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  1. I was really into Old West history- so I started searching for a Colt SAA. I couldn't afford the real thing- but I did find online that a gunshop not too far away had an EMF Great Western II for a decent price. It was case-hardened, .45 and 5 1/2" barrel- exactly what I wanted. While doing all of that searching I came across SASS. Eventually I went to a gun show and there was a booth for CAS there and I was hooked.
  2. I have two custom hats on order with the same hatmaker. Each hat is a few hundred dollars. I have been waiting for 11 years. I'm never going to see those hats. Not a gunsmith, I know. But I feel the pain.
  3. I hope you can make it. It would be great to finally meet the two of you!
  4. I never get tired of seeing him shoot. I've always wondered how I could shave off 10 seconds from my current times to get within his range. Just look at those transitions! Flawless. You guys need to make your way up to Minnesota for Gunsmoke one of these times!
  5. Always wonderful to see another young person join the game!
  6. Head shape has a lot to do with what style hats would work for you. I recommend asking a custom hatter for their recommendations. Of course- in the end it's up to you but it always helps to get a professional opinion.
  7. I enjoyed it. I usually enjoy any movies that pay attention to little historical details. Sure- no movie these days is going to get everything 100% right but they definitely did pretty good with the Highwaymen.
  8. I received my info from a friend of mine- Mark Lee Gardner- who wrote the book "To Hell on a Fast Horse." Apparently this movie used his book for a lot of their information. BTW- it's a great book if anyone wants to know more about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. Actually, all of his books are excellent!
  9. It is my understanding that they used a lot of the real history in this movie. But they also went off roads with their own story telling at times. So bits a pieces of it are based on what really happened. It's something at least.
  10. SASS Alias: Jess Nicktem SASS #: 47284 Where you are from: Minnesota How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2002, with a couple breaks here and there.
  11. Well said Deuce! When I look back on my time with SASS, the actual shooting part isn't remembered as fondly as my interactions with my fellow shooters. To me, that is where the fun was! Shooting the breeze with fellow cowboys and cowgirls. Oh sure- shooting was always fun and is what brought us together- but it was the community which kept us together.
  12. I had a habit of shooting the edges of targets and was often told that I "Just Knicked it." My name is Nick... so I became Jess Nicktem.
  13. I used to wear factory hats for some years before I realized what a step up a custom handmade hat was! I used to get headaches from wearing hats all day just because there were no factory hats that took my head size and shape into consideration. I now have several custom hats that I love and wear nearly every day. My favorite maker is John Penman of the Penman Hat Company. http://www.penmanhats.com/
  14. Nellie,

    I wish I had more time that I could devote to SASS! I have a demanding job (as most do) and other hobbies as well. I fhave a home in Cabo San Lucas and boat so we stay there as well as sport fish and tournament fish, we have horses and ride regularly, we SCUBA dive, I hunt and fish, etc. I love to shoot and will get to the local club and state matches as I can.

  15. Hey! Before ya know it, the Wire might get almost as good as MySpace....Naw!!! hahaha Are ya getting to shoot lots?

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