inevitably be passed after the November 2020 elections. They want voters to get in line with this inevitability. The politics here, however, are hardly inevitable; in fact, many signs point the other way. The departures of Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Eric Swalwell D-Calif.) from the race for president, for example, speaks loudly and clearly, as all three of those failed candidates made gun control a central plank in their campaign platforms. In his explanation for his departure from the race, O’Rourke boasted that “we took the boldest approach to gun safety in American history….” Actually, his “hell yes” that, if elected president, he’d somehow confiscate millions of popular semi-automatic rifles owned by law abiding Americans was part of the reason for his lack of popularity. The exercising of Second Amendment rights, after all, is hardly only a Republican thing. Some 25% of Democrats say there is a gun in their home, according to the Pew Research Center (in comparison, 48% of independent voters and 56% of those who identify as Republican, say there is at least one gun in their homes). It is difficult to calculate what percentage of Americans do chose to own guns, as this is a question many gun owners are not interested in answering, so these numbers are likely low. It is also hard to survey what percentage of the voting public really wants new restrictions on their freedom. Many of the survey questions used, particularly those related to so-called “universal-background check laws” (How can it be “universal” when criminals by definition won’t obey the law?), are worded to skew the response. Public Policy Polling, for example, asked: “Do you support or oppose requiring a criminal background check of every person who wants to buy a firearm?” Anyone who hasn’t looked deeply into the topic can be forgiven for answering “yes” to this question. They simply don’t know that might be, depending on how any particular law is written, agreeing that gun owners should be barred from allowing a friend to shoot one of their guns at a range; or that gun owners shouldn’t allowed to loan guns to friends to go hunting; or that private sales between family members should be forbidden; or that a lot of other things America’s law-abiding gun owners have always done should now be illegal even though no one is seriously arguing that these onerous restrictions on our freedom will reduce violent crime rates, as the facts show that criminals get guns in other ways. As for 2020, voters are aware that “universal background check laws” are only a small part of what’s at stake. In this election, issues like whether a possible new nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court might support our individual right to keep and bear arms, will also be on the ballot. (Frank Miniter’s latest book is The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace.)
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    I think his point was why bother with the review if they couldn't bother to get that detail correct.
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    http://www.oowss.com/SASS Rules Docs/Reload choices (edit Aug 2018).pdf
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    Academy sports. O'Rageous 6 ft Beach Umbrella. I think the 9 ft ones work too.
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    And this ones not bad.....
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    I'm thinking the Hillbilly category is starting to look good. Dang whipper-snappers!
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    I have heard rumor that we will have two new Outlaws teaching lessons at BG this year. Maybe I need to start Senior Outlaw.
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    Santee Thank you, I found your channel family oriented, funny and respectful of the historical events. czhen FL.
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    They're probably betting on the notion that this will be all we can legally own soon.
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