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17 HMR oddly.

Warden Callaway

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I have an elevated spot of advantage that I often set and watch wildlife in the evening.  I bring my Marlin bolt gun in 17 HMR along if there is a chance to reduce the destructive rodent population.  I walked out last night and there he was about 60 yards out. I knew I only had seconds to get off a shot before he was gone.  Took the shot off-hand in a hurry.  But luck was with me and he went down for keeps. 


I've learned to put a second round in them as I've had too many flop around and get up and run off.  Tough critters they are. So I worked the bolt but the next cartridge didn't feed.  Quickly checked the magazine.  Oh. The fired case did not eject.   I went up to chair and took pocket knife and pulled case. The odd thing is, the case was split.  Is the 17 HMR is rimfire, I've never bothered to pick them up or have reason to look at one.  Anyone else run into this?



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Googing, I find a lot of evidence that cracked cases are common.  I found a topic on a rimfire forum that had many replies regarding split cases and failure to eject.  A lot of Hornaday ammo mentioned but other brands also. Different guns. Seems they even find split cases on new ammo.  


Seems they blame it on neck sizing the case after it's primed and then not being able to anneal the primed case.  The older the ammo, the more likely to split. My example was from an old box Chris brought to me out of some he had left over. I'd bought a couple of boxes from Grafs at low for sale price. 


I guess I'll keep shooting it. It's not like it's critical defense or dangerous to shoot.


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1 hour ago, Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001 said:

22lr necked down to 17 cal 



More specifically, it is the 22 Stinger case, which is slightly longer than 22LR.  The 17 Hornady Mach II has a flatter trajectory than 22LR similar to how the 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire has a flatter trajectory than the 22WMR.


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