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460 Rowland: compensated vs. non-comp.

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This WAS NOT a scientific test but I found the results very interesting while chronographing a 5" compensated 1911 vs. a 6" NON-comp

1911.   Both were .460 Rowland modified pistols.


All ammo was reloaded 460 Rowland, 185 Nosler HP, 12.4 grains of Power Pistol.   OAL= approx 1.232" (Edited to correct OAL)


In firing 14 rounds thru a 6" non-compensated barrel, average velocity was 1402 fps.


In firing 14 rounds thru a 5" compensated barrel, average velocity was 1435 fps.


I chronographed these rounds in separate groups of 7 rounds (7 in the comp, 7 in the Non-comp, back to 7 in the comp, and then 7 in the Non-comp)


Results were consistent.  


I surely ain't a ballistics experts nor do I know A LOT about what I think happened.   BUT, it appears the 5" compensated barrel managed

a good 33 FPS greater average velocity than the longer 6" barrel.


question:  is this possible because the compensated barrel action remained closed a milisecond longer than the Non-comp barrel

action and was able to achieve higher velocities?


What do some of you more learned folks say?






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7 hours ago, bgavin said:

Asking for a friend... is a compensated barrel one you have to pay extra to shoot?


Thats pretty quick thinking B.

Hows that DW coming along?




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Still kickin' tires... but I see gun.deals now has a whole passel of vendors all selling them at $1799, but they are in stock now, and available again.
Factor in shipping, FFL, background check, sales tax and a long waiting period... I'm not real serious, not at all.
It's a gee-whiz wouldn't that be nice to have... sorta thing.

However, I ordered the vinyl for the kitchen floor, engaged the installer, and started the ball rolling with the cabinet maker, so that will prevent any burning holes in my pockets.

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