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    SASS Alias: Tuolumne Lawman SASS#: 6127 Life Where are you from: Northern California Sierras How long have I been shooting SASS: 25 years (since 1994)
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    Fort Miller, Madera CA 1999. I had all my hair then, and it was still brown!
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    SASS Alias: Jess Nicktem SASS #: 47284 Where you are from: Minnesota How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2002, with a couple breaks here and there.
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    Not goin' there!! Don't wanna' know!!! Stay in there, PLEASE!!!
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    Lieut. Charles B Gatewood and Kitty LaRue, EoT 2002
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    Those pictures bring back memories of the old days. I started in SASS in 1994... a lot of water under the bridge, and changes since then.
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    Laughing Buffalo and Little River Scout, 2008
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