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Fix for Autocommunista

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:lol: Auto communista :lol:


Wanna hear something funny? I type “auto communista” as one word and my auto correct separated it into two words and “communista” pops up as a follow up to “auto” as I am typing it. :lol:





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46 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Communista Is an accepted English word, not in your average 5000 to 15000 word vocabulary, but it is in use and is in the unabridged dictionary.

  — from Portuguese.

It took many entries of it to end up in my auto correct dictionary(?). 

One problem with Apple’s word library is misspelled words end up there as well and can be a real nuisance. 
Take the word “and”. Often I will type what I think is “and” but what I actually typed was “snd” and “snd” became an auto correct Go-To for my phone. It took a long time for that not to be the case. 

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