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I recently came upon an interesting old powder measure.  Needs some cleaning up, but it's kinda cool.  It's missing the powder hopper, but the inlet appears to be a simple 5/8" hole.  Shoudn't be too great a challenge to come up with something that'll fit.


But I cannot find a makers mark on the thing.  Might it look familiar to anyone?  :huh:


        PowderMeasure1.jpg.d46f4f0c756c1b0edc01c8203c1c9ec1.jpg         PowderMeasure2.thumb.jpg.711bd590f971ac4f86f3426ace583fd9.jpg



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That almost looks like something for loading shot in shells. The mechanics look all off for powder. 
This is just a guess. 

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On 2/22/2024 at 11:33 AM, Subdeacon Joe said:


Dogonnit, Joe ~ thassit!!  :lol:


How'd you do that?  I looked for days with no luck.  But that's it... although mine does not have the fancy-schmancy micrometer adjustement, and it does not have the long drop tube.


Evidently the measure itself is still sold by Forster (for a mere $168.75 - I think I paid five or ten bucks for this thing at a swap meet).  And even cooler is finding that the appropriate powder hoppers are still available!  ^_^   


Well done ~ thankee!!   :)  image.png.a279708a4ee623a46e45d802c928b564.png

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4 minutes ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

How'd you do that?  I looked for days with no luck. 


I cheated and used Google Lens to search.  Then kept scrolling through vices, pipe benders, and such until I thought I saw it.  Took about 20 minutes. 

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