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What you reckon would happen in real life?


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TV show.


We got the rich guy. And we got the Italian guy who's in sanitation in New Joisey. B)


The rich guy's son proposes to the Italian guy's daughter. The rich guy is not happy about this. He does not want his son to marry into a family of mobsters. :ph34r:


The jeweler rep brings a briefcase full of diamonds for the bride-to-be to pick from. On the way back to the car the rep is robbed.


It turns out that it was the rich guy that stole the jewelry. He figured the stolen jewelry would cause a fight, which would cause his son to break up with the mobster's daughter, and after the wedding was definitely off he was going to return the jewelry. Stupid plan, but it's television.


And he gets caught and arrested.


But - he's rich. And, it's his first offense. Although if you going to do a first offense of armed robbery, stealing $2 million dollars is a pretty damn good one.


So do you think, in reality, he would end up going to prison? Or he would get probation. "Don't do that again you bad boy, here let me slap your wrist."

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Yeah the wedding is going on. Some of his sanitation crew went to see the groom, and one of them told him, "If you ever do anything to hurt her I will kill you".


The other one asked "how? How you going to kill him?"


So he went into details. I think they're going to be a very loving couple.



At the wedding, the Father of the Bride told the mother of the groom, "If he has any troubles in the joint, I know some people".

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2 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

No clue about jail but I bet the wedding will happen without him.

depends on whether or not someone in his family is an elected official or a highly placed friend of an elected official or amazingly wealthy and connected to an elected official.

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