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  1. Gunsmoke is always a great match!
  2. I have two custom hats on order with the same hatmaker. Each hat is a few hundred dollars. I have been waiting for 11 years. I'm never going to see those hats. Not a gunsmith, I know. But I feel the pain.
  3. SASS Alias: Jess Nicktem SASS #: 47284 Where you are from: Minnesota How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2002, with a couple breaks here and there.
  4. Nellie,

    I wish I had more time that I could devote to SASS! I have a demanding job (as most do) and other hobbies as well. I fhave a home in Cabo San Lucas and boat so we stay there as well as sport fish and tournament fish, we have horses and ride regularly, we SCUBA dive, I hunt and fish, etc. I love to shoot and will get to the local club and state matches as I can.

  5. Hey! Before ya know it, the Wire might get almost as good as MySpace....Naw!!! hahaha Are ya getting to shoot lots?

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