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    I made an LGBT joke at work. I work at a public agency with lots of “progressive” people. It was an awkward event. I said “I am LGBT...lover of guns, boats and trucks.” Many laughed but I did get some dirty looks. I told the people that gave me dirty looks that I didn’t appreciate their “micro-aggressions” and then I laughed and left. Some folks at work don’t like me very much.
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    I think this is good reason for not making to WR... Isaiah Wolf Rotter Born 13 Feb 20194:25 am7 Lbs 15 Oz21 inches
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    AND THEY DID NOT COOK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tony, I combined all the posts into one, so everybody can come to one place for info. You had the honor of making the very first post on the subject. SASS HQ has been in touch with the tech guys that run the servers. They are working on it.
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    Expert chainsaw carver Jeffrey Michael Samudosky used part of a dead redwood tree to create his incredible sculpture.
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    Try both. Your gun will tell you what it likes best...
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    I painted our brand new basement, white. My wife regarded me as if I had a fish sticking out of my shirt pocket. After I finished painting she was pleased -- "It makes it look so much bigger!" My motive was more mercenary. Bare concrete floors are not a uniform shade, there is enough variance to efficiently camouflage springs and screws and small parts. If the floor is white I can see dropped components much more easily. (That's all well and good but when it flies off to who knows where and dives under the bench or elsewhere beneath or beside something shadowed, sometimes a white floor doesn't help that much!)
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    SASS picked up a new shooter yesterday. Shootin Sharyn and I were joined by the Iron Cowboy (he’s not new he started shooting SASS 5 years ago) and Kid Flash who is 9. He struggled a bit with the rifle, it’s heavy for him, and left eye dominance will need to be addressed, but he made it all the way through and had a blast. Now if we can just get Lethal Lizzie over her shyness and on the range we’ll be a five shooter family. Kid, Cowboy, and Sharyn all won their categories. Dad limped across the finish line in third place.
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    Or maybe, the Wire is running on Hillary's bathroom server. Hmmmm.
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    In my past experience the flat portion of the TC bullet seems to get stuck on the side of the chamber entrance. The RNFP seems to be a little more forgiving as the rounded edges seems to help deflect the bullet and causes it not to “stick” near as bad. Like I said this has been my experience and I prefer the RNFP design. Every little thing to help aid in the marlins running smoother I open to trying. Hope my odd way of reasoning helps you understand. Slick
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    That's because y'all's toilets run backwards.
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    I thought it stood for the infamous Lumpy Grits Bar Tab!
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    @Subdeacon Joe, IMHO, it's all about actual straw PLACEMENT!
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    Thank you all for your kind words. I am excited to receive this honour. I have shot with some of you in the past and hope to shoot with more of you in the future. This year we are shooting Colorado State (Montrose), Cortez, EOT and HOWs. Please come up and say hi to us if you have time. Thanks again Sister Sarah Carnegie
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    I was searching for clubs to enter an NRA postal pistol tournament when I found the "Pink Pistols" of San Francisco. They were fighting the SF's latest gun control proposals.
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    Beautiful, Joe. Thanks for sharing. Chatted with my brother last night. He told me the snow pack at Mammoth is so big, they will be open until the 4th OF JULY and possibly the end of July. The latest season on record for them.
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    My wife finds'em the next she vacuums........... Ever seen what a vacuum cleaner's beater bar does to a coil spring or a small screw? OLG
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    Unfortunately - It's not CA compliant for you, SDJ!
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    Allegedly one of the thieves was later checked into a local hospital for unspecified issues. This is what they found:
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    Additional Info: Patients can survive massive blood loss if their blood pressure stays in normal range. That is why EMTs start a saline IV drip rather than attempting transfusions in the field --- keep the blood pressure up by maintaining total circulatory volume. Humans can survive up to about 90 % loss of their red blood cells if the blood pressure is maintained. They won't be feeling good, they will be gasping for each breath, but they will be alive.
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    I’ve got some I’ll send you if you PM me your address. For some reason I can’t PM folks this morning.
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    They have a instrument which clamps the tongue, like a caliper, and as it records the lessening thickness it messages the nanobots running the pumphouse (microscopic)to cut back on flow. When complete you are given an injection of nitroglycerin through the needle which starts a controlled series of miniature explosions within the blood stream expanding your blood volume back to it's original volume. Late cutoff can result in extreme amounts of flatulence. Imis (todays science wizard)
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    Most calls made on the 170 rule will be somewhat contentious. Because it is a pure judgement call. And because it's a severe penalty. Because of the contentiousness, many ROs or spotters are VERY reluctant to call it until it becomes real obvious, or it degenerates into "other person covered by a barrel of a loaded gun" (which is what the 170 barrier is trying to prevent, of course). If you had good view of the gun and were paying CLOSE attention to the barrel position and it was obvious (not borderline), call a 170 violation and award the SDQ penalty. If there were doubts, hold your tongue and mention it to the shooter once he has cleared the line and put his guns away. A safety minded shooter will take that warning very seriously and you won't see a repeat. But if you do see it again, make the call mentioned above when it happens the second time. That is how I'd handle it. Good luck, GJ
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    I am selling my back up browning. It is a 12 ga with a total barrel length of 23 inches. It has screw in chokes (remchoke system), the chambers are polished. the chamber end is beveled and the forcing cones have been lengthened. After all of this works was done the wood was stripped and an oil finish applied, the metal was blued and even the gold trigger plated in the original gold finish.. The butt has a soft rubber recoil pad fitted and tapered to allow for a quick placement on the shoulder. The auto safety is converted to manual placement. The gun has a barrel selector within the trigger guard. Truly a great looking shotgun but I never use it and it is time it founds a new home.1200.00 plus shipping.
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    CH's comment about his skepticism about the Barrett (Side Match Rifle- post) reminded me of my fathers tale of missed opportunity. My father was a young father with 3 kids in Sydney in the early 70's. He was looking for work and started as a manager at a new franchise chain that only just started in Australia ( I think the only two in Australia were in Sydney at that stage). He impressed the owner and was offered the opportunity to start up the next store for the owner and eventually have his own. He turned it down and moved on, "No ones is going to make money out of hamburgers" he said. He still shudders a bit every time he passes by a McDonald's Any regrets?
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    The snow must have melted.
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    Just hope it lasts longer than last time. GW
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    Best deal you'll find on a rifle scabbard and matching Brass bag is Maisie Grace Creations. https://www.facebook.com/MaisieGraceCreations/ Maisie Grace Creations Attached are just some, takes custom orders. Anyone from Nevada, Southern Utah, Idaho can back up her qulity and work, best part is price!!! average set goes for $40.00-$50.00 She all ready is building orders for the 2019 shooting season so give her a shout out! Bootstrap
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    Note- The energizer bunny was arrested.......... -------------- He was charged with battery OLG
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    Thanks to all to posted in this thread and the Chicken George post. A special thanks to Garrison Joe for pointing out my timing was not completely done until the carrier timing was addressed. I have modified my carrier so there is space for the cartridge rim to drop and roll away from the extractor nose. All is good now
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    I've used Chey-Cast 140 gr TC bullets, both plain and coated, in my Marlin 94 CBC 38 spl for years with no problems. What exactly is the issue with TC bullets? JC
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    Careful Duffield. That cat is only on it's best behaviour until you are well and truly sucked in. Then: Watch out!!
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    @Duffield, SASS #23454, There will be more to come... … they like to be pampered!
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    I'm pretty sure that's a corollary to Murphy's Law. When I'm buying nuts and bolts for a project, if I need four, I get five. If I don't, somehow or another I manage to lose or damage one. If I do, I have left-over parts. I have enough left-over parts to start a hardware store, but usually not what I need.
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    One I saw recently: LBGT: Luckystrike Be Good Tobacco.
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    Just to give you an update from my end so far... I do not know if the SASS Office is open today, President's Day. I left a message on their answering machine and sent an e-mail to Misty. If I receive any word, I will post an update here, as promised. I have merged all the "Slow" threads together as requested, so there would be one place to go for information. In the meantime, enjoy the nostalgia of the days of the dial-up modem. All that is missing is the hiss, whine, and grind of the modem trying to connect up!
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    Hi David, That's a pretty good offer from Yul! I got mine from J. Hornady. Sixstring Jimmy Murray has some very handy products on his website and did carry rifle sleeves in different colors. He is the "cooler cowboy shirt" man. I hope this helps. Mo
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    Hey Krazy. I agree with your post.... But I was making my comments based on the TO's assessment that the barrels were pointing "Straight Up" and under those observations, 99% sure of the 170 violation has already become a 100% violation. Last time I checked, "Straight Up" doesn't allow a 1% 'benefit of doubt' area. Hope you is doin well. ..........Widder
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    What is the exact wording of the instructions?
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    He's in the scene with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.
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