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California Doubling and Redoubling Down

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As a former resident of California (1945-2016), I can't believe what has happened to my second home state. I have family and extended family there and I suppose they will stay there forever because of family and responsibilities. I could never go back to live there; as they say " Nice place to visit, but not to live there." My wife's resting place is in SoCal; a locale she dearly loved and I'm afraid she wouldn't recognize the State it has become. I know she wouldn't like it; when we left California we knew we couldn't afford to return to our "home place" and relocated to an adjoining state. When my times comes I'll join her in that resting place, but it won't be the what I knew it once was.

I pray for my grandchildren and great grand children.

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Until SCOTUS decides that creating and passing these violations of our civil rights are themselves criminal offenses and that those responsible for those criminal offenses are indeed criminally liable for those offenses, the various states and the politicians that continue to institute these abominations will insist on continuing to do so!!

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I was stationed at NAS Point Mugu from 1976-1979. In that short period of time I determined that CA was not a place I ever wanted to live. Only 2 things I could say nice about the place was the weather was decent and if you could get away from the huddled masses, the scenery was beautiful. In 79 I was transferred to Yuma and have lived here ever since. At first we would often visit San Diego, especially in the summer for cooler weather and good seafood. Then we stopped that when they started getting really  weird. As soon as I cross into KA, I am a felon by definition and I resent that. I don't believe in asking anyone's permission to buy anything. When I retired from Continental, I let my passport lapse as I didn't want the hassle of renewing it. Since I believe KA to be a foreign country, I don't go there anymore at all. 



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