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What just flew over my house?

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5 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

Radial engines have soul ;)

Several years ago, I stopped by one of our local spray pilots to visit a friend.   He needed a favor.  He was getting ready to run a motor uo to check for oil leaks.   He tossed me a pair of muffs and told me to hang on.  Wheels chocked and a half dozen people hanging on.  I held on the a wing strut for what felt like the wildest motorcycle ride you could imagine.     GW

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When I was very young we visited an airport just outside Dothan, Al. It was full of vintage spraying aircraft. (me on left)





N5017N is now "Aluminum Overcast"


You may recognize some of the N numbers as current flying B-17's


It was the only time I recall visiting that airport until I visited there again in my Piper J-3 for my private pilot check ride. I had no idea I had been there before and when I arrived, deja vu hit me in the face. Although all but two of the Harpoons were long gone, I walked down the t-hangars to look at a Funk and saw the same exact view as in the photo with me and my cousin. I did pass my check ride and flew back to Columbus, Ga where I began digging in photographs until I came upon these I have shared. I visited the field again in 1991 when I attended Alabama Aviation and Technical College in Ozark, Al. I flew my friends Stinson L-5 over to see the field for the last time since it was closing down. I discovered that someone had purchases the Harpoons and was using parts from both to make one flyable. They flew it out and the field closed down.

Wheeless Field, Al
This link would be worth looking at...scroll down for awesome photos of this field

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