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Dad's In Big Trouble

Subdeacon Joe

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Aqua Net hair spray. And a gas grill sparker makes a nice trigger. So I've heard!:o

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Grandads are there to teach the grandkids about the sorts of mischief that they haven’t thought of yet!!

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1 hour ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

Grandads are there to teach the grandkids about...


Especially all the things mom and dad don't think they should know about or be doing.



I have three grandsons. :wub:

A one year old - Parker, six year old - Brady and a twelve year old - Lucas.

Lucas had a bully at school.

I asked him if he had reported it to his teacher - he said, "yes, but until they catch him bullying; all they will do is talk to him".

Then, me being me, I asked him why he didn't just punch him in the face.

He explained to me that his school has a "zero tolerance" policy - so no matter who starts it; if there is a physical conflict - both students get punished or expelled.

"Might be worth it" I say to him.

But he attends a "special magnet school" with an advanced curriculum that he had to apply to and get accepted,

"Grandpa Dan, I don't want to get kicked out - sometimes they don't let you come back and I'd have to go to the regular school".



Here, do this.

I take his hand and show him how to encircle my thumb and bend it backwards.

I show him how far it bends easily and at what point it will "pop".

I tell him, "To anyone watching - it looks like you're just shaking hands.  He will be focused on the pain and very receptive to anything you say; just to get you to stop bending it.  Inform him the next time you have to talk to him - there will be consequences.  Be cool - Drop his hand and walk away".  <_<


Grandma (Painted Lady) usually picks him up from school - but next day I decide I will just to hear if anything happened.

He jumps in the car and sure enough - the kid tried something; Lucas responded exactly as I told him and the kid went away.


All fine and dandy.

Except a few weeks later - I'm picking up Lucas - Painted Lady is picking up the Brady (magnet school is across town from our sons house; so sometimes we make separate runs).


We get to the house; I'm bouncing the one year old on my knee when I hear the words "...will be consequences and then he started crying.  Just like you said", but this is my younger grandson, Brady relaying a story to Lucas.


And I am not the only one to hear this.

My son and his wife perk up and ask, "Who was crying?"

Brady then tells a story and says there was a kid picking on him and that Lucas had shown him how to "almost break his thumb" to make him stop.


His mom and dad in almost perfect unison to Lucas - Where did you learn this? 

Without missing a beat - points at me with a huge smile, "Grandpa Dan showed me".


So I taught him the defensive move; but I forgot to teach him about denying everything when questioned.

He still has so much more to learn.  :D



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