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I wonder how much airspeed it lost when firing the gun and aiming must have been a bit^^.

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They mounted a 75 mm gun on some variants of the B-25, although it had a lower muzzle velocity and was manually operated.




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1 hour ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

They did that on Mosquitos with a 57mm semi-auto, the "tsetse" ........  good for U-boats, tanks, enemy aircraft(aloft and on the ground) and V1s .....




Thank you!

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B-25G-NA History


B-25G-NA Specs


Total Produced: 463 (63 were modified from B-25Cs)

Manufacturing Plant: Inglewood, California

First Test Flight: October 22, 1942

First Flight Crew: Edward Virgin

Engines: Wright R-2600-13

Carburetors: Holley 1685HA


Fuel Capacity:

  2 forward wing cells, total 368 gallons

  2 rear wing cells, total 302 gallons

  2 wing auxiliary cells, total 304 gallons

  2 side waist ferry tanks, total 125 gallons

  Droppable bomb bay tank 335 gallons

  1 fixed ferry tank 585 gallons



  75mm cannon with 21 rounds

  2 .50 caliber fixed guns in nose with 800 rounds

  2 .50 caliber guns in top turret with 800 rounds

  2 .50 caliber guns in bottom turrett with 700 rounds


Armor Protection:

  3/8 inch behind pilots

Forward of instrument panel

Forward of cannoneer's station

Bulkhead aft of turrets

Around ammunition rack

Plate below windshield

External flak plate on left side



Empty: 19,200 lbs.

Max: 35,000 lbs.

Speed (Max): 280 mph at 15,000 feet

Service Ceiling: 24,300 ft

Range: 1,560 miles with 3,000 lbs. bombs



Pilot, co-pilot, navigator/cannoneer, 2 gunners


Production by year:

1943: 400

First Airplane Accepted: May 8, 1943

Last Airplane Accepted: August 24, 1943

Edited by Sedalia Dave
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