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    Wild Bunch is a side match..... (ducks and hides).
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    Anytime I can dress up as a cowboy and shoot cowboy guns at targets that give an audible feedback is fun. Add good cowboy friends, some good natured bantering, some friendly competition and somewhere in the mix good food and drink. Oh, and LOTS of shotgun targets. Black powder makes things funner, I have also found. Movement is also good. Stand and deliver gets old fast. An onsite chuck wagon style breakfast, lunch or dinner is nice. Cain't not beat dutch oven cobbler no how. A large swap table always keeps things interesting away from the firing line as do vendors. My take.
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    Anyone thinking that self regulation by switching to fiber or other eco friendly wads will keep politicians from legislating a ban is smoking wacky weed!
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    Which brings up a life long nagging question: Why is it that the Moderators always get in the last word before a thread is locked..... ..........Widder
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    Shipping or not shipping guns to California pards
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    Fun is 100% subjective. There is no "fun" scale I can look at to determine if I think a match would be one I wish to attend. So I have to look at the actual metrics of a match and base my opinion on that. Clean shooters is a metric that I can use to judge not only the target sizes and distances; but the clarity of the stage writing as well. And because events rarely happen in a vacuum - those same club officers who make the effort to write matches with clear instructions and well placed targets are more likely to be paying attention to all the other details as well. I go to cowboy shoots to shoot. Everything that is not the match is a (way, way) distant second in my valuation. I'm not there to dance - I'm not there to listen to cowboy poetry - I'm not there for whiskey tastings - I came to shoot. Clean shooters is my most valuable measurement to determine the attractiveness of a match.
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    I think I made the right decision to take my name out of the running for the position. I would end up in jail for sure. TM
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    That's easy--none of them know about it!
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    I like the banter between the 2 of you ..always get a laugh & ya' both are dang fine shooters with them 97's. !!
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    Holy Cow! That’s an even older picture of Keith Richards!
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    I don't want to cheat Smoking Dave out of a sale but it looks to me like a tapered stick and a tapered hole. But there are at least two places to buy them ready made. Here is a link to the ones made by Capandball guy https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153674302542 He also markets reproduction cartridge boxes. Found a third on flea-bay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303298198820 .
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    The best I could come up with is on my Tombstone I'd like it to say............. Well....Bye!
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    I think was going to post the official rules for the Baptist Category, but realized he'd left cross draw holsters as legal to use...
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    Oh horsefeathers. This device is an answer desperately seeking a problem. Contrary to Lefty, I load exclusively with a Tower of Power (Shameless Plug for DDD). Of course, my Main Match guns are SNUBBIES and do not have a loading lever attached. Trust me .... I can ram 5 balls a lot faster than one could hope to screw that loader down. I also am able to set a specific seating depth. Rams the same every time. I would suggest if one were in fact considering this device, send ME the check instead. That way, at least one of us would be happy with the purchase. Tequila: NO. Back in the day, nobody reloaded a percussion revolver inna fight. Super good way to get killed really quick. Back in the day the common reload was to grab another fully loaded revolver. Was not uncommon for fighting men to carry as many as six revolvers on their person and another two in Pommel holsters. Making paper cartridges is a true GROAN. Were I in a situation where I suspected the need for a reload, I'd just carry charged cylinders. Or ... better yet, a crane fed 45 with moon clips.
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    Did you confuse the Tiger Balm Muscle Gel for the Preparation H again? :-)
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    Grizzly Dave beat me to it. The posse marshal can really make a match as can the people on the posse. I'm so clumsy (thanks Arthur), I don't shoot fast. So, I like to shoot clean. My favorite stage ever was an optional sixth stage every month at our dedicated WBAS club; but could be adapted to SASS (with advance notice to the shooters). It had approx. 64 targets. You could make up any misses. You could shoot up to two SGs (loaded with six each, reloads allowed), two rifles (loaded with 10 each, reloads allowed), and unlimited pistol magazines (loaded with 7). Adapt pistol by loading with five and allowing any number of pistols.
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    This may or may not be appropriate but I’d like to ask this question: Do any members conceal carry when traveling to and from events? The reason I ask is because it makes me a little nervous traveling long distances to an event with a car full of weapons even if they are safely locked away. Maybe that’s just me and I’ll drop the subject if asked to. WBM
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    berms are a good thng, for lots of reasons. That being said I dont care all that much for downrange movement. seems like somebody always forgets to prpoerly stage their rifle, or when done turns around and has gun pointed uprange. in my opinion many (not all or even most) stages with downrange mvemen seem contrived and more trouble than they are worth.
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    I recently shot a 12 stage 3-daymatch... I signed up in 2 categories... on side match day, @ 0500 I had the awning on the travel trailer rip apart in a short wind storm... not fun! On 1st day, stage 3 of 4 for the 1st category, I got rushed during loading, SDQ for "hammer not fully down". Not fun. Then, in 2nd category (Frontiersman), I loaded my cap dispenser with a tin of new caps... thought they were Remington #10s... turns out they were CCI... VERY BAD. Went thru 2 days of shooting (8 stages), with having to "go 'round" each revolver at LEAST twice to get caps to go off... sometimes 3 times... NOT fun! Finally, @ nite before the last day I identified the cap problem... and last day saw me with good working guns, and had a BLAST! Yes... I was ready to leave after 1st nite... actually after the awning ripped... but I perservered... The Match Director and others had absolutely nothing to do with whether I had fun or not... but, other friends along with new ones brought me out of my funk, (beer and white lightning helped), so over all, I had a good time, met and overcame some non-shooting challenges and I look forward to next year! We're lobbying for a Cap & Ball Gunfighter category... which ought to be a ball! Worthy of many laughs and stories! It'll be epic! With 8-10 of shooting C&B GF all on one posse! I think however... I'll only sign up for that one category this year. And I won't mis-identify my caps next year either!!!
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    That article made me feel woke. It sounds more like another excuse to raise at eyebrow against shooting in the holy name of climate change and environmental hatred. So woke that on my way home today, I am going to stop and buy a six pack of sugary soft drinks in plastic bottles and then throw throw the plastic rings and bottle right in the garbage. ...then I'm going to eat meat, dairy, and gluten for dinner
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    We typically get 200-300 trick-or-treaters. We have an old neighborhood street that is tree-lined and has old-style street lights. I once heard a kid trick-or-treating a few years back exclaiming that 'it looks like a movie'. So they come from all over. I'm with all of those that happily give out candy to those with costumes; and all of them do. It's fun all around. I usually wear SASS/CAS outfits, which often causes comment. We're an orange pumpkin place.
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    I know. Just funnin back. But of course, my wife would tell you I've gone through my entire life confused;)
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    PLUS ONE too LOU GRAHAM. You betcha. And, I'll offer this for all you stick-in-the-Mudds. SASS/CAS ain't growing. Just take a peek at your loading table line. The only resource you have for more fun with Planesman are the ladies. The ladies we ALREADY have. And OLD guys. Some really OLD guys. Think about it. Make it harder??? Atz Stupid.
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    If it is a fact that I am always right (and it is). Then by not agreeing with me - you would be deliberately choosing to be wrong. And that's just plain silly. Not unexpected from Shooting Bull; but silly all the same.
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    I love when the Rangers play the Indians!! Makes me think of Lonesome Dove!!
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    There doesn't appear to be any tracks, it's been there a while. Maybe, Shelby Stanga can pull it out with his jet boat.
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    Right! When you’re trying to find something why is it always the last place you look!
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    My dog tweed a cat once... but it came down. Dang cat! (Sorry Allie)
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    Thanks Looking forward to watching it.
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    Colorado is blue because of Denver and Boulder. Much of the rest of the state is Red, is my experience. And beautiful mountain scenery, great snow skiing if that's your thing, and lots of Old West history there. I love Colorado even though I hate blue politics. Wyoming has cold and snow but you can always wear a coat. Wyoming is on my retirement short list.
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    Bump for a good guy This is really one of his best carts. If any of you were wondering, this cart is a bit smaller, lighter and a little more streamlined than some of his previous larger models.
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    Boy he hasn't aged gracefully at all has he?
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    I did and he doesn't but wants to do one soon.
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    I object to her using the racist phrase "white washing". It's demeaning and racist and sexist, spongophobic, and un-American. BURN HER AT THE STAKE!!
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    I don't know if I'd be able to see it pistol Target at 75 yards
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    C'mon Phantom, You know there is that mythic shooter group out there that can't run their guns quickly; but when presented with pistol targets at 75 yards will somehow suddenly take over the top positions. We have heard this nonsense for years. And it is always new shooters presenting it.
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    After two years of enjoying shooting at the Pine Ridge Regulators, Saturday was my last match. I shot it clean and was number one in the Classic Cowboy category. (I was the only one in the CC category...) In two weeks it will be my last NCOWS match in Indiana. After that, I'm off to Prescott, A.T. I figure by February I'll be settled down enough to start looking around for a local club. I saw there is the Whiskey Row Gunslingers or something along those lines and then Winter Range that some of my pards from Indiana may be attending. It is bittersweet, but we have been waiting for this for a decade. The company I work for made me an offer that my wife couldn't refuse!
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    IsThis what you were posting? https://lighthascome.com/2019/10/14/abc-fake-news-kurds-slaughter-was-knobb-creek-machine-gun-shoot-in-ky-watch-lucky43113/
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    Anytime it's above 40 F , below 90 F and no rain a day at the range is a fun day.
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    Maybe we should get Dairy Queen to charge more to the unclean, fast shooters
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    Only if your State allows it! Some of our 50 States are "may issue" locales where carrying concealed without a permit can get your guns impounded and you fitted for a pair of bracelets. Know your State and Local laws. When in doubt, have your guns in locked cases, and ammo separate from the guns. Either in the trunk, or if an SUV, in the cargo compartment. Laws in some areas might not even allow that. Check the published laws first, before relying on what you many hear or see in online forums.
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    If % clean =fun....Black Gold must be great fun with 25% clean shooters! Crips, I even shot it clean! I've long suggested that we should be allowed to throw out our worse stage and be scored on the remaining. I want to change my alias to " One Bad Stage"
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    The club I am shooting with is SASS affiliated and we are following the SASS handbook and our TG does a very good job to keep us updated about rule changes. Due to the small size of the CAS community here in Switzerland, we do not split the few participants to categories (of course, each shooter has to conform to a SASS category). However, there's one main event every year in Germany some of us are participating (and hopefully me in the future, too). The match is held by BDS (Bund Deutscher Sportschützen) and I am referring to their rule book "bds_spo_western_13-10-2016". The list below shows the categories covered by that rule book. While the most of them will sound familiar to everyone and are in fact identical to all SASS requirements, there are three additional categories, called 1880 BP, 1880 NC and 1870, which have more severe requirements regarding outfit, firearm models and ammunition, targeting a more traditional style of Old West. Young Guns/Young Lady, 14-17 yrs (cal .22lr only) Cowboy/Cowgirl, 18-35 yrs Wrangler/Lady Wrangler, 36-48 yrs 49er/Lady 49er, 49-59 yrs Seniors/Lady Seniors, 60-64 yrs Silver Seniors/Lady Silver Seniors, 65-69 yrs Elder Statesman/Grand Dame, >70 yrs Duelist Senior Duelist, >60 yrs Gunfighter Senior Gunfighter >60 yrs Frontier Cartridge Frontier Cartridge Duelist Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter „B“-Western Classic Cowboy Frontiersman 1880 Black Powder 1880 Nitro Cartridge 1870 One of those requirements is the mentioned use of only single shot shell loops, W2.5.2 (all other categories are not affected). I personally like the idea of those categories, as there are imho a couple more interesting restrictions, e.g. in 1880: Power factor has to exceed 120, no short strokes allowed, revolver model types prior to 1890 and true to original (that means no Rugers), no metal or plastic or whatever stabilizing inlays in the holsters. The outfit requirements are quite the same as with Classic Cowboys, but also other "characters" from that era such as soldiers, gamblers etc. are allowed as long the look is authentic.
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    I've been reloading for a long time; last 25 years or so on a Dillon 550B with Dillon dies, roller handle, strong mount, etc. Currently loading .38 Spl., .40 S&W, .44 Mag., .45 ACP, and .458 Win. Mag. Shoot these in CAS, WB, ASI, and IDPA. We don't have elephants in WV anymore, so plink with the .458 using 45-70 power type loads. I tumble my brass, squirt w/Hornady One-Shot and box in 5" square boxes. Lately the .45 ACP's have become more difficult to load, requiring extra handle pulling effort and encountering an occasional not fully-seated primer. Anyhow, spent a bit of time in reflection and realized I have about a 3 or 4 years backlog of .45 cases. This probably means the One-Shot lube has completely dried out. Lubed some of the cases again, and they loaded like butter. Stress level on shoulder was way down. Now going to regularly lube them all just before using for reloading. Might even consider wiping my shotgun hulls with Armor All before loading them on my MEC Grabber. Anything I can do to stretch out a few more miles on my fairly worn-out body.
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    I have 6 I got a year ago and they still look like new. They are great. I load them the night before and they are ready for the match the next morning. thanks TM
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    I got off of a horse pretty much like that and managed to tear something loose in the back of my calf! The good ole days were so much fun until they became so hurtful.
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    Colonel Markley (rest his soul) asked me to perform a wedding for a young couple of his acquaintance, we held it aboard the show barge Becky Thatcher in Marietta, before the flood that sank her. Dear old Dad bought me a pocket knife when he and Mama went on their very very delayed honeymoon trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. He gave it to me when I was twelve. I was more than twice that age when I loaned it to a young relative of the happy couple so he could punch holes in aluminum cans to tie to the back bumper of the car. Last I ever saw of that particular knife.
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