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The Mayor of Dalton, Illinois. This is corruption at its highest level.

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And I will bet she wants to violate other’s Constitutional rights and take away their guns while she is protected by taxpayer paid “goons” as that lady called them. 

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We continue to see gross incompetence and corruption in our cities.  Then on the occasion the police make an error the incompetents that are in charge easily avoid any responsibility.  But the electorate keeps electing them.  Hey, they are our fools.  It seems to be getting worse and spreading from the cities to the states and the Federal Government or maybe I am just getting old....


I will say it again, the strategy is like a 3rd world dictator who runs his country horribly...blame the USA.  Except in the city they tend to have two options blame the governor or president IF and only IF they are of the opposite party (like how I said that) or blame the gun or capitalists.  I'm sure being a mayor is tough but most are clueless.

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Dolton is only 20 miles from Gary, IN where I had the near-misfortune of having to stop for gas in the middle of the night.
As I pulled into the Shell station for gas, I heard a voice inside say, "There's a WHITE boy in that van."
At that same time, a cop cruiser pulled up next to the pumps and told me I was the wrong color to be in that part of town, fuel up and LEAVE.

This was in the early 1970s, and I can only imagine what it is like today.
I watched 30 seconds of the above video, and that was more than enough.
There are many places in the world to avoid, and these are two of them.

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