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Star Trek “Boldy Go…” tee shirt

Pat Riot

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A couple of years ago I belonged to the Amazon Prime Star Trek tee shirt of the month club. Every month you get a different tee shirt with some Star Trek design for $17.99. Some shirts were great while others found their way to Goodwill. 
Recently I was wearing one of my favorite ones that I got in 2021. 
It has a picture of the original Star Trek cast and it says “Boldly Go…Together”. I am sure it’s some reference to Covid and moving forward “together”. That’s not why I liked the shirt. I liked the picture. 
Anyway, one day a month or so ago my wife says “Why does that shirt say ‘BOLDY Go”

I said “It doesn’t. It says BOLDLY Go.” Then I looked in the mirror. 
By golly she was right. I have been wearing that shirt once every couple of weeks for nearly 3 years and I never noticed Boldly was misspelled. Apparently no one else did either. :lol:



I am pretty sure whoever designed this shirt uses English, and I use the term lightly, as a second language. 
When I joined the club I was told all the shirts were printed in California and all the shirts were made in the USA, and they were. I no longer get the shirts. One can only wear so many Trekkie shirts, ya know. 


Hilarious. Heck yeah I will continue to wear it. Why not?  

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"Why do we hang out?"


Well you see Henry, Jonly makes you look smart. No matter how dumb you actually are, Jonly makes you appear intelligent.

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